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Created By: Megan Sietsma, Sarah Ann Di Leo, Dustin E. Wolf, Melanie Sliepka, Wang Shufen, Zhang He, Tracy McCullough, Du Jian Ming, Robert Kaplar



Sandy Jen, Seth Sternberg and Elaine Wherry 31


September 2005 31





Mountain View, CA 2


1-650-237-3130 2

I. What is the purpose of Meebo?">I. What is the purpose of Meebo?

The purpose of Meebo is to connect us with other people without having to download certain chat applications. If we set up a Meebo account then we can easily access all of our friends no matter what kind of applications they are using. Meebo also will sign us into all of our applications like AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, etc with one password. We can use Meebo to talk in chat rooms, talk to our friends, or talk to people from around the world. Staying in touch with old friends sometimes seems difficult, but Meebo's purpose of connecting people will surely change that by allowing us to connect to certain chat applications without having to download all of them.  Meebo enables members to connect to several different chat applications at one time. One web browser window is all it takes to be connected to several applications at the same time. 

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II. How does Meebo work?">II. How does Meebo work?

Want to set up your own Meebo account?

First you will need to access the Meebo website by computer at  Once the page has been loaded up, then you need to punch "Sign up now," and then you need to decide what you want your username to be.  You also need to make up a password.  Be sure to be creative so that no one can find it out.  Next, you need to fill out the information which is asked regarding age, gender, etc.  Next, you can decide if you want to add your username for any of the other chat applications that you already have like AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, and MSN.  You need to be sure you already have an already owned account for this screen.  Then invite your friends!  Finally, you'll notice on the right side is your "buddy list."  That's where you click on your friends (once you've already added them) and talk to them.  You can change your font, font color, and even add some emotion with smiley faces !

Video on How to Use Meebo


Accessing Meebo 
Go to and sign in. You can choose to sign in as invisible. Invisible means that no one knows when you sign in, but you can still view who is currently online. It's kind of like a secret.


Different Icons on the Buddy List 3
Yellow face with a plus sign:  Click here to add a buddy. Go ahead and fill in the buddy's name and network.  Then Click "Add Buddy."  Your buddy will then receive and respond to a request to add you to his or her list.  You will then need to click "Accept" to add them.
Yellow face with a minus sign:  Highlight a person, and click this sign to remove a friend. 
Faces and Bubbles:  Click on them to add or join a group.
Rectangle with an arrow:  Creates a pop up buddy list. 

Add-ons provided by Meebo:
Meebo Notifier- add-on that gives you notifications when you receive new messages and this automatically logs you in when you computer starts 4 
MeeboMe- add-on that can be placed on your blog or personal website, people can instantly begin chatting with you when they are on your website. 5
Meebo Mobile- allows Meebo to be accessed from T-Mobile G1 and the iPhone 6.

Meebo also allows users to enhance their chatting experience by providing ways to play games, transfer files, video conference, and use web cameras. 7
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III. How is Meebo related to other applications?">III. How is Meebo related to other applications?

Meebo allows you to access multiple applications through the Meebo account. All you have to do is sign in once and you are able to access chat for (AIM, MSN, Facebook, MySpace, and Yahoo). MSN, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, and Yahoo are all sites where instant messaging is available. What Meebo does is make all of these chats available in one place. Facebook and MySpace are basically your own personal web page that includes pictures, videos, information about you, interests, places for friends to comment, and access to other people's ("friends") pages. You can also add other applications that you wish to access from Meebo. It also allows you to access these sites without actually installing them on your computer. Meebo also allows you to create chat rooms. They can be about anything. Like, if you wanted to create a chat room about popsicles, it allows you to do it. To participate in a Meebo chat room, it is not required that you become a member. It is permitted that you chat as a guest. Becoming a member in your preferred chat room does hold its perks though. Inside a Meebo chat room, there are often videos, web links, images, and music. It is even possible to embed Meebo into your own website called the "Meebo Room Widget". For example, If someone were to look at your personal page and see the Meebo widget, they could join into that conversation by typing into the Meebo room widget. 8


This is the Meebo homepage. Here you can log-in to the separate applications, or you can log-in with your Meebo account to access all of your chat applications at once.

Meebo allows you to connect to any of these applications:


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) allows people to chat with buddies that they add to their list by using screen names to identify one another.


Yahoo chat is a chat service that yahoo provides for its members to be able to chat with other yahoo e-mail users.


Myspace is a site where individuals can not only chat with other users, but they can create an entire profile about themselves


MSN chat is an application where MSN members can chat with other people who use this same service for either e-mail or just to chat.


Facebook is an entire website where users can chat, create profiles, upload pictures, and post comments on other people's profiles.


Gtalk is a chat service provided by google for users to stay connected.


Icq is a website where individuals can meet one another, chat, blog, and play games. It focuses on connecting people from different cultures and languages. 16


Jabber is a form of chat communication that uses an open server instead of having "buddy lists" or "friends." 18


Flixster is a chat service that centers around the sharing of movies and movie reviews.


Meebo is often compared to a similar program called Pidgin, but it is clear to see that Meebo offers many more benefits than Pidgin.









  •  Don't have to download the software (1)
  • Secure website which minimizes the possibility of hacking (1)
  • You can log into multiple accounts within one chat application or multiple applications (2)
  • It is accessible from anywhere that has internet
  • Video and Audio conferencing is available
  • "rooms" can be created to chat with specific people at once (2)
  • advertisements are on bottom of page (2)
  •  Once chat logs are enabled, you can not erase chat history (2)
  • does not have exact look of full applications  (1)
  • helpful if you need library resources (2)
  •  logs onto all chat servers regardless of origin (2)
  • complicated interface
  • runs off of the plug-in system
  • must update manually (2)
  • can only be used on Windows (2)
  • Facebook chat is not available without installing another plugin (2)
  • If you reinstall the program or use a different computer, each account has to be added again every time (2)
  1. [[ 29
  2. [ 30

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IV. What are some unique ways to use Meebo?">IV. What are some unique ways to use Meebo?

Meebo is a very unique application that can be used in some very unique ways.  Apart from being used for chat rooms and talking to your friends, it can also be used to help out a student in need.  Having Meebo can be a very useful tool for students that are having problems understanding the material in a certain class.  Sometimes this problem occurs after school when no teachers are around to help out the student.  Well, if a student and his or her teacher have the Meebo application, then they can very easily chat to one another. The student can ask the teacher about a problem that he or she is having and the teacher will be able to answer it.  Also, Meebo can be used as kind of a help session.  A whole class can sign into one chat room at once and discuss different problems that they are having with the material in that class.

Meebo can also be used in the business world.  If you own a company and you deal with clients overseas then it would be very difficult to fly over there or fly them over here every single time that you have a meeting.  With Meebo, you can chat with all of your business partners in the privacy of your own home.  This way everyone can have their opinions heard without having to waste money on traveling from one country to another.  
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V. Who founded Meebo?">V. Who founded Meebo?


Founders Biography">Founders Biography

Seth Sternberg

Seth Sternberg majored in Political Science at Yale University. He worked for IBM in the M and A group before he went to Stanford's Business School. He helped Sandy Jen and Elaine Wherry make Meebo in 2005. 31

Elaine Wherry

Elaine Wherry is a co-founder of Meebo, INC and is in charge of Meebo, INC.'s product development. Elaine grew up on a goat farm in Missouri. She then moved to California where she majored in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. After graduation she became the Manager of the Usability and Design team at Synaptics and joined Seth Sternberg and Sandy Jen in 2005 to co-found 31

Sandy Jen 

Sandy Jen is a co-founder of Meebo. She majored in Computer Science at Stanford University. After graduation, she worked as a software developer at Xilinx in San Jose. In 2005, she joined two friends, Seth Sternberg and Elaine Wherry, to help make Meebo. 31

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VI. How was Meebo developed?">VI. How was Meebo developed?

One day, Sandy Jen decided that having countless passwords and user names for several applications was just too much. She started to play around with the idea to have one place for all applications, and more importantly, one username and password. With the help of her two friends, Seth and Elaine, in 2005, Meebo was born! Meebo has spread to an international chat service currently in twenty seven different languages and several spin off applications including Meebo Me, Meebo Map, and Meebo Room.^32^

Creation of Meebo Name

The three developers wanted a name that was easy to remember and easy to spell. They had a few other requirements that were simply personal preferences: the name had to be two syllables, and Elaine wanted the name to start with the letter "M." Over lunch one day, the three started to brainstorm names and scribbled possibilities on a napkin. After creating a list of about fifty possible ideas, they started to plug each one into Google to ensure that it was not used by anything else. The list became narrowed down to about five, and Meebo was chosen as the one!^32^
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VII.How can Meebo be integrated into the classroom?">VII. How can Meebo be integrated into the classroom?


Elementary Lesson Plan (Word Doc) 

Elementary Lesson Plan (pdf) 


You could have elementary students all make a Meebo account and have class discussions over a specific topic. There are mature topics available on Meebo, therefore access to Meebo should only take place with the teachers supervision; most likely in a computer lab. The teacher could set the room to private so no one except the students and approved members could access that particular chat room. For example: The teacher could create a room called "Miss Di Leo's 5th Grade Class". For example, the teacher could assign the students to find certain information about an animal for a science lesson. To view everything the class has found, each student would type in their information with the website into the chat room. This way the whole class will see what everyone has found out on that specific topic. This will also teach the students to become more familiar with computer applications. Everything the students type in will show up in the chat room therefore the teacher will know if the students are focused or not. This is something simple to get elementary students acquainted with each other, the specific topic, and growing technology.


Students should understand how to access Meebo, get into the respective chat rooms, research information on their topic, and type it into the chat room for the class to see. This will combine all of the information so the students can see it altogether.

Targeted Group of Students:

The Fifth Grade


Computer Lab, permission slip from parents saying they agree to let the student enter a chat room site


The Living Environment
People have long been curious about living things - how many different species there are, what they are like, how they relate to each other, and how they behave. Living organisms are made of the same components as all other matter, involve the same kinds of transformations of energy, and move using the same basic kinds of forces. Thus, all of the physical principles discussed in Standard 3 - The Physical Setting, apply to life as well as to stars, raindrops, and television sets. This standard offers recommendations on basic knowledge about how living things function and how they interact with one another and their environment.

  • 5.4.4.: Explain that in any particular environment, some kinds of plants and animals survive well, some do not survive as well, and some cannot survive at all.
  • 5.4.5.: Explain how changes in an organism's habitat are sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful.
  • 5.4.7.: Explain that living things, such as plants and animals, differ in their characteristics, and that sometimes these differences can give members of these groups (plants and animals) an advantage in surviving and reproducing. 20

Middle School">Middle School

Middle School Lesson Plan (Doc)

Middle School Lesson Plan (PDF)


The teacher will host a mini "game" using a chat room in Meebo.


Given a math equation, students should be able to accurately compute the equation with 70% accuracy.


ISTE: 1, 2, 3


Minimum of 1 computer per student
A Meebo account for each student.


A.      Pre-Activity Preparation
1.       Meebo accounts should be created for each student before hand, along with accounts for one of the messaging programs associated with Meebo.
2.       The teacher should open up Meebo and create a chat room that is private so that only the students can join.

B.      Quiz Show
1.       Instruct each student on the proper use of Meebo and how to log in.
2.       Have each student log into Meebo and then join the class chat room.
3.       The teacher will then post a random math equation into the chat room.
4.       Students will then post their own answers to the main room.
5.       The first student to answer correctly will be rewarded points or any other reward system that the teacher has implemented into his or her classroom.
6.       Before beginning each new round, the teacher should cut/paste the list of answers that each student posted to the room so that the teacher can keep track of who is answering incorrectly and correctly.

C.      Finishing the Activity (Assessment)
1.       Tally up the points to see who the "winners" are.
2.       The teacher should also go through the answers and check each answer that each student was giving.
3.       1 point should be taken off for each incorrect answer.

High School\\">High School

High School Lesson Plan (Word Doc)

High School Lesson Plan (pdf)


Teachers in high school foreign language classes could set up a room with their Meebo account for students to interact with each other and foreign individuals to become more fluent in the language. The teacher could set the room to private so no one except the students and approved members could access that particular chat room.  The teacher would oversee the entire length of the conversation to ensure the students are speaking entirely in the foreign language. A topic for conversation could also be assigned to make it easier to think of something to write about. This would also force the students to apply new knowledge of verb conjugation and vocabulary to the conversation. This way of participation is more fun than sitting in the classroom and speaking out loudly. The chat room also encourages more students to participate in the discussion aside from the fact that they must for this lesson. The students will be graded on their amount of participation and the fluency of what they wrote.


The objective is to get the students to become more fluent in the foreign language through active participation.

Targeted Group of Students:

High School Foreign Language Students 9th-12th


Computer Lab, permission slip from parents saying they agree to let the student enter a chat room site


Communication: Communicate in Languages Other than English

  • Standard 1:  Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  • Standard 2:  Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 3:  Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.^21^

Post Schooling Lesson Plan\\">Post Schooling Lesson Plan

Post Schooling Lesson Plan (Word Doc)

Post Schooling Lesson Plan (pdf)

Meebo can very easily be incorporated into a post-schooling lesson. One easy way that Meebo can be used is for its features for chat rooms.  If a graduate student needs help from a professor or another student, he or she can easily sign into Meebo and not have to worry about downloading a chat system that they do not have installed on their computer.  The student can chat live with the professor about the topic he or she is having trouble understanding. The professor can help this student just as if they were standing right beside each other.  And we can also exchange our experiences and thoughts by using Meebo. Meebo is a very useful tool to have and helps out almost everyone. In a few words, Meebo is beneficial to everyone`s growth and plays some part in our future success!


Help students out with problems that they are having on homework without leaving your desk.

Targeted group of students:

Graduate school (post schooling)


Computer with fast internet connection


Business Plan (Word Doc)

Business Plan (pdf)

Suppose that you run a sports agency company and you have agents that represent many different athletes and sometime those athletes are out playing their sports and are not available to make it to an important meeting regarding their contract.  The athlete can now make a Meebo account and make every meeting.  The athlete could very easily make a chat room and the agent could list him all of the negotiations that are going on in the meeting.  The agent could then get the athlete's opinion on every subject that has gone on in the meeting without having to have the athlete leave and miss valuable practices or games.


Help out athletes settle business deals without having to miss any games or practices.


The Business World


Computer with fast internet connection

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VIII. What is the educational value of Meebo?">VIII. What is the educational value of Meebo?

A poll was conducted on that talked about the usage of Meebo.

"59.7%" 22 of the time, Meebo was used at work.
"36.8%" 22 Meebo was used in schools.

Why in schools do you ask?

It sets up an ease for teachers to keep in touch with each other.
It is great for setting up a field trip with a neighboring teacher, checking with another teacher about a student's attendance, or just to help communicate between each other. It is much easier than email, or passing notes class to class. The waiting time makes you anxious. Using Meebo allows teachers to be available for messages if they are in their class room.

Out of school Help Sessions:

Another use for Meebo can be out of the classroom, but still used for school related activities.
Having help sessions can put a damper on parents' shoulders especially if it interferes with the busy schedule of siblings or of those parents. Help sessions have been proven as a good mean for information especially if a student had a hard time catching on to the subject at hand. It is necessary for a student to not be left behind and to keep up with the rest of the class. Despite busy schedules at home, Meebo can be your saving grace. Using Meebo at any location, you can communicate with a mass group of people using chat rooms. A teacher creates a chat room that his/her students can join, and students can ask all types of questions, that the teacher can answer from the comfort of his/her house. And if the student needs more of a one-on-one, the teacher can instant message said student.

Online Courses:

Meebo can be used for online courses for the students to keep in touch with their professors or their teachers.  Teachers or professors can schedule a time when they will be on for questions and also they can be on there to "lecture" the students from the comforts of their own homes.  Using Meebo it is possible for the teachers or professors to instantly connect with a whole group of students using Meebo's private chat room setup and being able to talk and listen/read in matter of seconds. On, a student at University of Phoenix described her experience with a group project for an online course.  She stated that other online programs used to keep in touch with meebo where not enough, and that "Meebo was readily available to fill the void."


Western Michigan University 23

Libraries use Meebo to keep in touch with the students and their questions. There is like an on-call system where a librarian or scholar is available between a certain allotted time.

Duke University Medical Center Library 24

Started using Meebo in January of 2007. They started using Meebo as a way for the students to quickly get information in the library. With the ease of Meebo's communication system, the usage of this program increased over the years.|

Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA 25

Libraries have a Meebo widget set up for "Ask the Librarian" at the top of their website.   They ask you to fill in the blanks, including your question, and a representative will be responded.

For more information on Libraries using Meebo and wiki programs go to: libsuccess

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IX. How is Meebo used internationally?">IX. How is Meebo used internationally?

Seventy percent are international people using Meebo and thirty percent are people from the United States. Mostly Brazil and India are the top users while China and Britain are not far behind. Meebo is in the process of being translated into many different languages like German, Polish, Swahili and Thai. There are even Meebo IM translations in Klingon, Pig Latin and Code Monkey! Although many people internationally still do not know about Meebo, the website has been used to keep in contact with friends or meet new people from around the world. has the same features worldwide, but there is another website that has the same concept as the real Meebo but is a copycat. 26

Pictured above is is the real Meebo log-in screen

This is the fake Meebo that was created by China as a copy cat version. 27

Although at first glance the two screens look very similar, careful examination can show that the two are actually not the same. One major clue is that the two sites' domain names are different. One is (the real one), but the fake website ends with .cn at the end of the address. If you type into your web browser, the fake website will appear. 27

You can read more about this here:

This map illustrates where Meebo is used around the world. As we can see, Meebo not only has a high concentration in the United States, but also it is widely used in most parts of Europe and some parts of South America. 28
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X. Sources and References">X. Sources and References

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    Also, if anyone is still confused about what is exactly happening, Dr. Newby created a video that explains the project. It might be benefitial to all members to watch.

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      Any help or questions, just let me know.  Shih-Ping (smile)

  13. hello all,

    My name is ZhangHe,n i have an english name--Amanda, so u can call me Amadna.  I m from Beijing Normal University in China, very glad to join in this group, i m trying to get familiar with Meebo.

    n glad to know u all.(smile)

  14. Hi, i am Wang Shufen. My English name is  Fiona.I am classmate with ZhangHe,from Beijing Normal University.Now in Meebo program.Happy to meet all of u.Hoping that we can cooperate successfully.

  15. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Amanda and Fiona,

    It is nice to meet both of you. I am excited to be participating in this project with you guys. Hopefully we can arrange a time to chat online at some point.

    Thanks. Take care.

  16. Unknown User (mccullou)


     I was wondering if someone could explain to me exactly what is due before March 31st n how to do it? I'm not very good with computers (sad)

  17. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Find 3 websites that have something to do with Meebo (have info about how it started, cool features, etc.). Make sure they are not any of the sites already posted. Once you find 3, go to the link near the top of this wiki that says "research assignment." Click on the edit button so that you can add info to the page. Write your name, the three sites, and a little bit about each site. Then click save. You are done! You can look at my example that is there at the top. Make sure that you edit the wiki and put your info in the body of the wiki. It is better to have it all there then in the comment section. Hope this helps. If you are still confused, I can help you during lab tomorrow.

    Take care.

  18. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Please remember that the first research assignment is due March 31st. Do not wait until the last minute. Everyone has to find different info and different sites; so, it will be harder to find new material the longer you wait.

    Also, I would like to know what each of you wants to do as your primary and secondary roles by lab on Friday!!!! If you don't tell me by Friday's lab, I will assign roles. There is a comment that is farther up that explains all of the roles and gives a description. Think about what areas you like and wouldn't mind doing. Thanks.

    Take care.

  19. Unknown User (msietsma)


    I have created a new child (page) with the schedule for this project. I hope this helps everyone stay on task and lets you all know what needs to be done.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!   (big grin)

    Take care.

  20. hello everyone

    I`m sorry,I`m late.Firstly,please let me introduce myself to our group members,I come from Beijing Normal University,my chinese name is Du jian ming,   very glad to take part in the project of Meebo.        keep in tuch with each other and wish everyone can gain some useful things

  21. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Please accept gmail chat invites. The plan is to chat with our IPs on Tuesday (the 31st) between 9 pm and 12 am (US time). Please find time to log onto gmail chat during this time and chat with them. Also, log the conv and what happens, who you talk to, etc. so that you can get EXTRA CREDIT!!!!! Thanks.


    Zhang He (Amanda)

    Wang Shufen (Fiona)

    Du Jianming

    Please invite the three IPs to your gmail account so that everyone can chat with them. Thanks.

    Take care.

  22. Unknown User (rkaplar)

    i am very excited to get a good grade on this project so we dont have to take that final!!!!!!!

  23. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Individual tasks/roles

    Beth- research and dev; visual artist

    Sarah- related to other apps; lesson plans; writer

    Robert- purpose; lesson plans; writer

    Melanie- how it works, unique ways to use app; writer

    Dustin- research and dev; educational value; visual artist

    Tracy- international connections (work closely with IPs); visual artist

    All- if you find info that pertains to other sections, don't be afraid to help one another and pass on the info.

    We will discuss who does what during the presentation at a later date.

    Take care.

  24. Unknown User (masliepk)

    Do we need to add people to gmail, or just the international people?

    1. Unknown User (msietsma)

      You can add others if you would like. It is most important to add the three IPs. Talking with them is what will get you the extra credit.  (smile)

  25. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Everyone is doing a great job with the research assigment.


  26. Unknown User (msietsma)


    I will keep in contact with the people from Meebo. I will see what other info they can give us.

    Remember as you start your research, DON'T just take the "copy-paste" approach. Give citations. Give credit!

  27. Unknown User (dewolf)

    Everyone i need a vote for which color scheme to use.. pick 3 colors and let me know... the top color scheme will win. gg

  28. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Main page is looking good so far!!!!!! (big grin)

  29. Unknown User (dewolf)

    hey guys, as you can see the site is coming along already, if there are any issues with the site or any questions about it, the best way to contact me would be on facebook, so stalk me.. kkthx

  30. Unknown User (msietsma)


    The research that has been posted is a good start. Keep up the good work.

    Please post research information by Thursday. This will allow the writers and visual artists a few days to get our rough draft completed.

    Thanks. Take care.

  31. Unknown User (mccullou)

    Hey! Are we still meeting on the 31st from 9p.m.-12a.m.?

  32. Unknown User (masliepk)

    heey=]!!!!  what's due tomorrow...I wasn't told of anything by our group!! ahhh....

    1. Unknown User (masliepk)

      Nevermind!!  Figured it out.  thanks!

  33. Unknown User (dewolf)

    so guys we need to have comments on each of the children's pages and comments on those comments from each of us for points.. they are due tomorrow.. at least thats what shi-ping's email states, so if there is any clarification.. please correct me

  34. Hi,Megan n u all,

    can u see me on your contact list of google talk, i cannot see any of u yet, i just began to use it ,so still not use it well , but i will try to catch up.

    n r we having a chat togther from 9-12:00 am in Beijing time?

    n again,  this is me.

    Take care

  35. Hi, u all,

    i've built a group called "Meebo2009", n we three here  in Beijing have joined in, would u like join in it? maybe more convient to communicate n work together.

    Take care(smile)

  36. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Yes, people need to comment on the child pages for points. Several of them are lacking adequete info which makes it hard to comment!!! Keep working hard!

    Also, good news! We have permission to use Meebo logos from the site    Check here for instructions on what is allowed and what isn't.

    Another PM meeting tomorrow, so, I will have more info for you guys then.

    Also, make sure to join facebook group as staed above.

    I sent out an e-mail explaining that I will be talking with our friends from Beijing next Monday night 9 pm-12 am (USA time). I will be using a headset and google talk to do this. We will have opportunity to chat easier about the project instead of typing on computer. Please continue to contact Beijing friends not only for points, but also get to know them. They are GREAT and will help a lot!

    Thanks. Take care. Any more questions, send them my way! I am here to help in any way that I can!

  37. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Dustin- You mentioned wanting to figure out a color scheme for this. I think it might be cool to use the colors that the site uses. That way it really ties everything together. What do the rest of you guys think??

  38. Unknown User (sdileo)

    Hey everyone! If you could put information up on your pages the writers could start to form paragraphs. I'm not a last minute type of person; so I really would like information to work with each day a little at a time.

  39. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Sarah, I totally agree.

    Guys, remember that we are a team. We have to work together to get this done. For those of you that have not put anything on your page, I have tried to provide some ideas if possible. Although the draft due Sunday is only a rough draft, we STILL need to stay on top of this. April 21st will be here soon!!!!!!

    Work as a team, help each other... don't make writers and visual artitsts have to wait until the last minute just because you guys didn't get your research done.

    Remember, I want research more or less completed by Thursday. We can continue to talk about problems in lab, but please try to make an effort to get research on here by Thursday.  

    Just a friendly reminder to make sure you are doing your tasks... remember, everyone gets evaluated by team members.

    Keep up the good work so far and hang in there guys! We can do it!

    Take care.

  40. Unknown User (sdileo)

    Hey Robert, I did the elementary and high school lesson plans. So you have the last two...if you have trouble with any ideas i'll help you out.

  41. Unknown User (sdileo)

    Robert and Melanie,

    Also since there are three writers we could split up the work. Two of us will have to have three and the other person will have two. But the person with two can just double check everything to compensate. Does this sound good? Just let me know what sections you want to write. If you like this idea i'll have b,d, and h.

  42. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Good idea, Sarah! Nice work so far!

    Everyone- Remember that I want to see research by this Thursday (April 2nd) by 6 pm. After 6 pm, I will begin to note who does not have research posted and evaluations may reflect the failure to get it done in time.

    I want to give the writers and visual artists some time to work on things. The more we have done for our first draft, the easier the rest will be. I, for one, HATE waiting until the last minute.

    Also, for those of you who do not have research done yet, I have worked on some for about half of the pages that seem to still be lacking. Talk to me if you need help, and I can give you what I have and point you in the right direction. Also, just listing websites is not enough. You need at least a bulleted list of ideas, quotes (with citations), etc. The writers are not doing all the work. They are just supposed to help organize thoughts and make grammar corrections.

    Keep up the work! A lot of you are working really hard, and I appreciate it!

    Take care.

  43. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Ping has brought it to my attention that we also need to be explaining why Meebo is unique. What makes it better than some of the other similar applications? Why should someone use Meebo instead of somethiing else?

    Brainstorm some ideas.

  44. Unknown User (mccullou)


     I would say that meebo is unique because it allows us to use different talking tools such as AIM, myspace, Yahoo, and MSN. 

  45. Hey

    i've seen Megan n Tracy r on the facebook group*"meebo 2009"* besides we three in Beijing, n how about others would u like to join in it, it will be really convient

    ,for example, tracy has asked fiona n me two questions about meebo's used out of US ,maybe next time, how about starting a new topic on the meebo 2009, n when we r on line n read the questions, we can leave our answers there, how does it sound?

     fiona n me have contacted with Tracy,Sarach n Dustin,  Megan yesterday, n nice talkiin with u,

    Take care(smile)

  46. I agree with Megan`s suggestion: we are a team,the team need every member! Everyone,let us work together,and make progress together!!

  47. hello megan:

    Firstly It`s a pity for us that you and you guys haven`t taken part in google talk tonight,     Are there some difficult things in you side?   If you have, what kind of help can we provide?   Besides theses,whether  can we have some specific task ?For example:writer   visual artist ,  Sincerely hope we cooperate comfortably!!!

                                                                                                                            Best regards to you and you guys



  48. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Beijing Friends,

    Thank you for taking such an interest in this project. Please keep working closely with Tracey on her section. You will be quite valuable with that.

    We are also very open to suggestions of any kind. If you guys would like to offer suggestions on how we can make the page look good and improve our wiki to "stand out" from the others that would be great!!!! We will take any help you want to offer!

  49. Hi,

    it seems that everyone is a little confused or at least not very clear about the role of IPs? so i start a talk about it on the meebo 2009 on facebook, everyone in our team can say something of their expectiong about IPs, n of course we three IPs in Beijing will say our own expeciting , n try to make it clear.

    take care

  50. Unknown User (msietsma)


    We had another PM meeting last night... a few things need mentioned. I will mention some on here... others I can talk to US members about during lab (presentation stuff).

    If you make contact with any of our Beijing friends, send me a quick e-mail that explains who you talked to and what was discussed. I will pass it on to ensure that you get points.

    Lesson plans- in a perfect world, Dr. Newby would like 2-3 lesson plans for EACH section (ex. 3 elementary, 3 secondary, etc. ). He realizes that not all applications allow for this to happen which is ok, but please continue to think outside the box and come up with as many as you can. China friends: If you have any ideas for this, send them our way!! I have more about lesson plans to discuss with Robert and Sarah which I can do Friday in lab. Looking good so far!

    I will go over some more details during lab.

    For now, just keep researching, writing, and please begin moving draft work to the main page. It would be nice to start developing the main page. Remember, avoid doing too much on the child pages because formatting, links, screenshots, and such will not transfer. Start moving stuff over soon. We can work on making it look "pretty" as we go.

    One last thing- if you are having trouble with research, contacting IPs, etc.   LET ME KNOW. If you are attempting these things, I can help you and will still know that you are trying. If you "disappear," it is hard to give you a good evaluation and difficult for Ping to give you a superior grade. Tracy did a nice job of letting me know that she was working, but having difficulties. We have discussed things, and she is on track. All you have to do is talk to me.

    Thanks. Don't hesitate with questions. Take care.

    1. Unknown User (masliepk)

      so where do we write things and how long do they have to be..i feel really confused.

  51. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Putting things on the main page

    There is no set length. Some sections will be longer than others. We just need to focus on making sure each section is complete with as much information as possible.

    To add things: click on the edit button on this page. Copy and paste text under the appropriate sections. You can also add graphics, screenshots and links. To add graphics, there is a little picture that says add image. You upload the image like an attachment.

    Also, please keep in mind that the sections (A-H) are not completely set in stone. These are just things that need answered within the wiki, and it was easiest to begin research in this format. We may find that with our application other sections apply. For example, we might want a seperate section devoted to briefly explaining all of the mini applications (AIM, Facebook, etc.) within our application. We need to remember that some people will use this page as a resource for Meebo without knowing anything prior about the other applications.

    Hope this clears some things up. We can discuss more in lab as well. Keep up the good work guys.

    Take care.

  52. Unknown User (msietsma)


    If you are having any difficulties, let me know. Together, we can figure some things out.

    Also, remember that by this point, there should be more than just websites on your pages. Text with at least bulleted lists and quotes should be there or even paragraphs would be better. The writers shouldn't be completely writing your sections. Think of the writers more as "editors"... maybe that is a better name for them...

    Keep it going guys. This week is crazy, I know. We need to keep on task because planning the presentation starts soon. It would help to have most of the framework for this done. Then we can concentrate on making the presentation and just making the wiki look better and improving it.

    Take care.

    1. Unknown User (eargadin)


      I can't get a hold of the IPs on google. Can you help me in lab?

      1. Unknown User (msietsma)

        Yeah. I have noticed that they are usually on during US evenings due to the time difference. They are also active users of Facebook. I have chatted a few times on there as well. Try joining the group "Meebo2009" and befriend them.

    2. Unknown User (masliepk)

      so i don't know if i'm missing something but I NEVER got this information about tonight at 6pm.  I have two papers to do.  Mine won't get done.

  53. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Ok, that is fine. Are you checking the comments on here and getting my e-mails. If not, let me know and I will figure out if I have the wrong e-mail or something.

    Thanks for letting me know. I know this sure is a crazy week for lots of us.

    Take care.

    1. Unknown User (masliepk)

      I'm checking comments everyday and no emails are being received.  I did as much as I can for tonight.

  54. Unknown User (msietsma)

    ok, sorry... what is your e-mail? I might have the wrong one.

    Sorry for the confusion. That's fine... do what you can. We have some wiggle room before Sunday.

    1. Unknown User (masliepk)


  55. Unknown User (msietsma)

    ok, yeah, that is the e-mail that I had. I realized that an e-mail I sent earlier today did not send like I had thought. I resent it now. Let me know tomorrow in lab if you received it. Thanks.

    Sorry for the confusion and mess up.

    Take care.

  56. Unknown User (msietsma)


    It has been brought to my attention that we should change the order of our page design. Start the page with what Meebo is and how it works. Developers and history can be at the bottom. We can figure out what order will benefit readers the most. Also, remember that the headings and order of the sections for the main page are in NO way set or have to be there. As long as we address all of those issues, we can decide how we want it to look and be designed.

  57. Unknown User (msietsma)

    ORANGE AND BLUE-Looking good! Although orange and blue are the colors of my high school's rival.... but o well!!!! LOL

    Looking good guys! Keep up the amazing work. Your  hard work is being noted!!! We are on our way to not having to take the final!!!!

  58. Unknown User (dewolf)

    The site is taking shape! way to go.. i will be back in West Lafayette sunday and will be able to hit to ground running. im glad to see my layout still being used and the other editors are doing a fantastic job (smile) way to go team

    1. Unknown User (msietsma)

      I liked the table the old way. There is too much space in the first column.

      1. Unknown User (dewolf)

        Im working on the tables now.. im making the click-here-go there method right now.. and working on the colors.. it will be a minute before its perfect.. me thinks

        1. Unknown User (msietsma)

          ok, cool. Might want to hold off on linking stuff... we might be moving more stuff around. Not sure yet... I just moved the development stuff, but I don't know if that is where it is going to stay... we also might have different headings than the a-h stuff... like I said in an earlier post... those are just things we have to include... that does not have to be the formatting.

          1. Unknown User (msietsma)

            Also, can you get rid of the white space on the table to the left of the logo???! Thanks. I know, I am picky...  (smile)

            1. Unknown User (dewolf)

              i have it as the title of the table now.. its not split into two sections is that how u want it? or is there something else that u want/need.. also the linking is really easy, it is part of the header so if u move the header.. ull move the linking.. so no need to worry

  59. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Also, we might want to figure out how to put our citations so that there is just a number by the text that is linked to a website and citation information at the bottom in a section for resources.


    This is a random sentence that I cited. [1]


    [1]. citation

    kind of like how wikipedia does it. I think it would make the page look cool... I am just lost on how to use wiki markup... I tried and failed... so now I have stopped trying in fear of really messing the page up! (smile)

    1. Unknown User (dewolf)

      if that is how u want to do it.. we can add a citations link and header and we can start listing it all there

      1. Unknown User (dewolf)

        got you your sources and references part. (smile)

        1. Unknown User (msietsma)

          Yay! I like!

          Everyone's thoughts on the page breaks? I think it defines the sections a little better

          Remember we are a team- don't take changes as personal... we are all just trying to improve the project.

          1. Unknown User (dewolf)

            the page breaks helps.. can anyone help me with current educational purposes? i posted on the child page.. and got no response.. so thats why i have no viable information yet... is there any way i can get help? i have nothing but percents and personal ideas

            1. Unknown User (msietsma)

              Besides using it in the classroom, teachers could use it with students to have informal "homework help sessions" or study groups while students and teacher were at home.

              Could also help with distance learning environments (what we learned about this week in book chapter 10 or 11 I think)

            2. Unknown User (msietsma)

              Besides using it in the classroom, teachers could use it with students to have informal "homework help sessions" or study groups while students and teacher were at home.

              Could also help with distance learning environments (what we learned about this week in book chapter 10 or 11 I think)

            3. Unknown User (msietsma)

              Besides using it in the classroom, teachers could use it with students to have informal "homework help sessions" or study groups while students and teacher were at home.

              Could also help with distance learning environments (what we learned about this week in book chapter 10 or 11 I think)

              1. Unknown User (msietsma)

                I have NO idea why it just posted three times. Just read it once and ignore the other two!!!! (smile)

                1. Unknown User (msietsma)

                  Just had another thought... Ping wants us to show why Meebo is better than other chat applications/a good thing to use for edu purposes... she suggests a table of some kind (and would add more interest than just plain text). Maybe we could construct a table with the benefits of Meebo for edu projects.. show that other things like message boards and threads don't have the same pros. Example, threads can get confusing and lengthy, some things could also be more public which could get unwanted outside influence (Meebo chat rooms are exclusive), etc.    Just a thought...

  60. Unknown User (msietsma)


    A few things that were discussed in lab:

    1. rough draft is due Sunday, April 5th by 10:30.

    2. For rough draft, focus on content more than looks. We can fix it to look pretty at a later date.

    3. Remember that the "writer's" role is more like "editor"- they will proof and reword paragraphs, but they should not be having to go through websites and creating sections.

    4. Work on the presentations will start soon. I will send out those details soon, but I want to get the rough draft underway first without overwhelming everyone.

    5. Continue to get familiar with the application- we will all have to know how to use it for the presentation portion.

    6. If there is more that I am forgetting, I will let you know.

    Questons? Don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

  61. Unknown User (dewolf)

    I threw a raw copy of "current meebo uses" on there so that i could remove the under construction, please writers go ahead and beat it up cuz i know it prolly sucks (tongue) make it better please (smile)

  62. here in China,we do not use Meebo,i do not know it before i join this team.

    now i should know the condition of using Meebo or learn how Meebo works?

    i am confused.


    1. Unknown User (dewolf)

      No one in our group has used meebo before.. that i know of, so it is a learning experience for everyone. we will do our best to help each other keep up to date on meebo as we move along

  63. Unknown User (masliepk)

    so I was told to edit g,h and g is already edited, and h isn't done...

    1. Unknown User (msietsma)

      Right, that's fine... h is being postponed right now until we talk to IPs a little bit more. So, you are fine.

  64. Some information with Meebo international use which is from

    Meebo is an Ajax prepared to use online instant messaging software,and with the major instant messgeing software,such as:AOL,ICQ,Yahoo! Messenger,MSN Messenger;Jabber and Google Talk-compatible systems; allows us users to instant messaging software from the installation ,we can keep in touch with other people.
    1,In september 4,2005,Meebo Service start operation,and on septermber 14 it was offically opened and put into public use
    [2]June 2006,Meebo was listed as 100 woarld PC world Product class.August,Meebo was elected 50 coolest websites

     in 2006

    [3]In 2007,at ten months time ,the world`s fastest-growing instant messaging tools are introduced just a year ago,the growth rate of Meebo users can reach 354%

  65. Unknown User (sdileo)

    Hey everyone I'm so excited were all doing such a good job!! Were so getting a superior rating!!(smile)

  66. Unknown User (eargadin)

    The website looks like a website=) We are good!


  67. Unknown User (dewolf)

    Hey beth, i broke founders and developed in to two groups.. just letting you know..

    we need to start Researching more and adding mroe to each section. depth is the best, make sure its not fluff.


  68. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Hello All,

    Please don't forget about this poor guy. You all did a great job getting the foundation set for our rough draft deadline, but we must keep working!!!! Keep adding more concrete details to your sections, add more graphics and screen shots, spice it up any way you can think of.

    DON'T FORGET TO CITE YOUR SOURCES. We also need to work on putting proper citations in at the bottom and numbering them within the text.

    Also, Friday we will start going over presentation details; so, please keep working on this now because we won't have much time before second draft is due for peer evaluation!!!!

    Take care.

  69. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Thanks for fixing the section headings!!!!! Looks good!!!!!  (smile)

  70. Unknown User (msietsma)


    Another draft is due this Sunday (the 12th) by 10:30 pm. Keep up the great work guys!! things are really coming together! We need to keep thinking "bigger and better"!

  71. Hey,

    recently a liitlle busy, several days did visit here, it change into so amazing, it looks so good!!!

  72. Unknown User (masliepk)

    Hello my beautiful Meebo People,

        I'm leaving today at 12:30 becuase I have a dentist appointment.  Please just let me know what I need to do before I leave!!  Thanks sooo much.

  73. hi, everyone

    There is just a week left for our cooperation ,we want to make clear our task ,so we can make some contributions to our group.Our team has obtained great achievements,Congratulations.Have a Good Day!

  74. Unknown User (dewolf)

    Gave the Lesson plans a touch up visual-wise.. please i needs feedback.. what u like or dont like.. it will help this project tremedously if we are brutely honest with each other. kkthxbii

  75. Unknown User (msietsma)

    I like the tables!!!! I just sent you an e-mail with some more sites and ideas for current educational uses. I hope they help.

    ALL- Please make sure that you are putting all of the websites that you use to either directly cite or paraphrase on the main page of the wiki within your section. This will make citations go a lot smoother!!! Thanks.

    Also, please make sure that you are incorporating screen shots and images within your sections whenever you can!

    Thanks. Take care. Don't hesitate to send questions or concerns my way! Keep up the good work guys. Things are really looking good!!! Just a couple more weeks and then we are finished!! We can do it!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Unknown User (sdileo)

    I like the tables, but why aren't the standards in them? I tried to edit it but megan is currently doing so. Ill check back later.

  77. Unknown User (rkaplar)

    i think the tables look really great

    great job, hopefully we can get out of this final!!

  78. Unknown User (mccullou)

    Hey Guys!

      Wow this page is looking awesome I really like the tables! I also want to thank whoever helped out with my international section. The pictures look great too!

    Megan, I am still looking up more pros and cons between meebo and pidgin. I hope that you got my first e-mail with the pros and cons. If not, let me know.

    I am also trying to get more information about the international usage but there is not much out there (sad). I have been talking to other people from different countries and they all use it for the same thing. UGH. o well. I also want to thank the people who put my information in the international part. I am not quite sure how to edit the website, so again, thanks. 

    If there is anything else I can do don't hesitate to ask.

  79. Unknown User (masliepk)

    are we going to get the links to work?

  80. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Oops! Dustin can you fix that one image again? In my attempts to edit the page, I tried to move it, but I accidently deleted it instead. Please place it above the section that talks about the different icons. THANKS!!!

    ALL- Please check e-mail. Ping sent you an e-mail about evaluating another team. Make sure you do this by Wednesday and send it to me!!

    Also, remember that we are meeting this Thursday at 6 in Hicks.

    Robert also sent me a brochure draft. I am editing it and will bring a copy on Thursday for everyone to see and make suggestions.

    Also, make sure that you are continuing to work on pages and adding in graphics, proofread sections again to ensure that there are no grammar mistakes or typos.

    This is all for now. Take care.

  81. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Thanks Dustin!

    All- Don't forget about the evaluation. Also, keep working on improving sections.

  82. Unknown User (dewolf)

    i like the how meebo is compared to other application section..gj guys and gals

  83. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Let me know if any of the tables need to be fixed under "other apps"... I am not sure why the formatting on the meebo vs. pidgin one is messed up (the top boxes... can anyone fix?)

    Also, I created a jing video... let me know what you think... if changes need to be made, I can make another one... I was just getting used to the program.

  84. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Table of Contents, IV .... does not go down to that section I don't think. I can't get it to work for me. Might want to take a look at it

  85. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Why is all of the text turning black? I thought we were making the main text blue?

    1. Unknown User (dewolf)

      i heard it was visually unattractive for the blue text.. so i changed the headers to orange and the sub heads to blue just to see how it would look, and see if others like it.. it is a small task so if we vote on changing back then i will go through it all again

  86. Unknown User (masliepk)

    So if I knew how to do this I totally would, but are we going to make link under each section back up to the top?

    1. Unknown User (msietsma)

      Yes, I am waiting because I figure it is something than can be done last in case we run out of time... isn't number one on the list... but hopefully we will get to it

  87. Unknown User (rkaplar)

    who ever put the list of the different chat applications that you can access through meebo like facebook and aim ect i think it looks great!!! GOOD JOB!!

  88. Unknown User (eargadin)

    Hey Dustin,

    We already voted on it when you were gone.

  89. Unknown User (dewolf)

    yes i am very aware of this, however in our evaulations that are in our applications if u guys want to read them, it said that we are not visually attractive with the blue writing, i dunno maybe thats just me

    1. Unknown User (msietsma)

      Where is this evaluation that you are talking about??

      1. Unknown User (dewolf)

        click on the paper clip up near the top next to the names of those work on the sites... its called attachments, in there the group 28 evals are posted there for us to see..

        1. Unknown User (msietsma)

          Cool, found it, thanks. We can discuss things tonight. Have you gotten a chance to attach the lesson plans in word docs and pdf format?

          1. Unknown User (dewolf)

            havent had time, i r very busy with school work and this project.. hence how i seperated this from school (tongue)

            1. Unknown User (msietsma)

              That's fine, I understand that everyone is busy!

  90. Unknown User (dewolf)

    it is complete ( as of now ) lol check it out everyone!

    1. Unknown User (masliepk)

      Hey Dustin E Wolf...

          Quick question for ya.  Are we not going to have links directly to the different lesson plans.  I noticed a lot of the different sites have it.  Just wondering (smile)

      1. Unknown User (msietsma)

        We have pdf files and microsoft word doc of the lesson plans posted under the headings so that teachers can use those to print or format how they wish.

        1. Unknown User (masliepk)

  91. Unknown User (msietsma)

    Everything looks good guys! Nice work! One more night ahead of us... it's a long one, but it will be worth it!!!!

    Dustin- the movie isn't showing up on my screen... it is just an empty white space...

    See you all tomorrow!