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Animal Alphabet14

Grade Level: Kindergarten


Kindergartners will make an alphabet book. The students will use the Internet and a field trip to the zoo to learn about animals. Then they brainstorm about animals that start with different letters of the alphabet and create a class alphabet book and presentation showcasing the animals they studied.


After a field trip to the zoo and researching using the internet, students will make an alphabet book of different animals whose names start with different letters of the alphabet.
To show understanding of the alphabet, students given 26 pictures of various animals will have to correctly write the first letter of the animal's name with 85% accuracy. 


Language Arts
K.1.1 - Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
K.1.6 - Recognize and name all capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
K.4.3 - Write using pictures, letters, and words.

K.4.1 - Give examples of plants and animals.


Folder or Three Ringed Binder
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft PowerPoint®
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office Live

  1. Before the activity begins, the students should have the following background information:
    1. Some knowledge of the alphabet
    2. Knowledge of some animals
  2. Review the alphabet. Make sure the students can recognize and name all capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
  3. Take a field trip to the zoo.
  4. Divide the class into groups.
  5. Using the computer and internet, have each group research animals that correspond to different letters of the alphabet.
    1. Teachers will need to help the students with the use of the computers.
  6. Have the students gather pictures and facts of the animals and then save the information and pictures in Microsoft Word. (With help from the teacher, they can upload their information onto MSO Live, which will allow them access and the ability to work from home and with other students in their groups.)
  7. Once every letter is corresponded with an animal, compile the class's information and pictures to make a book.
  8. Also make a slide show using PowerPoint.
    1. Each group will then present the animals they research and which letter it corresponds with.
  9. Finally download the PowerPoint and Book onto MSO Live. (This will give students access to the final prodcuts at home. They can then show their families what they learned.)

To evaluate if the students have learned, give them a test consisting of 26 different animal pictures (one for each letter of the alphabet) for which they are to correctly write the first letter of the animal's name with 85% accuracy.

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Lesson adapted by Hannah Scudder
[14] Microsoft Office. (2004, April 6). Animal Alphabet. In Microsoft Education Virtual Tour. Retrieved November 9, 2008, from\\\

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