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Evernote can be used anywhere in the world by anyone. No matter where you are from or where you live, Evernote is a simple, useful web 2.0 application. Evernote can be used the same way in other countries. Evernote is a relatively new web 2.0 application, and unfortunately cannot be accessed in other languages at this stage. However, Evernote is a simple web 2.0 application to use. The same steps for using Evernote apply to everyone using this application from anywhere. Evernote can help anyone organize all of those important images rattling around in their mind and access them easily from anywhere at any time. 

Despite the fact that Evernote is a relatively new web 2.0 application and there are not yet versions of Evernote available in other languages, Evernote can still greatly benefit those around the world. Evernote allows each individual user to create their own account, save their own images, and organize their images in any means desired by the individual user. This benefit provides Evernote users to save and organize the information in their desired language. Evernote is also accessible to everyone worldwide.
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International Uses of Evernote

Lesson Plans

In earlier chapters of the wiki page, examples of lesson plans were given on how teachers could incorporate Evernote into their classrooms. International teachers could use Evernote for the very same purposes. International teachers could use Evernote to organize and access their lesson plans, simulations, classroom activities, and much more. Evernote makes it extremely easy for individuals to save, organize, and access information. Evernote provides the same perks to international teachers as well. The only difference for international teachers in using Evernote is saving and organizing their desired information in their own language. Allowing international teachers to do this would essentially make Evernote a great web 2.0 application for them to use.


Evernote could be extremely useful for international students as well. As explained early in another chapter, Evernote provides an easy, organized, and accessible means of note taking. All students, national or international, can greatly benefit from using Evernote. Steps for Note Taking for National and International Students are:

  • Begin by taking your in class notes on your laptop. Dells and Macs work with best with Evernote. However, every computer can access and use Evernote.
  • Save your in class notes to the software you are using i.e. Microsoft Word, Word Pad, ect.
  • Here comes the easy part! Just simply upload your notes into Evernote.
  • If you are using Firefox the above step is even easier. Simply click on your notes, and drag them into your Evernote folder.
  • When your notes are saved into Evernote, you can continue to organize your notes into the specific classes they correlate to, dates, times, ect. Whatever means of organization you desire is possible.

International Businesses and Industries

International businesses and industries can benefit from the perks of Evernote as well. Many businesses are swamped with tons of business cards. Evernote can provide a simple way to organize all of those important business cards without having to hold onto all of them. All an international business or industry would need to do to organize their important business cards is:

  • Simply take pictures of each individual important business card.
  • Upload your photos onto your computer.
  • Click and drag all of the pictures into Evernote.
  • Once you are in Evernote with the important pictures of business cards, organize the pictures as desired.                                                                           

Other International Uses of Evernote

Consumer and Family Sciences

Evernote can be used to save and organize recipes. You will never lose another recipe again because Evernote allows you to organize and access your recipes at any time. Anyone, whether they are international or national, can use Evernote to save and access their recipes.

Images and Videos

International individuals can use Evernote to organize and access their images and videos as well. It is made even more accomodating for international individuals because they can save and organize their desired images and videos with their own language.

Other Uses

Evernote can essentially be used to everyone everywhere for any means of saving, orgainzing, and accessing their desired information.

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