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Hello! This page will be used for communication between the International Partners. The Live Documents International Partners are:

  • Henning Björö, Isabell Brädström, and Sofia Fransson

For the three of you, we figured that it might be easiest for you to communicate with each other if we created a page specifically for you! This way, you can know what your other group members are doing during the project. Also, the other 8 of us in America can also know what is going on, and if you have any questions, we can respond on this page. The group members here are:

  • Anne Myers (Project Manager)
  • Megan Devine
  • Bradley Thompson
  • Allie Issleib
  • Sonya Lehman
  • Megan Long
  • Troy Pawlak
  • Tyler Rosenberger

Together, I know our entire group can make a really great wiki chapter!

So our project is to design a wiki chapter on the application Live Documents (Click here to go to the Live Documents website ). We are going to research as much information as possible and then write it on the main page so teachers and other professionals in the future can come to this site and learn about the application and how it can be used in a classroom. If you have ever been to before and looked at a wiki chapter there, it will look very similar to those. Live Documents is very similar to Microsoft Office, but can be used both on the browser (online) and on your desktop (offline). Our job is to research this application and write a wiki chapter on the Live Documents main page. Good examples from previous semesters are:

 Look at these so you get an understand of what is expected of us.

Our final wiki chapter is due the week of November 30. And on December 8, our group will present our application and wiki chapter at a showcase.

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  1. Unknown User (asmyers)

    The first job that I am going to assign you three (Henning, Isabell, and Sofia) is to create a video of how to use this application. You can register for Live Documents for free. By using an application called Jing, you can take a video of how to use Live Documents. You can download this software for free at this website: I would like this done by November 24, which gives you about two weeks. This video that you make should demonstrate how to use the different parts of Live Documents, while talking and going step-by-step through the processes and should be at least 5 minutes. This video will be shown at our showcase on December 8, so others will know how to use the product. It will also be uploaded onto our wiki page.

    If you have any questions or need help with this assignment, please email Anne ( (smile)