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This page was created by: Amanda Holt, Ashleigh Tippmann, Caiti Munro, Cathy Cohoat, Chelsea Watt, Jon Keisling, Lauren McShane, Riley Beach, Ryan Jones, and Tracy Smith, the place for live video.

Table of Contents

Purpose of

The purpose of is to allow users to view and share media online while, at the same time, connecting people to each other via chat and live video. also allows viewers to explore the site while watching live channels. Account members have the ability to like the application through Facebook to connect with friends they might know that use as well. has a wide assortment of live channels ranging from social, sports, to entertainment. By creating an account, one can create their own live channel and have an audience as well.



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I.1 History and Development of

     Founders of



Justin Kan was the creator and first broadcaster on He now is in charge of product ideas, technical hiring, and writes user features. 3

 Michale is the CEO of and helped Justin Kan create 3

      Early Days of

According to, "Justin TV first began as an extremely small network with just one person broadcasting, which was Justin Kan. Kan wore a web cam 24/7 and streamed all of his content starting March 19, 2007. His website quickly grew media attention, which lead to the expansion of his website and also led to the addition of other people doing this same activity" (mahalo, 2007).


 If your video is not loading, please go to this website to view it. We apologize for the inconvience.

1.2 How does work? states, " is a online interactive website constructed by Yale and M.I.T. grads in October of 2006. The website is very similar to youtube and has 41 million unique visitors per month and 428,000 channels. The platform pushes more than 177 Gbps of video at peak usage - the equivalent of 16,946 standard DVDs per hour" (, 2007).

People all over the world use Justin TV. Live video has endless applications, and we see new uses for every day. People use to chat with friends and share their life. Musicians and DJs use to broadcast music and chat with their fans. Artists use to promote their work. Comedians and entertainers use to host interactive talk shows. Some even use to broadcast their pets.
In order to see other people’s broadcasts and broadcast your own life on, all you need to do is to go on and create a new account. After logging in successfully, you can start watching other people’s videos right away. All you need on your computer is a PC or a MAC an up-to-date browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.  If you want to broadcast your life, you can simply click the red "Broadcast" button and go through the Broadcaster sign up wizard. Fill out your description and profile, do some channel design, then begin broadcasting!  All you need to broadcast on is a camcorder or webcam hooked up to an internet-connected PC or MAC computer with an up-to-date browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
If you have more questions, you could go to or you could even watch video guides on
Hope you enjoy using Justin TV!3

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I.3 How to Create a Account

First, type in to reach the home page of the site.Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the three easy steps.Start by entering a username, password, birthday, and email.

Next, before creating an account, a small-automated sign up graphic will appear to help fight spam.Once filling in your answer, you will be able to create your own account.

Whenever you would like to login at any time, simply type in to reach the home page of the site and at the top of the site, just click the button log in.It’s that simple!

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II.1 Unique Applications of

There are several applications for  In many ways is similar to, but unique when it comes to education. can be very helpful in the classroom and insightful for students.  For example, a teacher can access another teacher and classroom from anywhere else in the world, if the time was set up previously.  This gives students an opportunity to interact with each other and ask questions, because is based on live broadcasting.  Live broadcasting is the primary characteristic that makes it stand out compared to

Another unique application that separates from any other web 2.0 application like it, is that anyone that has created a profile on can broadcast themselves live, via web cam, 24/7.  This can be done on a PC, laptop, or a mobile device like what Justin Kan used to start this whole concept of life casting on  Being able to broadcast anything live and from a mobile site anywhere you want to go, is what separates from any other website like it.

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II.2 Comparison of with other similar Web 2.0 Applications

To the right is a picture of attributes found in different Web 2.0 technologies. has many of the included descriptions of a Web 2.0 technology.  There are also other Web 2.0 sites that contain some of the main components of, below there has been a table created to help in comparing between these different type of live streaming Web 2.0 technologies.4 – has live videos that can be watched. Also, there is a chat room that people can discuss what they think about This Web 2.0 application has fifteen different channels that can be used. Along with everything else, comes in various different languages -Is only available in English, and offers nine different channels. has live video and chat rooms available for anytime use. --Has nine channels available for users to work on, and is only offered in English. also has a chat room and live videos that can be used. - offers live video and chat rooms that can be used for anyone on the application. There are only six different channels that available. is only available in English, as well. 

These four applications are similar and function the same way. offers the most options and is appealing to many different individuals. Also,,, and offer a profile page where does not. If you do not like one application you can use one of these similar applications.

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IV.Educational Applications of

There are many different educational applications that involve, and provided below, there are quite a few lesson plan examples that can be used for all ages.

A useful educational application for is if a teacher would like to introduce their students to other students from a different country, the teacher can observe the foreign classroom through live broadcasting provided by  Through this, the students will see what a classroom setting looks like in another country/culture.  The same thing can be applied if a teacher wishes to have their students learn a lesson from a teacher that lives in a different country, this can also be done through 

The live steaming video on gives many different options and opportunities to use this technology in creating lesson plans and activities with students across the world without leaving your classroom. By doing this, schools could take a field-trip without spending the money, saving time, and still keeping up with the curriculum.  

The options and opportunities are endless when it comes to integrating with a classroom curriculum.  The only thing to be concerned about is that does not screen what is being shown on all the different channels. Because it is live streaming video the people running cannot watch every single channel broadcasting so there are many channels that may not be appropriate for children of a younger age.  So as adults be cautionary of which channel your students or children may be watching.back to top

III.Educational Lesson Plans That Use

Below there are many different types of lesson plans that include in them.  There is everything from elementary geography, middle school math, high school physical education, and even post secondary science.  Above each lesson plan there is a link to download the detailed lesson plan in either a 2003 Word document, or Pdf file.  Some lesson plans even have a Powerpoint that accompanies the lesson plan that can also be downloaded.  Many of the lesson plans include uses that are not yet available on, but can become future uses of if I teacher would like to use the website.

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    i.  Elementary Lesson Plans

Grade 2-3 Money Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 2 Money Lesson Plan.pdf


Math: Money and Making Change  


  • Students will be able to recognize the relative monetary value of each piece of money 2 out of 3 times.
  • Given coins and dollar bills, students will be able to make them add up to an announced amount of money.
  • Students will also be able to make change with their money properly using the money given to them 2 out of 3 times.
  • Students will be able to apply the purpose of understanding money in the real world.

Grade 3 English Stories Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 3 English Stories Lesson Plan.pdf


Literature: Cinderella Stories                                                                                          


  • Students are to have a clear understanding of the writing process as well as being familiar with e-mailing their graduate peers online.

Lauren Lillback Lesson Plan Grade 1 pdf

Lauren Lillback Lesson Plan Grade 1.doc


Lauren Lillback The Writing Process: Peer Review


  • Students will be able to participate in peer review with a partner
  • Students will be able to identify quality changes to make to a draft to create a stronger final copy
  • Students will be able to write a final draft based off of the proper revisions to use

Grade 5 Geography Russia Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 5 Geography Russia Lesson Plan.pdf


Geography: Russia            


  • Introduce students to Russian Culture
  • Allow students to learn about Russian names
  • Create an appreciation for Russian Culture
  • Open a window for Students to see what the Russian culture is actually like
  • Develop student appreciation toward diversity

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     Middle School Lesson Plans

Grade 6 Math Positive and Negative Integers Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 6 Math Positive and Negative Integers Lesson Plan.pdf


Math: Add and Subtract, Positive and Negative Integers                                         


  • Students will learn the simple steps in adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.
  • An evaluation of the students work will be as I am presenting this information; I will be making sure to be streaming the lesson plan over and going through each step at every angle possible.
  • I will then give the students a list of problems to do on their own.  They will send their answers to me, the ones that they have missed we will go over and over again until I know for sure the students have grasped the concept.

Grade 6 Science Snowflake Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 6 Science Snowflake Lesson Plan.pdf


Science: Snowflake Creation


  • Students will create a snowflake with real crystals on it to hang as a Christmas decoration.

Grade 6 Geography Tracking Tornadoes Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 6 Geography Tracking Tornadoes Lesson Plan.pdf

Grade 6 Geography Tracking Tornadoes Lesson Plan.ppt


Geography: Tracking Tornadoes


Students will :

  • Learn how tornadoes are ranked by fujita scale
  • Learn in where the majority of tornadoes occur and why
  • Learn about the ten worst tornadoes in U.S. History
  • Color outline maps of the United States pinpointing the ten worst tornadoes
  • Look at photographs and/or video clips of real tornadoes
  • Write a few paragraphs about where tornadoes form and how they are ranked.

Jessica Matus Lesson Plan Grade 8 (pdf)

Jessica Matus Lesson Plan Grade 8 (doc)


Jessica Matus Fashion for Different Ages


Students will  

  • Learn what influences different decades fashions
  • how psycholog plays a role in why people do not change the way they dress
  • use to learn about different age groups clothing and use the chatroom

Grade 7 Social Studies National Parks Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 7 Social Studies National Parks Lesson Plan.pdf


History: National Parks


Students will:

  • Be introduced to the reality of the National Parks.
  • Discuss the history and roots of the National Park system.
  • Discuss various individual National Parks and their characteristics.
  • learn the importance of National Parks.

Grade 7 Geography Volcanoes Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 7 Geography Volcanoes Lesson Plan.pdf


Geography: Volcanoes


Students will:

  • Label each country on the Ring of Fire
  • Write the number of volcanoes that are located in each area
  • Discuss the theory of tectonic plates
  • Natural phenomenons that occur around the Ring of Fire

Grade 8 Math and Cultural Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 8 Math and Cultural Lesson Plan.pdf


Math: Math and Cultural Lesson


  •  Students will learn a math lesson while expanding their cultural awareness at the same time.
  • Allow students to interact with a different country's math class, by observing a math lesson given in a different country such as China.
  • Students will observe the other country's classroom through live stream video broadcasting by

Grade 8 Science Atoms Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 8 Science Atoms Lesson Plan.pdf


Science: Atoms


Students will:

  • Identify the different parts of an atom.
  • Define different parts of an atom.
  • Identify the charges of a neutron, electron, and proton.

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   ii. High School Lesson Plans 

Grade 9-12 Math Absent Teacher Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 9-12 Math Absent Teacher Lesson Plan.pdf


Math: Math Lesson


  • Students will learn a math lesson from a teacher that isn't able to make it to school
  • Students will learn how to use technology to learn and communicate over long distances

Grade 9 Culture International Discussion Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 9 Culture International Discussion Lesson Plan.pdf


International Classroom Discussion


Students Will :

  • Be able to talk to students in a class room from a different country
  • Students will be able to learn about the culture and ways of life in the other country

Grade 9 Physical Education Basketball Zone Defense Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 9 Physical Education Basketball Zone Defense Lesson Plan.pdf


Physical Education: Basketball Zone Defense


Students will:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of zone defense in basketball.
  • Break the habit of everyone gravitation to whoever has the ball
  • Offensive players will utilize non bounce passing skills.
  • Learn how to move without having the ball in their hands.

Tairan Qiu Lesson Plan.doc

Tairan Qiu Lesson Plan.pdf


English: Techniques of giving a successful speech


  • Understand the aspects of a successful speech.
  • Know how to give a successful speech in front of a group of people.
  • Know the shortcomings of themselves and improve themselves.

Grade 9 Math Solving Equations for X Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 9 Math Solving Equations for X Lesson Plan.pdf

Grade 9 Math Solving Equations for X Lesson Plan.ppt


Math: Solving Equations for X to find Simple Formulas



  • Will understand how a numbercan be subbed into a formula
  • Will understand and know why the values work the way they do

Grade 10 Communications Advertisements Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 10 Communications Advertisements Lesson Plan.pdf


Communications: Advertisements


Students will :• Show their understanding of discourse
• Show their knowledge of advertisements
• Demonstrate their ability to work in a group

Grade 10 Chemistry Periodic Table Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 10 Chemistry Periodic Table Lesson Plan.pdf


Chemistry: Periodic Table


Students will:

  • Organize the first 18 elements of the periodic table according to the atomic mass, number of electron shells, and valence eletrons found in the element.
  • Compare their order with the real periodic table to see if they are right, and also compare again the other groups of students in the classroom.

Grade 10 English Short Stories Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 10 English Short Stories Lesson Plan.pdf


English: Short Stories


Students will:

  • Identify the difference between fairytales and Short stories
  • Identifty new Vocabulary Communications.

Grade 11 Engineering Aerodynamics Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 11 Engineering Aerodynamics Lesson Plan.pdf


Engineering: Aerodynamics


Students will:

  • Use the internet to aid in research and design
  • Identify and understand lift, weigh, thrust, and drag as forces taht impact an aircraft's flight
  • Define Bernouill's principles as it pertains to flight principles.
  • Explain how life force is produced using an airfoil shape.

Grade 11 English Producer Biography Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 11 English Producer Biography Lesson Plan.pdf


English: Producer Biography


Students will:

  • Conduct extensive research on their favorite producer
  • The students may be required to talk to the producer directly to ask questions about his/her life
  • They must then create an essay on this producer

Grade 11 Physical Education Tennis Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 11 Physical Education Tennis Lesson Plan.pdf


Physical Education: Tennis Technique



Students will:

  • Understand the correct technique of a tennis serve.
  • Observe a tennis professional or coach demonstrate tennis techniques through
  • Be able to apply learned techniques in a game situation.


Grade 12 Social Studies American Civil War Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 12 Social Studies American Civil War Lesson Plan.pdf


History: American Civil War 1861-1865


Students will:* Learn an overview of the various factors which contributed to the war.

  • Be able to name the major generals of the north and south.
  • Be able to identify the particular states and its allegiance during the Civil War.

Grade 12 Science Experiment Lesson Plan.doc

Grade 12 Science Experiment Lesson Plan.pdf


Science: Experiments


Students will:

  • Research a science project that can be demonstrated in front of a camera.
  • Create and demonstrate the experiment through
  • Watch and review the experiment after it has been completed.

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    iii. Post Secondary Lesson Plans  


Creating a Resume



  • Will learn how to create a strong resume for interviews.

Post Secondary Guest Speaker Lesson Plan.doc

Post Secondary Guest Speaker Lesson Plan.pdf


Guest Speaker



  • Will listen to a speech given by the guest speaker
  • The students will be able to respond to questions given by the speaker
  • The students will be able to ask any questions that they have for the speaker

Post Secondary History 1960's Lesson Plan.doc

Post Secondary History 1960's Lesson Plan.pdf


History: 1960's


Students will:

  • Be introduced to some of the upheaval and events that took place during the 1960's.
  • Be able to recall important events of 1960's.
  • Be able to identify some of the important people of the 1960's with regards to activism, music, and art.
  • Be able to identify some key evens in the Vietnam War.


Math: Math Help Channel


Students will:

  • Be able to find help on any math problem that they are having difficulties with.
  • Be able to contact a math tutor through the math help channel, and ask the math tutor for help on any problem.

II.2 Business and Industry Applications of


Training: Assembly Line


Employees will recieve :

  • Training to work on assembly line
  • Training about business rules and guidelines
  • Training will be accomplished through above mentioned goals in a simple, fast, and low-cost program

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V.Tragedy on

In November 2007, tragedy brought into the spotlight when a 19 year old community college student named Abraham Briggs recorded his suicide live on Briggs, whom operated under the tag CandyJunkie, had a long history of mental illness and ended his own life by swallowing a large dose of anti-depressants. What is especially disturbing about his death is the fact that the 185 member live audience watching his suicide persistently egged him on in his suicide endeavor. Not only this, not a single person whom witnessed Briggs's demise reported his death to the police, even after literally watching him kill himself in real time. Perhaps, this is alternate example of the character of the internet. While much has been elaborated on of the  "conversation," "community," and "interconnectedness" of the web, this case illustrates the web as it can really be, a soulless, empty, and often heartless reality.  
back to top International Applications

No matter where your location is, the applications of are all the same. can be used internationally through live feed from isolated locations such as schools trying to study a specific rural area; can benefit learning by bringing the subject closer to the classroom and students. Or it could be used between different countries where the content being studied may be more relevant, such as an Australian class may be studying a subject about earthquakes in California where an American class would be able to recite the procedures undergone when earthquakes strike and also some devastating effects from earthquakes of the past. No matter where you live, is a highly useful web 2.0 Application tool in the classroom and can benefit learning results. However, in Australian government schools the use of is very limited due to such web devices being blocked.

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The Dream Team of This Wiki

Front Left to Right:Amanda Holt, Chelsea Watt
Back Left to Right:Tracy Smith, Ryan Jones, Jon Keisling, Cathy Cohoat, Ashleigh Tippmann
Not pictured: Riley Beach, Caiti Munro, Lauren McShane

Introductions To The Dream Team

Amanda Holt: Amanda is currently a Junior in the College of Science at Purdue University, pursuing a Chemistry degree and secondary education certification.  She was the Project Manager for this project.  Her hobbies include going camping, watching movies, and she is also a the biggest Foo Fighters Fan, do not get her started on that subject.

Ashleigh Tippmann: Ashleigh is a Sophomore at Purdue University in the College of Education, pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  She was the person who created this groups very own account, helped evaluate our website so there were no grammar mistakes, and created lesson plans that used  Her hobbies are learning new things, and she loves being around children.

Caiti Munro: Caiti is a second year education student at USQ in Australia.  She is studing english, law, and has an interest in special education.  Caiti was the go to person when in need of more lesson plans, and she also helped by creating her own account.  Her hobbies include music, spending time with her friends, and going to the beach.

Cathy Cohoat: Cathy is currently a freshman at Purdue University in the College of Education, and is switching her major to Elementary Education.  She helped create the brochure that summarized and was handed out at the TLT conference held at Purdue University.  She also helped create lesson plans that used  Her hobbies include being around kids, because when she is around them, she is happy.

Chelsea Watt: Chelsea is a freshman majoring in Elementary Education at Purdue University.  She created lesson plans that used, and helped make the brochure.  Her hobbies include helping others, being outside in the sun, and being around children.

Jon Keisling: Jon is a Math Education major at Purdue University, who would like to coach basketball at the high school level once he starts teaching.  Jon was the ultimate designer when it came to designing this wiki.  He formatted, and designed most of the website.  His hobbies include sports, and he particularly loves baskeball.

Lauren McShane: Lauren is another student from Australia majoring in HPE, and has been a great contributor to this wiki.  She helped create lesson plans that used, and also provided the International aspect involving  She loves playing sports, and having fun with her friends.

Riley Beach: Riley is a Social Studies Education major at Purdue University.  He was the main researcher for this dedicated wiki.  He also created lesson plans that used  A few of his hobbies include reading, listening to music, and hanging out with his friends.

Ryan Jones: Ryan is a Technology Education major at Purdue University.  He helped prepare the presentation materials for the TLT Conference showcase, and created lesson plans that used  He enjoys working and helping others learn how to do things.

Tracy Smith: Tracy is studying Elementary Education at Purdue University, and has an Associates Degree in Design Technology.  She contributed quite a bit to the presentation displays for the TLT Conference, and created a lesson plan template that was used by everyone for their lesson plans on this wiki.  Since she is the mother of two boys her life is very hectic, and when she is not being a full time student she is spending time with her sons.

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Related Sources and Attachements

ISTE/NETS Standards that was used for lesson plans:ISTE/NETS Standards.pdf Brochure handed out during the TLT Poster Board Display: Purdue Group Channel Link: Australian Caiti Channel Link:

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VII. References





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  1. Unknown User (alholt)

    Hi everyone my name is Amanda Holt, and I am the PM for our group during Project II.  I would just like to take some time to introduce myself, and discuss some of the things that I have put on here.  I am a Junior majoring in Chemistry with a teaching certification.  I was in mechanical engineering, but found out that I just did not enjoy it so now I'm doing teaching.  The main thing that everyone should know about me is that I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan so if I start talking about them and continue to go on and on and on just tell me to stop. 

    I have alot of goals and ideas for this project and I hope all of you do as well.  Right now I have added a page where everyone can add their input on research for our web 2.0 application.  Yesterday I sent out an email to all the Purdue students telling them their roles, and I hope to before the end of this week send an email to our International students outlining roles for them as well. 

    So before the end of the week everyone needs to have at least 3 posts up that deal with research and how other sources/web sites use our web 2.0 application.

    If there are any problems or questions please let me know, I am here to help and do whatever I can so we can get that superior rating!!

  2. Unknown User (cdwatt)

    Hi I'm Chelsea, I'm a freshman and my major is Elementary Education.  I like being around children and helping others.  I enjoy being outside in the sun and laying out.  Since this is my first year, I have had many new experiences and this project is another! I haver never heard of justin t.v so we will see how this goes!

  3. Unknown User (atippman)

    My name is Ashleigh Tippmann. I am currently a sophomore in Elementary Education. I love being around children, and learning new things! I think we can do a great job on this project! Good Luck everyone!

  4. Hey Guys

    My name is Lauren McShane and Im studying a Bachelor of Education( senior and middle schooling) majoring in HPE!!! I love to play Sport and have fun with friends. I have never heard of before either and dont really know whats going on with this project.

    It will be good to hear from everyone


    Lauren McShane : )

    1. Unknown User (alholt)

      Hi Lauren! I have sent you, Tamara, and Caitlin an email so we can figure out the best time to get together so we can discuss this project and hopefully help with any questions that you guys might have.  I was thinking that maybe we could meet over skype or Adobe Connect April 1st around 10:00 a.m. your time, which is March 31st 7:30 p.m. our time.  Just either email me back or comment on this wiki page so we can get started on getting you guys involved.  Thanks!


  5. Unknown User (cecohoat)

    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Cathy Cohoat and I am a freshman at Purdue currently in Mathematics education, but currently switching my major to elementary education as well.  Haha.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, so as long as I am around kids I am happy.  Little kids are some of my favorite so I look forward to being able to teach them. 

    I hope this project turns out to be a winner, because I do NOT want to take this final.  So I will see everyone in class on Friday!

    -Cathy Cohoat

    P.S.  I took a look at Justintv and I am not sure how I feel about it...we will have to see...

  6. Unknown User (rbeach)

    Whats up,

    My name is Riley Beach. I am a Social Studies Edu. major. A few of my hobbies include reading, shooting hoops, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Some of my favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Widespread Panic, Blind Melon, and Bob Dylan, but this list could go on forever and ever.

    I've never heard of Justintv, but I look forward to working with you all

    -Riley Beach

  7. Unknown User (jdkeisli)

    Hey guys,

    I'm Jonathan Keisling but you can call me Jon or whatever you're feeling. I am a math education major. I love sports particularly basketball.  So I plan on teaching and coaching high schoolers.  I listen to just about everything when it comes to music and I love hanging out with my friends. As far as goes, it's pretty weird.

    Let's nail this project because I don't really feel like staying until Saturday.

    -Jonathan Keisling

  8. Unknown User (jonesra)


    I'm Ryan Jones I am a Technology Education Major I enjoy working with my hands and helping people learn how to do things.  I tend to listen to more rock and country music.  For the record even though I'm a towny I realy don't want to be here on Saturday.

  9. Just to clarify things. For us at USQ in Australia. When would you like all the information posted up on this site? For us this assignment isnt due for a couple of weeks?

    Would you just like me to answer the following questions?????

    - What is the purpose of the technology?

    -What are some examples of the technology being used?

    -How could it be used in various classroom settings?

    -How is it used in other countries like Australia???

    -What are some lesson plans that would illustrate its use in the classroom?

    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, im just confused about this assignment and i just figured its better to ask.

    It would be great to hear back from you guys


    Lauren (smile)

    1. Unknown User (alholt)

      Hi Lauren,

      I'm sorry for all of the confusion.  This Sunday our class has a Rough draft due of our website.  So yes it would be great if you helped us answer a few questions.  Here are the ones that I would like you to help answer, How can be used international, you can be specific and use Australia as an example.Chelsea and Tracy who are also in this group are working on the international implications of, so you can work with them on what to put if you would like.  Also if you go to the lesson plans page and sign up for 3 different lesson plans, that you could develope that would be great as well.  I will send you an example of what all the lessons plans will be desgined content wise.  If you could make up at least one lesson plan before Sunday our time and post it on the main page of this wiki that would be great.  Also post what you have found in using internationally on the main page as well.  Thanks for your help and cooperation, and if you have any more questions or problems please let me know.

      Amanda Holt

  10. Unknown User (cdwatt)

    Hi Lauren,

    We are supposed to work together and figure out ways can be used internationally.  Any ideas? Let me know (smile)

    1. Hey Chelsea

      Just got home today, where in our holidays and im exhausted from travelling but i will try my best to have a few ideas posted by tomorrow morning, my time for you guys!

      See what i can find out

      (smile) Lauren

  11. Unknown User (smith607)

    I never introduced myself so I thought that I better do so.

    My name is Tracy Smith.  I am a single mother of two boys (7 & 8 years old).  I am a full time student studying Elementary Education.  I have an associates degree in design technology.  I have no free time.   I have a fiance who lives in Michigan.  Life is hectic.  I am not a partier nor do I ever get a chance to spend time with friends. 

    I have never heard of  and am stil completely lost in this project. 

  12. Hey guys,

    Would you like the Australian members in the group to be a part of the final presentation? If so, how can we be involved?

    If the other Australian members are up to it, we can do a prerecorded presentation to add to your showcase. Myself personally can't do anything live as i will be attending a coaching clinic during the time in which you will be making your presentation.

    I'm hoping i can establish contact with the other Australians as i havent heard from them throughout the duration of this assignment.

    Lauren (smile)

  13. G'Day Guys!

    Sorry its taken me so long to actually introduce myself on here, but here we go!

    My name is Caeshlyn  but I changed that to Caitlin for Uni (Its so much easier to pronounce!) But everyone calls me Caiti or Cricket!

    Im 19, Im a second year Education student at USQ. Im studing english and Law as my subjects but I have an interest in Special Education, and currently help coach the Queensland Athletes with Disabilities team. I also work as a Kindy teacher - on call. I have a degree in Music (Vocal) that I got when I was 17 and almost died getting!! hahaha. I enjoy music, spending time with friends, driving as well going to the beach.

    I live about 3 hours away from USQ, so its a bit of a drive to Uni! I also dont get much chance to use the net out here, its a bit of a silly place to live really. I only just moved out here, and I wanna move back to town!!!

    Ive also never heard about but look forward to helping out!!


  14. Hi everyone!

    Just wondering where we are standing in regards to the presentation? What can we USQ people do? I was thinking that perhaps we could present the international aspects of thru a broardcast? As we are international.... but thats jsut an idea! I also have some more international uses for - would you like me to email my ideas to anyone in particular? Or jsut add them up? Also, Ive finally got outta hospital and am able to give you my lesson plans. Again, did you want me to email them or just add them up? My only concern is mesing up the formatting of the other lesson plans if I do it, but Im more then willing to give it a shot! (smile)

    Hope you all had a fantastic Easter! 


    1. Unknown User (alholt)

      Hi Caiti,

      Glad to hear you're out of the hospital.  If you could just email me your lesson plans that would be fantastic.  Also I sent out an email earlier asking if any of you guys in Austrailia would like to be a part of the presentation through, so if you would like to that would be amazing.  My group and I are having a meeting tonight 7 p.m. our time and it usually lasts till 8 or 8:30 p.m. our time.  So if you are online during that time just send us a message and we can figure something out.  We already have a profile for our Purdue group here, so if you guys could put together one so we can use it at the presentation that would be great!! 

      If you have any ideas for the international uses of you can just post them on the wiki or put them on a comment and we will put them up, or you could email me them. Whatever works best for you.  If you could get your lesson plans and the international stuff as soon as you can that would be great.  We're suppose to have everything done before this weekend. 

      Thanks so much for your help it is really appreciated! (big grin)   Hope you had a great easter too.


      1. Hi Amanda,

        Crashing cars isnt fun! I wont do it again in a hurry!!! But everyone has been fantastic!! (smile)

        Ill email you my lesson plans ASAP. (smile) I also didnt get an email re: the presentation. Ive checked my email a few times and it isnt there, nor is it in my junk mail inbox, could you resend it by any chance?

        In regards to the international aspects, There are many rural students in Australia, learning via Distance Education. Justin,tv gives these students a fantastic way to not further their education by exploring subjects further and broardening their academic horizons, but also allows the students to communicate with each other. Usually their classes are taken either on the phone, over over the internet, however at particular times, eg harvest etc, it can be difficult for students to "get to class" so to speak. This is when a medium such as can come in handy as their peers/teachers or themselves can record their class, or maybe even use it as an assessment medium! - eg Research "how plants grow" and make a presentation about it. (dodgy example I know!)

        Does that make sence? I have referencing in regard to distance ed, but the stuff is more my ideas, just from my own personal educational experience. So it may be useless. But it was jsut an idea!

        Ive really enjoyed working with you all, and Im sure that the end product is going to be fantastic!!


        1. Hi all!

          Just uploaded another video to for your presentation.