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  1. Unknown User (wtowle)

    hello group members!!!

  2. Unknown User (blcruz)

    Hi, my name is Brittany Cruz and I hope that we don't have to take the final!

  3. Unknown User (karitche)

    Hey group members. We better get a superior grade or my devil will rip some shit up!

  4. Unknown User (brjones)

    hey all, i'm brittany jones and my goal in life (for this class) is to not take the final.. as is everyone's i'm sure. so let's rock this thing out!

  5. Unknown User (kkingsee)


    My name is Katelyn Kingseed, and I am your Project Manager for Team 30.  We will be working with the Web 2.0 Technology Mento.  The website is:  Take some time to sign up to get Mento on your own computer, and start to explore what exactly it can do!  Make sure you look over the Project 2 Assessment Guide, and start to think about what role(s) you would like to have within this group (examples:  researcher, writer, developer, presenter, lesson plan writer, etc.)  Don't get too overwhelmed at first!  Just take some time to explore this program, and enjoy your Spring Break! 

    1. Unknown User (cmpugh)

      Hey Katelyn,

      I was thinking that I would like to be a presenter.

  6. Unknown User (cmpugh)

    Hey everybody!

    I just thought I should mention that we HAVE to get  a superior rating on this project. I only have finals on the Monday of finals week unless I have to take this one. Let's rock some socks!

    (smile) Chloe

  7. Unknown User (mszucs)

    A superior rating is a MUST for us to get, I mean honestly who wants to stay here until saturday the week of finals?