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JayCut Research Page

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Created by: Titus Wilson, Ashley Yearwood, Courtney Gray, Lyndsey Hernandez, Jason Ader, Chas Busenburg, Daniella Bunch, Luke Devitt, Elena Zakharova, Kunne Bosikova, and Natalya Poselskaya

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History of JayCut

What is the title of the application and who developed it?

JayCut is an online video editing service tool that allows the user to edit directly in the web browser without downloading any software, for free! This application was first developed by a team of Swedish students from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It was originally put into public use in December of 2006. Due to the easy-to-use features, JayCut became available in the languages of English, Swedish, Spanish, and finally Polish by January of 2008. This program had become an international application simply because it is user friendly and free! Jonas Hombert is one of the few members of the team that founded JayCut's application and continues to promote its many uses.

In their "About Us" self description Jaycut proclaims their vision, "Ask yourself what would happen if anyone could edit video, anywhere, with any mobile device, using any media on the web and finally publish the result to any device or website. Join us in starting this creative revolution!" Jaycut now boasts some hefty corporate clients in Sun Microsystems, Intel, Proctor and Gamble, and others.


                                                      Jonas Hombert, Co-creator of JayCut

What is the purpose of the application? 
JayCut is an online video editing technology that is free and easy to use. Members of JayCut are able to upload many different videos or images at once. After this is done, the user is able to make necessary changes to these images by either formatting, mixing, combining, trimming, and adding captions and music. These are only a few of the many features of this easy-to-use application. Users have the option of creating slideshows as well. Once these images have been edited using JayCut, the user has the option of keeping their material private or sharing it with other groups. If the material is shared, the new material can be directly downloaded into other devices such as YouTube, MySpace, and a variety of blogs. JayCut is known for its collaboration; once this material is open to the public, others are able to make comments and suggestions on the web page. This application can be applied to many different settings such as the classroom or business and industry settings.The easy-to-use features allow JayCut members to use this tool internationally for many different purposes.   

How Does it Work?

JayCut 2.2 was released in August 2010. The new program offers more features for users to utilize. The features are easier to master and the interface is more pleasing to the eye. The program is ideal for beginners and for businesses. The JayCut company states that it is "the perfect application for anyone looking to start editing without the intimidation of having to buy an expensive and difficult editing program."(9)

Languages Available

The new version offers the program in 10 Languages. However, the company encourages users to provide feedback on available languages, and if their language is unavaibable at the moment, they will work to add it to the next updated version.

  •  English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Webcam and Voice-over

Aside from uploading videos from cameras and camcorders, you can also record your own videos using your webcam and upload them to JayCut and edit them accordingly.  You can also provide your own voice-over to customize your video even further. 

Slow motion effects

This effect allows you to take control of the speed of your video.  You can speed up a clip to show the lightening speed of something, or you can slow it down so viewers can see the whole effect and not miss a thing. This effect also allows to cut out parts of a clip so it can match a word or title sequence.

Green screen

The green screen feature allows you to be in the video, not just recording yourself or narrating it. This feature allows you to make a presentation on the screen. You do not have to have the materials with you when recording yourself. Instead you go on the inside.

Drawing/Annotation tools

With this feature you can add your own drawings to the video. You can circle objects or add shading to make them stand out. The drawing tool allows you to add on to shapes and lines and make them so they fit your video.

Customize and colorize

Do you love it when certain colors pop out a picture? If so, then this is your feature. With this you can change the colors, make some bolder, or brighter. You can make something that was black, pink or something that was pink, black.

At any point when the user wishes to save their mix, they can simply click on the button in the bottom right hand corner labeled "Preview/Save". If the user decides that some changes are necessary, he or she can select the "Saved Mixes" tab.

Uses in Conjunction with Other Applications

JayCut has many of the unique features of Web 2.0 applications. Some of its competitors also have these same basic ideas and software as JayCut. We have
included a table below to help show the difference in what JayCut is compared to its top competitors.

Online Video Editing software June 2010 Rank June 2010 Avg. Daily Traffic

MAX Upload Capacity





2 GB





1 MB





300 MB





100 MB


Just in JUNE 2010...JAYCUT rated better than YouTube!5

Tech savvy website has touted Jaycut as tops and a cut above youtube in the online video editing realm. Author Wesley Fryer states in a June 22nd article that, "This decision was easy: Google's YouTube editor currently provides minimal editing options for videos, and most importantly does NOT allow video creators to upload still images which can be included in videos." Wesley goes on to mention the power and simplicity as other factors, and that Jaycut 'defines the bar of excellence in online video editing.'

Useful Blogs

Jump into video editing with JayCut

July 9, 2010 KEVIN HODGSON

I have mostly avoided online video-editing platforms because I have found them too clunky or too slow to use. But recently, I decided to give JayCut a shot. Like most “cloud-based” applications, JayCut is housed entirely online. You upload the video content into your account, then the editing begins.

There is a lot to like about JayCut. The interface is fairly clean and straightforward. You drag and drop your raw videos, add titles and transitions, layer in music, and more.

I did not like the tiny preview window, which made me squint to see what I was doing. And perhaps it was my wireless connection, but the preview was sort of jumpy at times. But it did not take me long to splice and edit together three raw video clips from a Flip video camera, add some music, and publish and export the finished video to Youtube (JayCut gives you a few possibilities for hosting the videos).


I Love JayCut

Posted on January 10, 2011 by Frank Noschese| 5 Comments
Action-Reaction isn’t turning into an edtech blog, I promise. However, my students and I have been using JayCut (a free, online video editor) to create video lab reports and video demonstrations from clips taken with our Flipcams.

One nice feature that has great potential is JayCut’s picture-in-picture. It started when I saw this awesome video taken from the point of view of the edge of a sword:

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a 3rd-person perspective synced up with the sword’s perspective? So I set out to create my own version using a Flipcam and a meter stick (not as cool as a sword, I know). I had a student use a second Flipcam to film me while I swung the “sword” around. We made sure we pressed the record buttons at the same time. Then I used JayCut to merge the two videos together. Here’s the result:

The picture-in-picture effect is really just a transition, but I made the transition last for the duration of both video clips, rather than having one clip transition to the other. In addition, you can see that JayCut allows you to add titles, still photos, and upload your own audio.

Unique Uses of JayCut

 In December of 2009, creativity went mobile. The JayCut company launched a mobile device program that allows users to edit video on the go. The program has limitations, however, your device is required to have Adobe Flash 9 and high-speed internet connectivity. The user interface is modified to fit your device's screen. The company is still working on upcoming features and a simpler way to search for online media(6).

Editing Features

  • Remix/trim videos and images
  • Simplified interface for small screens
  • Add music, transitions, and effects
  • Add captions and subtitles
  • Synchronize media on device
  • Use same account as web based editor
  • One click export to YouTube

Upstream Sites

Which sites did users visit immediately preceding

% of Unique Visits 

Upstream Site











Downstream Sites

Where do visitors go after leaving

% of Unique Visits 

Downstream Site











Examples of JayCut in the Educational Field and Potential

Since JayCut is a relatively new program, it is just beginning to make its way into the classroom.  JayCut is very appealing for teachers because of its ease of use, its compatibility with other programs, and the fact that it is free to everyone. There are many examples of how JayCut is being used or could be used in an educational setting. JayCut can be particularly useful in the liberal arts and foreign language divisions.

A Spanish teacher asks his students to write a dialogue or song lyrics in Spanish and then record them into JayCut.  He asks the student to create a video to go along with the audio and mix them together using JayCut.  He can then ask the whole class to view the videos each student created by going to JayCut's website. 7

One of the examples we came up with for how JayCut could be used in the classroom is in a chemistry course.  Students could be asked to record themselves performing an experiment. They could be instructed to talk about why they did each step in the process of the experiment. JayCut would allow the students to take their video of the experiment and overlay an audio recording of their explanation of the experiment.  The class could then be instructed to visit JayCut's website and view the experiment taking place.

Digital storytelling is another idea of how JayCut can be incorporated into the classroom, even as early as elementary school.  Digital storytelling is the idea of using computer-based tools to tell a story.  In an elementary setting, teachers could put together their own video to put a different spin on a topic of discussion or to better relate an idea to the students.  Digital storytelling could also be used in a secondary education setting to describe an event in history or to explain a scientific discovery.       8

The use of JayCut is a very effective way to facilitate learning, because the students will be motivated to create a good project.  The students will know that their video will be available for the whole world to see, and their classmates will be able to critique their work.  Incorporating these nontraditional assignments into the educational setting will encourage students to think outside the box, have fun, and take pride in their work.

Here are some sample lesson plans that incorporate and show the vast versatility of JayCut and how it can be applied in the classroom to not only aid the teacher in teaching, but to facilitate student learning as well.

I.  Elementary Lesson Plans

(1) Sizes

In this lesson plan, students will learn about sizes of objects.  The teacher will use JayCut as a teaching aid to show students different objects to observe.



(2) Movie Report

In this lesson plan, students are to watch a movie.  Each student is assigned a character on which they must make a JayCut video, along with a report that they will present to the class.



(3) Day Cycle

In this lesson plan, students chose a geometry topic previously studied that they feel strong about, and one topic they felt they needed more help with or was more difficult. They research the information on the topic from the text, notes, online, etc, and create a Jaycut multi-media video presenting these topics. They then play for the class and commentate, review and teach the class on those 2 topics.

(4) Geometry multi-media MATH Video creation

In this lesson plan, students are to observe sunrises and sunsets.  They are asked to create a JayCut slideshow showing pictures of such.


 (5) Poetry

In this lesson plan, students will learn how to use this program online.

Poetry DOCX

Poetry PDF

II. Junior Lesson Plans

(1) Important People In Science History

Using this lesson plan, your students will research a figure important to the history of science and produce a video for their presentation using JayCut.



III.  Secondary Lesson Plans


In this lesson plan, students will learn about some light history of tornadoes and how they are ranked in by the fujita scale.  The whole lesson will be taught through JayCut.



(2) Economy

In this lesson plan, students are to research the current deficit and Barack Obama's plans to fix it.  Students are to create a video presentation using JayCut on their findings and own ideas with a mock plan in which the class feels would help fix the economy.



(3) Cultural Studies

In this lesson plan, students are to be introduced to different cultures.  Students are to dress up in the traditional style of a culture during school and shoot video throughout their day.  They are to create a JayCut video about their culture for the entire class to view.



(4) Awareness Video

In this lesson plan, students will be making an educational awareness video on a third world country. They will need to incorporate video, pictures, and music into their video. The video will be edited and published on Jaycut.



IV.  Post Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Hospitality and Tourism

In this lesson plan, students are to come up with ideas on how to use the JayCut application for marketing, promotional, and public relations purposes.



(2) Evolution

In this lesson plan, students are to observe animals for specific signs of evolution.  Students are to share their findings with the class using a JayCut presentation.



(3) Literature/Acting

In this lesson plan, students are to read a story and collectively create a movie about the story using JayCut.



(4) Group Collaboration & Leadership

In this lesson plan, the students are to evaluate others in their group while being recorded. At the end of the week, the students will make a

video for teachers explaining how effectively this activity worked.




JayCut in the Business World

This application can be used within a business or industry training situation because it enables you to teach hands on and allows people to learn with a visual aid or an example.  JayCut allows you to show a step-by-step process of what needs to be taught.  What makes this suitable for a business training situation is that some people learn better by watching an example, or learning hands on, rather than reading.  This is also a good training approach if there is a language barrier; the video can be made into their native language.   If JayCut is used as a training model, this application would keep training up-to-date and would even cut down on the cost of trainers because you can show the video in multiple training sessions at the same time.   

The Jaycut video editing tools are now able to be licensed and added to other businesses' websites!

Jaycut reminds us that an edited video is watched twice as many times as an unedited one, and that by including Jaycut's innovative and creative software applications on a business website, it actually attracts more web usage, (both longer duration and more repeat visits). So if a business website is looking for more internet traffic, and repeat customers, simply adding Jaycut's tools to a site can increase a website's usage with their unmatched level of interactivity. It also makes a website more accessible since Jaycut's software is completely functional through any mobile device with Adobe Flash 9.0 and high speed interenet connectivity.

Global Uses for JayCut

According to Alexa 9, a web information company, the countries where Jaycut is popular are the USA, the UK, India and China. It could be explained by factors such as Internet access, level of the population’s IT literacy, etc. users come from these countries:

It also shows that Jaycut is generally used for personal communication rather than for business.

Target Audience: Education

No College

Some College


Graduate School





Target Audience: Age













Where people go on

  • 94.7%
  • 5.3%

 Meet the JayCut Team


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