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This is the list of what you are responsible for specifically if you forget. Keep in mind that this is not all that you are responsible for; all of us will help be writer, researchers, presenters and so on at some point. This is just your main role and your job to make sure it gets done. You are in charge of this area.

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Project Manager

  • Oversee the project
  • Assign roles and monitor role performance
  • Motivate individuals to complete thier tasks
  • Develop/refine time lines and make sure goals are completed in a timely manner
  • Quality control: make sure it is somthing that works and works well
  • Continually work with the International Partners to make sure they are included and contribute regularly

Chelsea Langlie-Lesnik


  • Actually write the major poirtion of the chapter
  • Use material given to them from the researchers
  • Work closely with the researchers and designers to make sure everything possible is covered in an understandable manner

Amy Howell

Visual Artist

  • Find appropriate graphics, videos, and charts
  • Import them to the wiki and correctly site them
  • Help design poster and handouts for the showcase

Morgan Kudrecki


  • Present project to public at showcase
  • Know the application inside out and be able to explain it in detail
  • Help create poster, handouts, and set up table at showcase

Alexis Vesey


  • Those who will look over the written work and make all kinds of suggestions
  • In charge of evaluating the performance of other groups at the showcase
  • Report via written evaluations about what has been accomplished, what worked and what could be improved, what those improvements could possibly be, etc.

Staci Lowe


  • Analyze and synthesize the Web 2.0 Product Information
  • Research everything about the application, how it works, how it could be used in education, how it has been used in other settings, etc.
  • Research literature that has been written about the application

Brady O'Cull


  • Those that search out how to make the project better
  • Connect directly with the creators of the applications. Get them involved.
  • Brainstorm constantly about educational application
  • Find unique/informative/productive ways to show how it could be used
  • Think about this as a competition: how will you get individuals to pay attention to your application?
  • Use of marketing strategies
  • Figure out ways to have your group work and be viewed as a cohesive group (similar t-shirts, logo, name, etc.)
  • Work constantly on the WIKI discussion area: learn to communicate freely on the board and then integrate your work within the WIKI

Jeremy Hawthorne


  • Determine how to best "sell" the product for the showcase
  • How to get attention both for the WIKI Chapter and the showcase presentation

Isaiah Johnson

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