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  1. Unknown User (kthomps)

    Hello to all of Group 30's International Partners!

    I made this page so it would be easy for you guys to communicate with us! With this project we will be making a wiki chapter about Kaltura. We need research about Kaltura, anything you can find and then you can post it on the Research page!

    The other team members are:

    Jacquenlyn Dykstra

    Grace Wickert

    Lisa Fairbanks
    Derek Cullison

    Benny Martinez

    Zarah Mumaw

    And the roles and responsibilites are Researchers, Instructional Designers, Writers, Evaluators, Marketing and Connectors

    We look forward to working with you!

  2. I also look forward to working with you!^^

  3. Hi ^^
    I look forward to working with you, too!!

  4. Hello:D nice to meet you all~!!

    hope we can do well on this project!!

  5. testing : ??? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ???

  6. Hi!!!!:)

    Nice to meet youguy :)!!

    I hope we get great job together!!!^^^^*

  7. 10/21 Miwon sent an email introducing myself to PM

    10/27 Nari has login problem, so sends e-mail to Erin for solving problem.

    10/27 Hyewon sent an email introducing myself to PM

    10/27 Miwon sent an email to PM how we communicate in Skype and in 29th, we chat on Skype for a moment.

    10/31~11/3 Nari adjusting communication way to e-mail(Three times).

    11/2 Nari introduce herself and add her research.
    11/5 Mi-Won introduce herself and add her research.

    11/7 PM gives "international way" chapter to us.

    11/8 Hyewon introduce herself and add her research.

    11/9 Online team meeting for our work on nate-ON.

    11/9 Dajeong sent email to PM

    11/9 Hyewon exchanged Skpe accounts through email with PM

    11/11 Offline team meeting

    • mini research plan
    • coference international way in korea

    11/14 Make mini research

    11/14 Dajeong introduce herself

    11/15 Dajeong sends email to PM for Question about what they want exactly to us

    -Arrange mini research result
    -Translate teem meeting's result and upload at wiki page

    11/17 Nari sent to email for PM know about our doing and uploading about International way

    11/18 offling team meeing

    • team meeting on off-line
      about detailed Kaltura's using method
      form an opinion about lesson plan
      Mi-won lineup(question) our team's research about international ways in main page of Kaltura

    11/21 online team meeting

    • conference for another way using kaltura
    • decide to research and thinking about how kaltura using on specific subject.



    11/24 uploading each subjects lesson plan idea.

    11/25 offline team meeting

    • make plan about PPT that about international way and specific subject's lesson plan
    • making video for introduce our self(insert on PPT)

    11/27 complete PPT and video and send that to PM