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I would also like everyone to post a short introduction along with their email address that they check the most often so that we can contact each other easily.

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  1. Unknown User (agoldsmi)


    Cameron and myself are going to be your Team Leaders for this project and I hope to have nothing but success.  I have already began playing around with the Google Notebook and I think that there is a lot we can do with it to make this an amazing project.  I hope everyone makes an account (like Cameron suggested) and starts goofing around with this program to learn all the ins and outs of it immediately.  The quicker we get started on this, the easier it will be in the end.  Feel free to e-mail me at any time at and i will get back as soon as possible.  I will also try to keep everyone updated on this site so check it often.

     A little bit more about myself...  I was originally a EE major before I switched to Math Education.  I am also the advanced instructor for the Purdue Night Train Swing Dancing Club as well as the assistant instructor for the Purdue Kuk Sool Won club.  Any other questions... feel free to ask.

     Looking forward to working with everyone,

     Tony Goldsmith

  2. Unknown User (nadunn)


    My name is Andy Dunn. I am a sophomore majoring in physical education and I am on the Purdue Track and Field team. My email address is

  3. Unknown User (kmculy)


    I am Kaitlyn Culy. I am a Freshman majoring in Agriculture Education. I am willing to help with what ever needs to be done. My email is

  4. Unknown User (jlclayto)


     I'm Jessica Clayton.  I'm a sophomore English Education major.  My email address is

  5. Unknown User (mpfohl)


    My name is Mike Pfohl. Im a sophomore majoring in Secondary Ed with a minor in (probably, American) History. Willing to help where I can. Just give me a shout at

  6. Unknown User (jruegg)

    Hi, my name is Jill Ruegg and I'm a junior majoring in Social Studies Secondary Ed and Japanese. My email is

  7. Unknown User (tfoor)

    Hey! I'm Tara Foor and I'm a sophomore majoring in English Education (and a bunch of other stuff). My email is, and just as a backup  I really don't want to take this final either, so let's just do a good job (smile)

  8. Unknown User (ekasch)

    Hi! I'm Emily Kasch.  I am a freshman majoring in Math Ed.  My email is