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Do It, Do It, Done

- Welcome to Project 2!! The students here at Purdue University are so excited that you all will be working with us on this project. My name is Sara Barrett and I am the Project Manager for the Do it, Do it, Done application. Anytime you guys have any questions or comments or just need anything my email is

- This project is basically the making of a WIKI chapter about a specific application, which I mentioned ours above. In this chapter we will discribe the applications use and how it can be applied for educational purposes. Different parts of the chapter can include: the purpose, the history or development of the applicaiton, how to use it, its relation to other applications, its unique use, lesson plans, educational value, international use, and anything else we want to add!

- The other team members include Brooke Wilson, Jose Carrillo, Josh Thomack, Kieran McMullen, Laura Compton, and Samantha Steinhaus- these are the other students from Purdue. The students from the EWHA Womens's University include- Euikyoung Shin, Somi, Kim, and Yu in Jeong.

- Everyone has different jobs ranging from the writers to those creating lesson plans. Please feel free to jump into any job that you deem needs to be done or that you would just like to add your own opinions to. It would be great to have your opinions for the international use but dont limit yourself to only that!!!

Let's make a great WIKI chapter! (big grin)

- Sara Barrett 

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  1. Hi! I'm somi from EWHA(smile)

     I'm glad to meet you guys.

  2. Hi~ I'm Yu In Jeong at EWHA

    I'm really excited to start this project.

    My english might have some grammatical errors since it is not my mother language.

    Please be understanding.

    See you then ! (wink)

  3. Unknown User (sbarret)

    Any comments or input you guys have about this project please feel free to comment! If you have any problems with taking control of the part of how our application can be used internationally I will do my best to help you out.


    - Sara Barrett

  4. hello, guys (smile) i'm sheen from korea.
    first of all, i really appreciate to give us this international partners page!
    and it is time to work out in depth.

    team manager Sara said to me
    our part of the project is seeing how this website can be incorporated in international situations,
    so i think we can make comparison between doitdotitdone and korean version todolist.

    i searched the many webs and i found an application.
    it is "todo.iwoohaha" and i heard that a korean programmer made it by himself.

    let me know how about korean version "doitdoitdone"


    this it korean version doitdoitdone.
    it is really simple but it has some kind of good part.

    i can't upload images about how we can use this application.
    who guys do help me?
    this site is instruction, but it was written in korean.

    if the images upload, i'll tell you about instruction.

    p.s somi, and u-in!
    in this webpage we can't write in korean..... wow
    so we communicate with each other in english. really sad....
    anyway, do our best and please more active ! (smile)

    on next monday, we'll decide who does what.
    so before then, we have to study doitdoitdone and think about comparing doitdoitdone and iwoohaha.
    i think you can do everything perfectly >< fighting!!!

    1. see you tomorrow!! >< nonono today(smile)  (now,2:26a.m. in korea T.T)

      and thanks for mail~~! ^.^ that mail helps me understand our assignments(?).

  6.  In my opnion, the strong point of doitdoitdone is this - When the students use this tool, they communicate with their friends, teachers, or parents more effectively by sending their to-do list by e-mail. Especially, students whose parents at work can show their plans or checklist by online. So whenever the parents want, they can see and check the list more easier.

     But this tool has a weak point to be incorporated in international situation, particularly in korea. although this tool is really educative and interesting, it's not approriate for young students to form their lots of plans into well organized-checklist. In fact, korean students really want to make their planner organized perfectly (I think it is korean students unique feature.)

     By the way this tool offers just 'blank paper', students can't organize well and give priority to the more important to do thing than the others or appiont a deadline of what they have to do 

     So, i have a recommendations for doitdoitdone by compareing with Woohaha(korean ver.)