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Hey guys! Welcome to what will eventually be our wiki page! There will be a lot to do for our wiki, but I know we can accomplish it all as a team. Our wiki will be able the application Live Documents. The application website is In general, our application is a hybrid between Microsoft Office and Google Documents, where you can access your documents either on or offline. Go to the website and check it out!

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  1. Unknown User (asmyers)

    So, our work due by the end of the week (by 10/30) is to make three or four comments on our wiki research page about information on Live Documents. These comments need to be about different facts and information that you have found out about the application. For example who the creator is, why the application was created, what can the application be used for, etc. These can come from our application's website or other information on the internet. It would be great if we could get information from as many different reliable sources as possible. Make sure you add where you found your information so we can revisit it later if needed. Please read other group member's comments and do not repeat comments. We want to find out as much information about Live Documents as possible!

  2. Unknown User (asmyers)

    Here's an example of what I am looking for in your comments.

    When I went to the application website,, I learned that Live Documents can be used as computer software or as "a service in your browser," thus allowing it to be used on or offline. This allows documents to be edited from your desktop or from your browser.
    The application includes applications for word processing, and spreadsheets and presentations.

    It is stated on the Live Documents webpage, "Multiple people can work on a document simultaneously without worrying about manual overheads like checkin/checkout." This minimizes or can completely eliminate having to email documents to and from person to person.

    The wikipedia page for Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, makes a note that he released Live Documents in November of 2007. This does not include the company InstaColl, which is the company listed on the Live Documents webpage.