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Introduction to MySpace

History of MySpace

Myspace, a web 2.0 application that is used by hundreds of millions of people is a well-known social networking website. It is web account that allows people to view pictures, chat, and view other people's profile account.

In June 2006 Myspace was the most popular networking site in America.

The very first MySpace users were eUniverse employees.

MySpace operates on revenues by advertising

Purpose of MySpace

People use MySpace as an online networking system. Networking is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest ( 

How to use and Navigate MySpace

Once a MySpace account is set up, pictures are added, and personal information has been uploaded the navigation of this social networking site is quite simple.

Below is an example of the "Home" page viewed by account holders once logged into MySpace.  Beginning at this viewpoint of MySpace a member can easily work with and navigate through the site.  

The menu bar located above "Hello, EDCI" has several links and drop down menus that read, "Home", "Mail", "Profile", "Friends", "Music", "Videos", and "More."  Through the utilization of these links a member can reach any page and person located within MySpace.

The first link on the left is called "Home." A user can click on this link at any time from any page on MySpace to return to screen shown above.

The second link on the left is called "Mail." This is a drop down menu is where the account user can gain accessibility to their inbox, the ability to compose a message to send to any other MySpace user, view friend requests, locate sent and saved mail, and finally manage their address book.                                                                                                                      

The third link on menu bar is called "Profile." This is also a drop down menu when an account holder can view "My Profile" which shows the user what the public sees when looking at this profile.

On the "Profile" drop down menu the account user can also choose "Edit Profile" which allows the account holder to edit "Personal Information," "Groups," "Comments," as well

"Account Settings."

Also on the "Profile" drop down menu the user can access options to "Customize Profile", view "Comments," view "My Photos," view "My Videos," view "My Blog," view "My favorites," and view "My Apps."

Next an account user can place their cursor over the "Friends" drop down menu.  From this point a user can view "My Friends" which provides a list of all MySpace users added as a friend of one's profile.  From the "My Friends" an account holder can access any friend profile available my simply clicking on the picture.    

Once at a friend's profile an account holder can maneuver around the profile to read about personal information, interests, and favorite movies. Also the user can take the time to communicate with the friend by posting a comment in the designated area.                                                Also on the "Friends" drop down menu an account user can find friends who are online, friends who have updated their profiles, friends who have updated status and mood, new bulletins, and browse for new friends.  
The final three links on the menu bar are called "Music," "Videos," and "More."

The "Music" link directs you straight to the "MySpace Music" site. This page is a page for artists and fans alike. Here artists can post their music, videos, tour dates, and album releases among other related pieces to their profiles for their fans as well as record labels who wish to sign any unsigned artists. Signed bands with record deals such as Lifehouse are available on MySpace Music as well as unsigned artists waiting for their big break! Bands such as My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights were discovered here (Layton and Brothers).

Any aspiring artists or average person can upload their music, recordings, or routines onto MySpace Music. It's a great tool to reach millions of people across the globe.   


 The next link is called "Videos" and will transfer the user directly to This site allows the user to upload original or personalized videos for public view.  These videos can also be linked directly to a personal MySpace account.

Another interesting feature of the video page is that MySpace has set up the ability for short clips of TV shows and movies to be played upon its site that can be viewed by both MySpace members and nonmembers (Layton and Brothers).    

The final link is called "More" and is a drop down menu that will direct the user to other less used applications of MySpace such as "Schools, Groups, and Classifieds." 

 How MySpace can be used with multiple applications

In this page one can learn how to use myspace. This page will show multiple applications available on myspace. Some of these applications are key to fully enjoying ones myspace experience.

Special ways to use MySpace

In this page one can learn specific ways to use MySpace. One can learn about the unique ways MySpace can provide for the web users needs and wants.

Ways MySpace can be used educationally

How to Upload Videos and music:

1. Go to your homepage on MySpace and click on "View My Videos" 

2. You will click on the "Upload" tab.

3. You will be asked to give a description on your video such as title, category of video, description, etc.

4. The you will Browse your video from your file and you will open it and click the button "Upload".

5.  Then it will be on your MySpace page 

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