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Photoshop and FACS

Lesson Plan for High School FACS Class Cooking Methods Portfolio


  • Manipulate a digital photo image due to the given criterion from the teacher on each method your perform.
  • Perform cooking method critiques, analysis and interpretation.


  • Photoshop Online
  • Digital Camera.
  • Ingredients for cooking method being performed.


  1. Using a digital camera take pictures of the cooking method you are performing.  Include various angles and be sure to capture the cooking method you are performing.  (ie; leveaning, etc.)
  2. Examine pictures that each of your classmates has taken.  Write at least 1 critique for each classmate's picture.
  3. Go onto the Photoshop website and edit one of your five pictures.  Add just colors, hues, values, shadows, etc.

    Source:  Kimberly J. Graves

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (kjgraves)

    This technology can be incorporated for portfiolio assignment construction and be incorporated into a Web Page Portfolio.  Students involved in cooperative education classes, as well as vocational education classes will find Photoshop a great tool in capturing all of their "hands on" projects.

    How convenient for this program to be available through the student's cell phone!