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My name is Maddy Tople and I am a sophomore in Elementary Education at Purdue University. I will be your project manager for this new and exciting project.
The goal of this project is to complete a written online chapter of a Web 2.0 application that includes examples of its use, training materials on how to use it, as well as educational materials to inform others of its potential. Your participation in this project will be how this Web 2.0 application is useful to those outside of the U.S.

International Role: The goal for this project is to explain the global perspective of the application. Your role as an international partner is to research and explain how this application can be used in other countires. Also, describe how unique features of the application may be more relevant to those outside of the US.

Team Members: Beth Whitney, Rachel Burke, Ashley Klindera, Lauren Coleman, Mike Buuck, Nick Reed, Jeanee Coy, Maddy Tople

International Partners:Su-jin Kim, Kun-hee Ha, Minkyung Woo, Hyunkyung Jo  

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  1. Thank you for making this page for us.

    Thesedays, we are chatting with other countries people through 6rounds.

    We are talking about how they think about it.

  2. Hi there,

    We took a  vedio about using 6Rounds as an educational objectives.

    When we meet on MSN I'll send you.

    If you want, I'll send it through e-mail.

    The content of vedio is teaching Korean to Mexican peopel - Hi in Korean.

  3. Hi~!!^^

    I finally find this wep page. But unfortunatly, we can't write Korean Language.

    But we continue research for Interview & survey.

  4. Schedule

    Initially Our project proceed at



    Work for this project


    ü  Project Manager connects us through Mail. He introduced EDCI 270 Project II and suggested to looking at our application and the wiki page.
    ü  We introduced ourselves at the wiki
    ü  Project Manager assigned our roles. He explained our main job is to research how this application is useful internationally.


    ü  Project Manager assigned our roles. He explained that our main job is to research. Research means how this application is useful internationally.
    ü  Also, Project Manager asked to write application 3 comments about international perspective on the research page by 11/6


    ü  Su-jin, Hyun Kyung, Min-kyung, kun-hee posted about 3 comments and some questions on the research page by 11/6


    ü  We sent the mail to Project Manager about meet at least once with group members and accurate our Roles.
    ü  Project Manager answered that he thought email will work best for quick communication. He explained our Roles that this application be
    used in other parts of the world.


    ü  We sent the mail to Project Manager that we will analysis survey & interview.
    ü  kun-hee and Min-kyung made up survey questions for korea’s students.


    ü  Su-jin, Hyun Kyung made up survey questions for foreigner


    ü  Project Manager asked to send the data by 11/12
    ü  kun-hee and Min-kyung conducted survey to 100 students at Ewha
    ü  Su-jin, Hyun Kyung interviewed 6 Foreigners in 6 Rounds.
    ü  Also, Su-jin, Hyun Kyung asked questions about 6Rounds to the employee. So, they interviewed Natasha who is 6Rounds’s employee as a community manager. And they met about 3 service provider in 6 Rounds.
    ü  Su-jin, Hyun Kyung conducted intensive Interview with one man. They taken video about 6 Rounds’s various activity & 6 Rounds’s educational uses.
    ü  We made our table of contents.


    ü  kun-hee and Min-kyung made the graph, Su-jin, Hyun Kyung collect the video & pictures..


    ü  We send our Research PPT to Project Manager and We suggested to compare and contrast Korean famous application such as Cyword, Nateon.


    ü  Project Manager did’t send any feedback, comment.
    ü  So, We assigned our work according to table of contents


    ü  Su-jin will complete application’s limitations.
    ü  Hyun Kyung will complete application’s Strength & Weakness
    ü  kun-hee wiil complete 6Rounds’s Introduction and recording about how to use Cyworld, Nateon
    ü  Min-kyung will complete to explain our roles and compare & contrast 6Rounds, Cyworld, Nateon and explain our roles


    ü  Su-jin will final modification and compliments.


    ü  Hyun Kyung, kun-hee, Min-kyung will feedback our Final Project.


    ü  We wiil send our Final Project to Project Manager and upload at the wiki page.