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Hello! Welcome to Scribblar. We really look forward to working with you all!

Our wiki is Scribblar, which is an online whiteboard application. It is very easy to use and will be very beneficial to the learning process.

The Purdue group members are:

Emily Chaney, Mohamed Abdelwahab, Kristin Casselman, Micholas Hendrickx, Emily Kerns, Cameron Nunan' Dana Horn,and Mary Zedalis.

There are many different roles and responsiblities for this project, the most important being the reasearcher role. We all have taken on this role, and have generated a lot of interesting context, so please feel free to add to this!

There are instructional designers that will decide what is to be included, how many examples where to place graphics/videos, etc.

The writers will then proof the content of what we want our chapter to say to make sure the content flows well.

The evaluators will be looking over not only our project, but other projects at the showcase and write evaluations of them.

Marketing: these people will try to come up with ways to best get the attention of an audience to get them interested in Scribblar.

and the Connectors will try to make our project better, as well as try to get into touch with the creator (which we have! (smile) )

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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