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Want to learn more about the web 2.0 application, Evernote? Well you are at the right place. Just click any links on the Homepage and you will obtain priceless information regarding Evernote right at your fingertips. There are plenty of educational and informative facts in every chapter. You can learn anything about Evernote; what exactly is Evernote, how to use it, the services it can provide you, how it can help you organize your life, and much more.

Each section below includes a brief description of the information that follows in the other chapters.

The History of Evernote
Evernote is a web 2.0 application that allows you to take pictures of nearly anything you want to remember or recall, store and organize them in Evernote, and access them easily at anytime. Evernote is a program that can be used by anyone, from anywhere.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information using numerous devices; computer, phone, etc. Evernote makes the information that has been captured accessible at any time and from anywhere!

Evernote will also save the site that a person got the information from. Students can use this for references.

Don't know where to find the information that you need?  Below is some information on each of the links telling you what information each one holds. Just read through each section and you can learn all you need to know about each of the pages and what will be beneficial to you.

The Purposes of Evernote
In this page the reader will learn how Evernote works to make saving information easier. Here the reader will learn how to save information, how the information is organized and how to look though old information. In this page there is also an example of how Evernote works and the information that can be saved there. 



How to Use Evernote
In this page the reader can see how Evernote can be used in different situations. Here the reader can see how using Evernote can make things easier in daily life. The reader can also see how Evernote can be useful in the business world with meetings and other things.

How Evernote Works With Other Applications
Here the reader will learn how to use Evernote with web pages (applications) and how the site works with different forms of technology (computers, phones). The reader will also learn how the site can be used with other programs. In this page there are also links to videos to see exactly how Evernote works with other applications.

Interesting and Unique Uses of Evernote
Here is where the reader will learn all the things that Evernote is used for and how it works. Here the reader will learn how Evernote works on computers with the internet, how Evernote works with saving different items on a phone, computer, etc. There are many other facts about Evernote that can be found on this page that may be interesting to the reader.

Ways Evernote can be used for educational and Learning Environments
If the reader is a teacher this page will be extremely helpful to them. This page tells how Evernote is useful in almost every educational level for the students and teachers. Here is a brief description of how Evernote is useful in Elementary, Secondary, Post Secondary, and Business and Industries Education environments. Teachers from different levels can use some part of the information from this page.

Examples of Evernote

On the homepage there are four different links to examples of how Evernote can be used in different classroom settings. Each page has a lesson plan that has been prepared for a specific age group. These links will give the reader a good idea of how to use Evernote in a classroom setting.  These examples are useful to teachers because they show teachers how easy using Evernote can be and how much easier it is to teach these grade levels using Evernote. Here the reader will see how Evernote is used in a lesson plan. At the bottom the pages there will also be a couple of sentences that explain how Evernote was used in these situations.

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