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Each member of our group is required to make a minimum of 3 comments but since our project is based on all of the information we find it would be beneficial for everyone if we make as many comments as we can. All of the research that we find will make up our final wiki page so it is all very important.

**Make sure you read through other members comments! We are not allowed to have the same or similiar comments as other members.

**You can use our Web 2.0 application and other sources to gather your information. When you use other sources make sure to use citation!!

Our comments will be based off of the following questions. All of these questions need to be answered in our final project.

a.What is the title of the application? Who developed it?
b. What is the purpose of the application (this is, what does it do)?
c. How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?
d. How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?
e.What are unique ways of using this application?
f. How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?
g.How could this application be used within a business/industry training situation?
h.What are some examples of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?
i. For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries?

ii.Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?

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  1. Unknown User (karchamb)


    So i just took a look at JotSurvey and im not going to lie I was really confused!

    But there is a really good intructional video that goes over how everything works and it seems really easy and helpful. This video can be found under the turotial link. Also, if you click on th F.A.Q. link it gives a lot of information about the website and different ways it can be used.

  2. Unknown User (karchamb)

    JotForm is used to create web forms. For example, job application form, reservation form, satisfaction survey, etc.You basically get to create and customize your own form or anything you need. You can also get links of the form you create and you can post it on a website that you might have. For example, if you were hiring workers for your business, you could have create a job application form on JotForm then post the link on your company website for interested applicants.

    Tells how to integrate a form into your own site in F.A.Q link under can i blend forms into my own site?

  3. Unknown User (karchamb)

    It is completely free!

    But if you want you can upgrade to Premium usage for $9/month. With the Premium you are able to have more form submissions, more secure SSL forms, more recieved payments, greater file upload limit, and email support.

  4. Unknown User (mille510)

    The website does a number of things. One of these is that it allows you to easily create various types of forms.

    These forms could be anything from job applications to party invites.

  5. Unknown User (mille510)

    Another thing you can do with JotForm is store different forms for later use.

    If you have a job application form that you want to use later, you can just pull it back up on JotForm, edit it if you need, then print it off or do whatever with it.

  6. Unknown User (mille510)

    JotForm is very easy to use, which is one of its main purposes. It's an easy to use 'form' creator. The interface involves mostly dragging and dropping different text or whatever into the form that you want created. The ease of use makes this website very useful.

  7. Unknown User (doylee)

    JotForm is website that allows its users to do a variety of forms. JotForm's
    website mentions ten of their most popular forms. They are contact form,
    document uploader, job application form, reservation form, blog contact/survey,
    satisfaction survey, RSVP for a party or a wedding, event calendar, time
    sheet, and a bug tracker.

  8. Unknown User (doylee)

    The items in this list can be applied to education. For example, a teacher in a special education classroom could use this site to get RSVP cards for a party. In life, the students will either receive an invitation or send one. It will give the students practice for what will occur in the real world. A student or a parent could use the form that creates calendars. Also, a university could use the form for a survey. Many colleges and universities ask the students to complete a survey on their TA's and professors. The school could use the survey form from this company to do this.

  9. Unknown User (doylee)

    A company could use JotForm for many different things. They could potentially use the job application form, the survey form, document uploader,and contact form. The job application form would be used obviously to create job applications for future employees. The company would use the contact form to write information on themselves and then hand it out to the community. This would give people an easy way to communicate with the company, giving the company more business.

  10. Unknown User (doylee)

    JotForm can be used in a variety of many ways and in variety of different fields. Those in education all the way to people in massive industries would find this company useful and beneficial. It could be used to teach children and even promote a company.

  11. Unknown User (karchamb)

    The name of our application is JotSurvay or JotForm and it is the first based WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) form builder.

    I just emailed the creators of the website to see if they had any additional information about the application so when/if they email me back I will let you know!

  12. Unknown User (eboots)

    In order to use JotForm you need to make an account. It is very easy to do and it is free. You can also sign up for the Premium version for $9 a month. Once you have an account you may use it at any time.

  13. Unknown User (eboots)

    JotSurvey is very simple to use. Bascially to start, after you have a account, all you have to do is hit new. Then a screen will come up saying what kind of form you are wanting to use, exp. survey, job application,wedding anouncement, ect. Then one you open the form a basic form will come up. There are easy access tools that you can use to make the form into what you want. All you have to do is drag the tool over then you can personalize it any way you want to.

  14. Unknown User (eboots)

    You can save all of the forms you make and go back and change them any way you would like. This would be extremenly helpfull if you wanted to use the same format for different things.

  15. Unknown User (craftk)

    I just took my first look at Jotform.  I don't really know what to think about it yet.  At first it says it's free but then the video explained how to make your payment using paypal or other payment options or a donation.  this would not be a good thing for any teacher.  I also thought the video jumped around rather quickly.  For an elementary teacher, so far the only thing i can see using is the invitation form.  The teacher could incorporate this form into a lesson by havaing the students use these forms to make invitations for their parents to one of their holiday parties.

  16. Unknown User (craftk)

    A secondary education teacher could use these forms much the same as an elementary teacher and could also use the calendar of events to keep the students organized since middle school children start to get a lot busier with different classes and extra curricular activities.

  17. Unknown User (craftk)

    A post secondary education teacher could use the same forms as the other educational areas, but elaborate on the details a bit more.  At the high school level i would also incorporate the job applications forms so that the students would feel comfortable filling out job applications and also the time sheets so when they do get a job they will know how to fill out their time sheets.

  18. Unknown User (shobson)

    I did not find Jotform that fun or helpful to work with at this point.  The application seemed to be slow, and the forms did not seem user friendly to me. I kept trying to drop and drag the boxes like the tutorial showed me, and the boxes kept jumping back from where they started....weird.  I will keep trying to familiarize myself with the application however.  For lesson plans using Jotform for Elementary, Jr. High, and High school,  I came up with some ideas for our assignment:

    1.  Elementary School:  Using Jotform, the teacher will give a survey to K-5 students to determine how much computer knowledge the students have before teaching a basic lesson on computer skills. This may be helpful for the teacher to assess how to teach the class in the most productive way possible.  The teacher could then divide students into groups based on the information from the survey.

  19. Unknown User (shobson)

    2.  For Jr.High school:  Using Jotform, a paypal account will be set up for Jr. High school parents as a payment option for an upcoming field trip.  This may be a more convenient way for parents and the teacher to collect funds.

  20. Unknown User (shobson)

    3.  For High School:  Using Jotform, High School students will log in the time they have contributed for science projects. The teacher can then keep track of hours contributed and so can the students.

  21. Unknown User (mlorenz)

    I'm glad that we are making a wiki about what this thing exactly is and how to use it because the website is so confusing and offers no clear explanation of all the application tools, etc. other than in the video.  For such a computer savvy person, I would think the creator of this web 2.0 tool would have been a little more attuned the presentation of his product. Maybe not, but for the lesson plans I'm doing, I'm dealing with the STEM education program. This is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics based curriculum. As found on the website, the point of STEM is the following eight objectives:

    "Coalition Objectives

    1. Strengthen effective STEM education programs at all levels – K-12, undergraduate, graduate, continuing ed, vocational, informal – at the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and other federal agencies with STEM related programs.
    2. Encourage national elected officials and key opinion leaders to recognize and bring attention to the critical role that STEM education plays in U.S. competitiveness and our future economic prosperity.
    3. Support new and innovative initiatives that will help improve the content knowledge skills and professional development of the K-12 STEM teacher workforce and informal educators and improve the resources available in STEM classrooms and other learning environments.
    4. Support new and innovative initiatives to recruit and retain highly-skilled STEM teachers.
    5. Support new and innovative initiatives to encourage more of our best and brightest students, especially those from underrepresented or disadvantaged groups, to study in STEM fields.
    6. Support increased federal investment in educational research to determine effective STEM teaching and learning methods.
    7. Encourage better coordination of efforts among federal agencies that provide STEM education programs.
    8. Support new and innovative initiatives that encourage partnerships between state and local educators, colleges, universities, museums, science centers and the business, science, and technology communities that will improve STEM education."

    STEM education's purpose is to "remain the economic and technological leader of the global marketplace of the 21st century."

  22. Unknown User (mlorenz)

    I found a blogging website that talked about how Jotform submissions can be downloaded into spreadsheets, web pages, etc. So obviously a teacher could use this to make a gradebook, but in regards to the STEM lesson plans for each grade level: 

    For the elementary level: Have parents set up an account for submit product forms. Students could sell various products made or purchased in order to raise money for their department/school. This could be a good project for small children and a way for parents to track how much has been spent/sold.

    For the middle level: Have parents/students set up an account and reserve their seat for a science fair banquet.

    For the post secondary/high school: Have students set up an account for their science lab classes in order to record how long they spend on their science labs and projects throughout the year by using the time sheets. This could be a good way to monitor progress and to also add another grade boost to a difficult class.

  23. Unknown User (mlorenz)

    Found out that there is no print button, but that it is supposed to be on the upcoming version. Thought that this was a major setback for the program, though I suppose as you see from my first comment that you can just download forms to different applications on your computer and print them off that way.

  24. hello everyone :)

    i got an email from Kailynn Archambeau that we each got a question assigned

    and my duty is to look for "What are some examples (e.g web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

    i will start looking for information for my question..:)


    if i find any infor where should i attach it?

  25. Unknown User (karchamb)

    hi Miree,

    If you find information you can just type it in as a comment on this page.

    Just a reminder to everyone. If you are getting information from other sites please make sure to use citation! We can not have plagiarism.

    Great job on commenting guys it looks good! (smile)

  26. Unknown User (karchamb)

    I contacted the creators of JotSurvey and asked them if they could give us any additional information to help us answer our questions and here is what they said...

    You should
    probably see older entries on my blog.
    > Who developed the application?
    Interlogy, LCC
    > What is the purpose of the application (this is, what does it do)?
    Let webmasters create web forms easily.
    > How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?
    Anybody can easily use it. You just need a browser. Just point your
    browser to and start creating your web forms. :)
    > How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?
    You can integrate with PayPal to create a payment form.

    > What are some examples of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

    > Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?
    We have users from 174 countries and we have translated versions of
    JotForm in 5 other languages.

  27. Unknown User (menard)

    As the creator of JotForm said, it is traslated into 5 different languages and they have users in over 174 countries.  so this application is not only nationally useful but internationally. Some unique ways of using JotForm would be to connect internationally with other people in order to be able to answer questions for a survey (sociologist could use this to gather information) and more locally you can use JotForm to create unique surveys to gather information from others (RSVP's for parties, job applications, surveys, trackers, ect.)

  28. Unknown User (menard)

    Not only is JotForm used for general surveys on the web ect. but having to do with the educational aspect (another unique way of using JotForm) as i learned from .... they talked about getting rid of worksheets in classrooms and using things such as forms from JotSurvey to help save trees and use "e-paper" to submit homework. I found that this is a very unique way of using JotForm because technology is just becoming big in the classrooms and for a school to change from paper worksheets to all "e-paper" such as JotForm would be a very unique way of submitting homework.

  29. Unknown User (menard)

    Also being able to integrate JotForm with things such as PayPal, Google Checkout, World Pay, 2CheckOut, Click Bank and OneBip, allows JotForm to be more than just a Survey that can be sent out but also enables the creator to integrate JotForm onto his/her web page and sell things. This take JotForm to a different level and is a unique way of using it to collect not just information from people but being able to collect money by allowing you to integrate with programs such as paypal. JotForm is unique in the sense that it can be used in more than one way to collect more than one thing. (ie: Educational, social, reserch, buy/sell...)

  30. Unknown User (mlorenz)

    I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post the lesson plan I created on here or not, so I'll post it for now.

    Jotform Creation Project[1|]

    Grade Level: 5



    The purpose of this lesson is to gain an understanding of how to use a computer program to keep track of a simple project: a product sale of a class’s chosen creation in order to raise money for their department.


    At the end of this project, students will:
    v  Create a product as a class that they would like to sell to their families, schoolmates, and the surrounding community.
    v  Learn marketing skills
    v  Learn dedication and responsibility in a real world situation since students will be dealing with real money.
    v  Learn to use a computer program to keep track of their product sales.
    v  Students will each be required to sell at least 4 items they are marketing in order to receive a 100% in that portion of the project.


    1. Science 5.1: Students work collaboratively to carry out investigations. They observe and make accurate measurements, increase their use of tools and investments, record data in journals, and communicate results through chart, graph, written, and verbal forms. Students repeat investigations, explain inconsistencies, and design projects.

    2. Common Themes 5.6: Students work with an increasing variety of systems and begin to modify parts in systems and models and notice the changes that result.


    v  Tools and materials needed for creating the product dependent upon student choice, but will be supplied by the school
    v  Pen and paper for brainstorming
    v  Computer with internet access


    ·         Explain the project to the class
    ·         For the remainder of the class period, allow students to verbally brainstorm what product they would like to create and market.
    ·         Before the next class period, instructor will go out and purchase items or order items that will be needed to create the product.
    ·         For the next class period, assign roles on who will create the product, who will market the product around the school and community, who will collect money from buyers, who will hand out final products to the buyers, and who will keep a list on overall money spent and received and to where the money went.
    ·         The following class period will be in a computer lab and will begin with a demonstration on what Jotform is along with how to use the application. Students will each create an account and use that account to keep track of their individual product sales.
    ·         The following class period, students assigned to creating the product will begin to plan out how they would like to make the product with the help of a supervisor; students that are in marketing will begin to make posters and forms of marketing to promote the product; the accountant will practice making a budget. There will be 2 computers available in the classroom for students who wish to use Jotform during class.
    ·         For the next two weeks, students will get into their roles at the beginning of class. Students will make the product that is assigned to that task and others will go to classrooms to sell the product and collect money.


    During the two work weeks, I will be monitoring progress and work ethic. If I feel that a student is not managing their time or putting in adequate effort, points may be deducted. Students will be graded upon how well they participated in the project by how many items they were able to sell. Each student needs to sell 4 items in order to receive a 100% and to earn back the money spent on the project by the school. Students will be evaluated on how well they used and maintained their Jotform accounts. There will also be a short essay given on the last day of the project for students to write what they thought about the effect of the project, their opinion on how they worked together as a team, and what they learned from this experience.

    ----[1|] Adapted from
    [2|] Indiana Academic Standards for found at

  31. Unknown User (karchamb)

    hey morgan if you want you or michael could actually add the lesson plan onto our wiki page.

    I know that Kristi has emailed her lesson plan to Michael if you want to do that too. You can find everyones emails under the Roles and Responsibilities page.

  32. Unknown User (shobson)

    I found an example on the internet of Jotform being used "to illustrate it's current educational value and potential."  For instance, one user said the the School District of Palm Beach County's department of educational technology uses it for workshop registrations, feedback, and user requests.  cited: 

  33. Unknown User (craftk)

    the tutorial off of the jotform page would be a good link for our page

  34. Unknown User (craftk)  found this site on uses of jotform. It was using twitter and had some international comments on it.

  35. Unknown User (shobson)    I found this site that uses jorform for basesball registration.  This is a really good site to see how you can personalize the form.

  36. Unknown User (shobson)  I found this site called "International Sustainable Review" which is a magazine that is distributed globally and uses the jotform registration form for users to request their "Media Pack".  This company distributes magazines to over 30,000 people worldwide including project managers, chief engineers, government officials, consultants, and other senior officials who are involved in the renewable energy industry.  Each issue features a "Country Profile" reviewing that country's activities in renewable energy.  They cover topics from wind power and solar energy to biomass and hydropower.

  37. Here are informations we found...

    Comparison with other similar web sites

    Jot form has many of making wizard that it’s very easy to make a form. There are similar website which are Wofoo and Doculicious. First of all, wufoo contains variety of designs and decorative compare to jot form application. Also in wufoo, it contains more options such as easy to learn with a theme and user options for the necessary forms compare to jot form. While jot form just contains five themes provided. Therefore, in order to use jot form, there are some basic knowledge to know. Wufoo got an option of sending a message and an email, but another hand jot form just got option of receiving an email which is the disadvantage. However wufoo is charged and jot form is free. Doculicious is similar websites as jot form and wufoo. This application’s advantage is that completed forms can be saved as PDF files and can be printed as well. Except doculicious interface is harder than jot form.


    Research and ideas presented in South Korea

    Jot form’s Educational Application of South Korea

    l  While doing a team project, choosing subject, role responsibility and sharing ideas can be done with full effort. Actually in USA through this method, it’s used wisely which contribute to a team project. Also during the project, bulletin board is most used but this option is limited to just attaching a document. But by using jot form, just in a page user can attach important documents and in a same time user can get a feedback which is more effective.

    l  It convenient to survey areas such as learning satisfaction, achievement and etc. Moreover another convinces would be survey activity that can take place in a websites for students to gather information and idea determination. Using jot form saves paper and sharing ideas becomes convenient.

    l  Teachers can arrange contents learned and make a practice test for students to check what they have learned. By using jot form it’s easy and fast to know students achievements and handing task result.

    l  Can gather variety of information about students. For example, other than official evaluation, students attitude, teacher’s comments or student weakness can be arranged easily and its expediency to check.

    l  Now, the application is used in USA, England, Turkey, India and Taiwan.

  38. Korea- (Other than educational) Alternative presented

    l   Bank

    Koreans try to finish every work as rapidly as possible that a quick-tempered character is their feature. Due to such feature, it feels like a daylong when Koreans line up in numerical order holding their number tickets for their turns for a few minutes in a bank. Nowadays, banks issue number tickets through their online websites. In other words, all customers have to do is just simply type in their names, account numbers, available time, and affairs that they want to do through online. Then customers no longer have to wait for their turns and banks can also save a lot of time by taking care of customers' affairs right away on their reserved time.

    l  Government and village Office

    When citizens go to a village office, they receive number tickets and request their civil affairs by handing in personal information in a manner of designated forms at information desk. Civil affair documents are not only wasting sheets of papers but also it causes a chaos when many people are crowded rushing to take care of their civil affairs. Therefore, citizens can use jot forms to request their civil affairs by summiting their personal information and issued number tickets. This way, office staff does not have to type in civil affair documents so they can not only save a lot of time, but also it is guaranteed that the summated documents are accurate. China and Taiwan

    In China jot form’s reputation is generally good due to contentment of service and new technology provided. From analysis of the reason there are the followings.


    l  Without knowledge of HTML, contact form can be made.

    l  Out of privacy concerns. Register is possible just inserting accurate email address and personal information such as telephone or address is not needed.

    l  Free of charge


    l  There are just some blog lines introducing the website but no further information such as actual usage can’t be found or known.

    l  In a wider view of China users, comparison of two websites and are used. Wufoo is relatively released earlier than jot form.



  39. Use of this site is currently being used

    l  In one company in Taiwan, during lunch time worker choose menu from the jot form website for delivery. Therefore by using the web site group delivery order was much faster. Time wasn’t wasted from getting each workers order.


    The idea of presenting in education:

    The advantage is that task concepts can be explained by visual, but users don’t always prefer visual expression. Therefore by visual data and showing some text can make users in registering or knowing the methods to follow up.

    1)      While doing a team project, through jot form each can offer an idea in a bulletin board and more variety activities can be provided.

    2)      Teachers present variety of subject and each students get subjects which interested them and make a group with same subject which can be create a team project.

    Other than educational operation ideas

    1.       In this high technology world people often use online shopping to buy and sell. This point, jot form can be wisely used not only for private operators but also like public enterprise as well. Besides in China, comparing to Korea so far credit card is not wisely used, Therefore letting online shopping users to use bank accounts, card and etc, any means can be available.