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Kerpoof Research Page

Kerpoof Group Member Introduction Page

Table of Contents">Table of Contents


Kerpoof is a free "edutainment site for kids" and adults to make movies, comics, draw pictures, create stories, earn coins, have fun and learn with Kerpoof. Before being purchased in 2009 by Disney Kerpoof's main goal is to become a leader in education entertainment online. Disney had previously endorsed Kerpoof's technology by investing an undisclosed amount to the young company. Disney has used Kerpoof technology on their own website before become it's current owner. You can tell by CEO and co-founder Krista Marks with other co-founder Tom Fishaver shows her excitement for their program in her 2007 introductory presentation of Kerpoof.

After being purchased the Kerpoof portal ( has not been altered, using the software is still free for users, but a some famous Disney characters have been added to the site. (1) (2)

Kerpoof can:
  • Make artwork (even if you aren't good at drawing!)
  • Make an animated movie (really! it's easy!)
  • Earn Koins which you can trade for fun things in the Kerpoof Store
  • Make a printed card, t-shirt, or mug
  • Tell a story
  • Make a drawing
  • Vote on the movies, stories, and drawings that other people have made

Kerpoof is not just a learning site, they allow the users to socialize by sharing their creations, collaborating on projects, and vote for their favorite works. It will be like the Facebook for creative intuitive minds!


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Demonstration of Educational Value">Demonstration of Educational Value


Description (3)


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Make a Story

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The first thing you do is think of a story line. After that, you choose what backgrounds you would like to go along with your story. After you choose your backgrounds you can put different objects in the scenes. If you click on the different objects it tells you what the object is allowed to do. To put the final touches on your movie you can add music, more scenes, or choose from the many other options to make it exactly how you would like it.

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Doodle Pad

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The Doodle Pad can be used to make entertaining little designs and just have fun.

Toutorial DP

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Make a Drawing

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When making a drawing it provides you with a huge board to draw whatever you would like to on it. You can write words or draw pictures. There are many different color fonts. You can also mix colors and change the thickness of the lines. The drawing board would be a great tool for children to practice spelling words. Teachers could say and word and the students could write it on their boards. This is a fun way for them to use their creativity and learn something too!

Toutorial MD

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Spell a Picture

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Spell a picture is a learning program that allows the user to spell words. The worlds spelled will then be represented by pictures, if you choose the correct word you will recieve koins. After you chose the correct picture out of the array you can then type in verbs for the picture to act out.

Toutorial SP

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Make a Picture

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The first step is picking a background after that you can add different objects, texts, shapes and word bubbles. There are many different tools you can choose from when making your picture.

Toutorial MP

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Make a Movie

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Allows users to have graphics move back and forth in a setting. Time movements, emotions, and actions using a time line. Actions and words propel your story.

Toutorial MM

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Make a Card

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Choose from different occasion cards or make your own; pick from many different pictures and actually draw your own as well. This is a great tool for students to use both at home and at school. At school this would provide a cheap, easy way for students to all make thank you cards for someone. It would not be messy and they could still design it any way they would like. At home they could make birthday cards, christmas cards, get well cards, or even Valentine's Day cards.

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Real World Applications">Real World Applications

Lesson plans

Kerpoof can easily be incorporated in the classroom setting. No matter how old or what grade is being taught, Kerpoof can always be used someway or another. Kerpoof makes learning more fun, and can be a step towards a new fun exciting way to teach, instead of the normal "boring" way of teaching. It can help keep the students more engaged and help them want to learn!

Here are a few examples of some lesson plans we have for elementary level students.

  • Vocabulary Lesson - (Grades K-2) This lesson plan is to help students learn their vocabulary using Kerpoof
  • Patterns and Shapes - (Grades K-2) This lesson plan helps students learn about basic shapes and simple patterns while using Kerpoof.
  • Points and lines - (Grades K-2) This lesson plan is to help students learn points and lines using Kerpoof.
  • Pythagorean theorem of math with Kerpoof - (High School Math) This lesson plan is to help students learn Pythagorean theorem while using Kerpoof.
  • permutation and combination- (High School Math) This lesson plan is to help students learn more about permutations and combinations with Kerpoof.
  • Geometry - (High School Geometry) This lesson plan helps students learn more about basics with geometry using patterns made with Kerpoof.
  • Technology Innovation Using Kerpoof (STEM College Level) This lesson plan helps students analyze technology and its uses.
  • Beach Spanish (College Level Spanish) This lesson plan is to help students learn beach-related Spanish vocabulary.
  • Light reflection with Kerpoof - (College Level Physics) This lesson plan is to help students learn light reflection with a more interactive approach by Kerpoof.

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Unique Uses

  •  Kerpoof has many unique things for students to do on their own and also for teachers to use in the classroom. One unique feature on Kerpoof is making a card. There are many themes you can choose from. Some themes available are for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's day. There are also thank you cards, get well soon cards, and invitation cards. These could be used in the classroom for things such as writing thank you cards to a guest speaker. This would be very unique because each child could create their own card. This would give them more of an opportunity to be creative verses just writing with pen or pencil in a card. They can pick little pictures of objects such as flowers, balloons, and cake. There is also a feature at the bottem of the pictures that says GO. In this box they can type in any object they want to put in the card. Each child would be able to make their own card with their own theme. Every card would be different. They can pick different size bubbles and type in words. They can change the font style, size, and color of the text box. They can also draw their own pictures on a sketch pad and insert them wherever they would like on their cards.
  • Another unique feature is that students can share their work with other students that have Kerpoof. They can display their pictures on the main page and other people can comment and rate them.This gives students the opportunity to put their work out there and get feedback. There is also a feature that allows people to chat back and forth about their different works of art on Kerpoof.  

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Business Applications

Kerpoof is designed for children and educational settings, and because of Kerpoof's copyright on all of its characters and images it does not translate well to a business setting.

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International Usage">International Usage

American kids and teachers are not the only ones using Kerpoof. The educational website is starting to gain attention internationally as well.

According to a newsletter sent out by Kerpoof in March 2008, you can now access Kerpoof in six other languages besides English. New language options are available through the Kerpoof homepage and include German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and French. According to a anecdote found in this newsletter, “One young lady in a focus group last week was almost in tears because she could use Kerpoof in Russian, her native language”. (4)

This is not surprising considering Moscow provides one of the highest level of traffic from cities outside the United States. As of 2008 Kerpoof was seeing 32% of its traffic from outside of the U.S. and that number is expected to grow with Kerpoof’s recent adoption by Disney in 2009.  (5)

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How Kerpoof compares to similar programs">How Kerpoof compares to similar programs

Kerpoof is a very unique program in that it incorporates multiple forms of media. While making each creative avenue is unique and entertaining, Kerpoof is also kid-friendly and easy to use. 

            However, there are some programs out there that focus on certain elements or components that Kerpoof offers and how they compare. For example:

  • Paintbox: “Choose a background image or start with a blank slate, then draw something in PaintBox. Add warp effects to make silly pictures. PaintBox is fun for children of all ages.” (6)

How It Compares: Kerpoof’s “drawing” tools located in the “Make a Drawing” application have “warping” effects. For example, instead of picking on color to draw with at a time, Kerpoof’s creators added a little something fun. Users can click on the icon for a swirled pen that combines two colors to create an extremely colored creation.

  • Queeky: “Queeky is an online drawing community for people who like drawing and share their pictures with others. All pictures made on Queeky can be replayed by the visitors. See how an intersting picture is made and learn from the top artists. The benefits of this site are that you can create drawings, edit drawings, continue pictures of other users, create a profile with your own subdomain, make friends, share drawings on your blog or website, and write comments.”(6)

How It Compares: Both applications allow users to show and share documents they create. Kerpoof has no publication option but educators could easily share an account and share documents that way.

  • Roxik: “Draw something and then make your drawings dance. It is sort of fun.” (6)

How It Compares: With Kerpoof’s “Spell a Picture” application, users have the opportunity to spell a word, such as ‘dog’ and on a chosen background, an animated dog will appear. If the used types in a verb, such as “run”, the dog (or whatever animal) will zoom across the screen, imitating running. In each application, users can make their creations come to life. 

  • Skrbl: “Simple and easy online multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together. Sketch, text, share files, upload pictures all in one common shared space. There are no new tools to learn, nothing to download, nothing to install. Brainstorm on our simple whiteboard to start thinking together, everyone sees the same screen, everybody gets on the same page.” (6)

How It Compares: This application also costs a small fee to operate. Kerpoof costs per time frame ($4.39 for one month, $24.79 for six months, and $44.79 for one year), while Skrbl costs $10 per month.

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