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Confluence in the Classrooms

Confluence can be easily written into the lesson plan for any grade level. It is a very versatile tool that can be designed to fit the needs of any subject or age group. There are countless ideas and possibilities on how to incorporate Confluence into a classroom setting and have it successfully coincide with the lesson. Confluence can be used for something as complex as creating an entire research based wiki chapter to a simple task of basic communication between students and the teacher.

For instance, students could be assigned a project in which they are asked to create a Confluence page on relevant course materials. Students would conduct research and write-up their findings on Confluence so that the information could be shared easily between members of the class. Students would then be able to use their work in Confluence to make connections to previous course material. This allows them to think critically and show a basic understanding of the material, which also allows them to creatively demonstrate their knowledge.

Benefits of Incorporating Confluence Into The Lesson Plan

Confluence is easy to introduce into the lesson plan. It provides a way for students to gain knowledge about a subject and present it in a way so that other students can learn from it. Confluence provides a place for students to combine their work into one collective source. Teachers can view their students' posts and provide feedback. Confluence allows for students to communicate with others around the world and strengthen their understanding of the material by use of discussion boards.

Sample Lesson Plans Include:

12th grade Calculus class: Derivatives Lesson Plan
9th grade French class: Le Shopping en France
6th grade Science lesson: Biomes: The Arctic Food Web
High School Social Studies: Approach to Current Events 3
Junior High English: Delivering a Persuasive Speech 1
4th to 6th grade Science: Functions of the Skeletal System4-6.doc 2

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[2] Hughes, J. Functions of the Skeletal System. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from HotChalk's lesson plan site:

[3] Hudgeons, C. An Approach to Current Events. Retrieved November 20, 2008, Columbia Education Center website:

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  1. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Links to lesson plans using confluence is a good idea. I think that we also need to make our own. Start working on that and I will bring it up with Dr. Newby tomorrow!


    1. Unknown User (cgross01)

      I was thinking since we all already created a lesson plan for this class we could just modify ours to use confluence in some way or at least a couple of us.  I could do mine if there are any other volunteers that would be willing to do that as well that would be great.

      1. Unknown User (fitzgera)

        I am also adapting my previous lesson plan to include Confluence. If anyone has lesson plans that are already adapted or would like for me to adapt them, i'm more than willing

  2. Unknown User (cgross01)

    -easy to introduce confluence into the lesson plan

    -big projects for students to work on, can put all their information in one collective spot

    -display their findings for the teacher to review

    -students can research topics and then use discussion boards to strengthen their understanding

    -students and teachers can communicate with others from around the world (teachers, students, experts)

    -michigan educational technology standards:  just a reminder link to a site where they have done case studies of wiki's used in a middle school classroom and a fifth grade computer lab.

    We should make attachments of lesson plans that use confluence as examples of how it can to included in classrooms.

  3. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Try to incorporate Confluence into as many aspects of the lesson plans as possible. We really want to communicate its value and show teachers how they can really use it.

  4. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Try looking at the Confluence examples page. There is a good example of how a teacher has incorporated Confluence at Glendale Community College.

    Also, maybe create a lesson plan about how Confluence can be used in a lesson plan involving international partners. Good for communication, sharing ideas, etc. across distances.

  5. Unknown User (cgross01)

    Thanks for editing and adding to the page.  It looks great!  I've gotten a couple of lesson plans so I will work on those and put them up under the samples.

  6. Unknown User (fitzgera)

    I attached my adapted lesson plan to add to the list of samples, but apparently i'm not linking it correctly. Can someone help?

  7. Unknown User (cgross01)

    My main computer broke last week so I am working on my old one which does not currently have Word on it so I can't open the lesson plans people sent me.  So I think we are Ok with just having one or two lesson plans for the draft and tomorrow during class I will edit the other ones and put those up.  Completely forgot to do it while at school today.

    1. Unknown User (hmparker)

      Don't worry about, the page looks good for this draft and we can add to it in class. Thanks for all your hard work and helping me figure out the formatting and stuff!

  8. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Should we make the lesson plans embedded pages or just leave them as downloads??

    1. Unknown User (cgross01)

      I think leaving them as downloads is fine because it lets people download them to their computer and use them without having to come back to the website every time.  We could maybe do both though if we have time.  I know some poeple may want to just look at them without the hassle of it opening up a word document.

  9. Unknown User (fitzgera)

    hey guys, I added references for the two lesson plans i adapted. I'm not exactly how/if i'm supposed to reference the one i made myself?
    Also, I sent an email asking if someone could help me link the two lesson plans i just attached.. apparently i'm not doing it correctly!

    THANKS! (smile)

    1. Unknown User (fitzgera)

      Thanks for the help, Charlie. I really appreciate it!