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On this page we will be adding lesson plans that will use so teachers can look lessons that they can use in their classroom.

If everyone could please sign up for a lesson plan in each grade that would be great.  Everyone needs to develop at least 3 lesson plans, so sign up for three different grade levels, or create 3 different lesson plans.  I would like to have at least 1 lesson plan for each grade level.  Also say what subject the lesson plan will be covering.  Thanks!!

Grade Level





Ashleigh Literature, Cinderella Stories

Ashleigh, Geography, Russia

Ashleigh, Math, Money

Grade 6


Cathy, Math, Positive and Negative Integers

Tracy-weather, Tornadoes

Grade 7


Riley, History, National Parks

Chelsea, Social Studies, Volcanoes

Grade 8

Amanda,Science, Atoms


Caiti - English Dust Covers

Grade 9

Tracy-Culture, international discussions

Cathy, Math, Solving for a Variable

Chelsea, Physical Education, Basketball

Grade 10

Amanda,Chemistry,Periodic Table

Caiti - English Fantasy vs Short Story

Caiti - English Advertising

Grade 11


Caiti -  English - Producing a Producer

Caiti - Life Skills - Problem Solving

Grade 12

Jon,Math,Math Help Channel


Caiti-  Science - Experiments


Jon,Math,College Math Help Channel

Cathy, English, Creating a Resume

Tracy- guest speaker


Amanda,Chemistry, Chem Lab work


Chelsea, Factories, Auto Parts

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  1. Unknown User (alholt)

    I know we have a few people in elementary, math, social studies, and  So if everyone could make at lease 3-4 lesson plans that would be great.  I thought we could have at least 1 or 2 for each grade level, and then just a few for the college level.  If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.  Here are the groups, and if everyone could sign up so there is an even number of people for each group that would be great.



    Post Secondary(college, etc.)

    1. Unknown User (atippman)


      I would like to make lesson plans for the elementary section.



    2. Hey Amanda

      Im majoring in HPE,( health and physical education) and for my lesson plan, do i use our lesson plan format.

      Its completely different to yours that I have seen.

      Also is my lesson to be used internationally? or just for high school students in Australia.

      I was thinking of doing mine on Hpe, A theory class teaching the students skill technique. Like for example if we were concentrating on Tennis technique, we could use to get a live video of a professional or someone who is skillful in the area of tennis to show the students for example, how to serve. Incase the teacher isn't able to do this ( teacher isnt present and a substitute teacher doesn't know the right technique or the teacher has a injury and cant quite show the students)

      Is this on the right track?

      Just trying to clarify things a little easier for me

      - Lauren

      1. Unknown User (alholt)

        You can use your lesson plan format, I think that would be great for other people to see the different kinds of lesson plans.  The lesson plan does not have to be too indepth, as you can see from the ones already posted.  You can make the lesson plan for international use or for high school students in Australia.  If you would like to do one for international use and one for high school students in Australia that would be great.  And all you have to do right now is copy it into the main page under the High school lesson plan part.  Later everyone is going to make a link for the lesson plan to be in 2003 word document and a pdf document, but that is not until later.  So for right now just copy it onto the main page.  Thank you so much for your help and participation in this!


        1. Ok cool!

          I will try and get it finished now

          Is the information about my lesson plan above ok?... Is that on the right track about Im still trying to find more information about justin tv but i think im on the right track.

          Thanks for your help. Makes things alot easier


          1. Unknown User (alholt)

            Yes that does sound great, sorry I didn't see that you asked that.  That would be a great idea.  Pretty much for any lesson plan you can use to have a time schedule of when someone will be streaming live.  So I told everyone you could either have a channel that uses to have a specific time to show something live, or there could be a channel to watch something live.  So either provide a live streaming video or watch a live steaming video, for any kind of lesson plan.  Hope this helps.  Thanks again!


  2. Hi!

    Can I do grade 8 english? Probably on book reviews or somthing basic along those lines. Is that okay? Do you want 3 seperate lesson plans for 3 seperate subjects? Or a set of lesson plans - say covering a weeks worth of lessons for one subject? 

    - Caiti

    1. Unknown User (alholt)

      The lesson plans do not have to be weeks worth of lessons, you can have three separate lesson plans they can be for the same subject just make sure that you don't have the same thing as everyone else.  So just sign up on the sign up table on what subject, and topic. 

      1. Thanks Amanda,

        Say I have 3 lesson plans for grade 8 english using - or do you want me to cover 3 grades?

        1. Unknown User (alholt)

          Could you cover three grades please.  That way we have a good amount of lesson plans for all the grades.  Thanks so much for your help, it is very much appreciated.

  3. Hi All,

    We were still missing 3 lesson plans. So I chatted to Amanda and told her Id do them. Is that cool with everyone? I know you guys in the US have ALOT to be going on with so I figured Id try to help out. Is that okay with everyone? If you dont like the lesson plans feel free to delete them/modify them, or whatnot, I just wanted to take the stress outta your hair!!! (I think I combined a few sayings there!!!)

    Talk soon!


    1. Unknown User (alholt)

      Thanks Caiti for all the lesson plans you're great!