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Updated by: Michael Blakley, Keri Dutton, and Kathleen Carter in Spring 2011

Table of Contents

a. Title and Developers

b. Purpose

c. How It Works

d. Relationships With Other Applications

e. Unique Ways to Use it

f. Use in Education

g. International Uses

h. References

i. Page Editors

j. Downloads/Attachments


Mindomo is a mind mapping software that was first available February of 2007.  This program and software is accessible world-wide.  The expert software application of Mindomo is stationed in Romania.  Mindomo is even one of the top 50,000 websites in the world!

Here is a link to the parent website that contains the information about each developer of Mindomo:

The team of developers has grown and improved from 2 people to more than 25.

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What is the purpose?">What is the purpose?

The overall purpose of Mindomo is to create maps, share, and allow your thoughts and ideas to evolve in that of a visual form. The software allows an individual’s mind to stay focused on a task or idea. The Mindomo software is free to everyone; however, the free version will only save up to seven private mind maps and infinite public maps.  Mindomo serves to be beneficial when one needs to do planning and/or collaborating. By using Mindomo, one is able to lay out ideas in a clear, concise manor.  According to Mindomo, this program allows an individual to "Escape from trying to think and write in the ‘right order’." Mindomo can be thought of as a web for pre-writing. It allows you to build on ideas without the restrictions of being linear.

It's now easy to manually install Mindomo onto your computer. You can manually install Mindomo by doing one of the following:

1.) Install Adobe Air:

2.) Download Mindomo Desktop:


After choosing one of these options, next you will save and download the file. After the file is downloaded, double click it and start the installation process!

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How does it work?">How does it work?


When Logging in you have the choice of starting a new account with a new emial, or logging in using Facebook, Yahoo, or Gmail.

When one enters Mindomo there are a couple choices; one is set up to make maps.  There is a list of practical uses laid out so that the customer will know if this would be a good resource for him/her to use.  Mindomo is a free software, however there are two options to upgrade a subscription.  There is the Basic starter plan that limits the user to seven maps and is free of charge.  The most popular is the Premium plan that cost six dollars per month.  The upgrades include unlimited private maps, spell check, map encryption, and more storage space.  The last upgrade is the Team plan for three or more users. It includes features of the Premium plan as well as user administration interface and a branded home page for only seven dollars per month.  Mindomo offers these different plans to better provide for their users.  Once signed up, one can get started immediately.  There is even a demo video for the new users.  The easily navigated work space is set up much like a Microsoft Word document.  The buttons and additions are easily spotted and accessible.  There are a multitude of options, hyperlinks, images, and other multimedia that can be incorporated into the map. 

Getting started:  Open a new map and begin with the central topic and branch off into smaller main topics.

  From there you are able to branch into main topics and subtopics.  A lot of people do not think in a linear fashion, so Mindomo gives a person the ability to add and delete boxes as they think.

Mindomo has many different features. While creating your map you are able to change the fonts, themes, layouts, and relationships. You can also add notes, images, multimedia, and comments.

Types of Membership



Limited To


Free! Starter Plan

Professional Mind Mapping functionality, Mindomo Desktop Basic

3 basic maps, import and export


$6/month, Most Popular Plan

All Mindomo Basic Features, Mindomo Desktop Premium, Unlimited private maps, 350 MB storage space, Map encryption, Spell checker, Auto-calculated task info, Topic filters, Advanced export and import



$9/month, Recommended for Teams

All Mindomo Premium features, Mindomo Desktop Premium, Team administration interface, Branded home page, Custom subdomain, Shared Team Folder


Install Versions are available but not necessary!

Available Install Versions:

Types of Membership




For Businesses of all sizes

Professional Mind Mapping functionality, User administration interface, LDAP and URL based authentications, shareable maps, Mindomo Desktop included, Advanced export and import.


For Schools, Universities, Non-Profit Organizations

Professional Mind Mapping functionality, User administration interface, LDAP and URL based authentications, shareable maps, Mindomo Desktop included, Advanced export and import.

For pricing, documentation, and downloads go to Mindomo Customer Center*

*An existing Mindomo free account is needed to access the Customer Center.

** Teachers and educators can receive a 50% discount on Mindomo.

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How is this application related to others?">How is this application related to others?

The applications Mindomo is most similar to are Bubbl and Mindmeister.  It is said that Mindomo is an extreme version of Bubbl.  Bubbl is also a web based mind mapping application that is free to all users.  In order to save maps on Bubbl the user will need to create an account, but that is not completely necessary.  Mindmeister is another mind mapping tool.  In this application the user has the ability to import maps from other mind mapping software.  The user also has the ability to collaborate with other users on the same map simultaneously.  The users that do not desire to create an account can save five maps, but if there is a need for more maps the user will need to pay the $42.92 monthly fee.

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Are there unique ways to use this application?">Are there unique ways to use this application?

 Mindomo is a resource that provides a multitude of assistance, which makes it so versatile.  Whether it's organizing ideas, planning projects, managing priorities, or simply teaching visually, Mindomo gives a variety of options with its simple and easily navigated work space.

Mindomo is now applicable through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,and LinkedIn. Instead of having accounts for all of these applications, you may link the applications together to faster and easier use. Another feature of Mindomo is for new users. Instead of creating-yet another-online account to loose the passwords for, you may use your yahoo or gmail email/account to log in.

For those people who do not have access to the internet all of the time, Mindomo works without the internet! You do not need to bother with finding a connection to work on a project. This feature is very helpful and allows you to move about freely without restriction. But, If you do have the internet there are a number of benefits. One being, that Mindomo has the capability to merge maps, and upload pictures found online instantly. And if you want to share your mindmap with a friend, you just need to plug an email and they can see it at their home computer.

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There are many different ways to use this application. You do not need the internet to use Mindomo which is very useful for those who do not have access to the internet. One can also integrade Mindomo with a desktop, synchronize mind maps, Synchronize your online and offline mind maps, with just one click. This is the link where you canh find this information. The stay in touch section of this webpage includes the different ways that Mindomo can be used to keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This feature is helpful for those people who have multiple social networking sites.

Mindomo is now available for users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari web browsers, as well as browser extensions. Click on the link below for Mindomo's page about this.

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Ways to use Mindomo in education.">Ways to use Mindomo in education.

Mindomo has the potential to be very useful inside the classroom!  Educators can allow their students to use a mind map on Mindomo to organize ideas before writing a paper.  It is also useful for the teachers because they can organize their ideas for a lesson plan.  They can also use mind mapping to organize the obligations they have for the coming week.  Mindomo is something that can be easily learned so that everyone could benefit from it's use.

Teachers can now follow students' progress and ideas by looking at Mindomo Mindmaps. They can use this to organize their ideas for projects and papers.

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How is Mindomo used internationally?">How is Mindomo used internationally?


Mindomo is capable of being accessed internationally.  Mindomo is a fairly new application, and there are older applications that are very similar.  Therefore, those applications are more well known and get more use. 

Mindomo has recently been spotted in many news and media updates like in PC Magazine,,, and several others.

Mindomo in the Press and Media

Mindomo is now available in 8 different languages! These languages include:

English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Hungarian.

To choose a language, click on the picture of the flag at the top of the Mindomo homepage, and then chose your desired language from the drop down list.

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Educational Lesson Plans">Educational Lesson Plans

Click these links to go to the elementary level lesson plans created to incorporate Mindomo:

Elementary Lesson Plan 

Elementary Art PDF.pdf

Elementary Art Word.docx

Elementary Science PDF.pdf

Elementary Science Word.docx

Elementary Reading and Writing PDF.pdf

Elementary Reading and Writing Word.docx

Elementary Organizing Stories Word.docx

Elementary Organizing Stories PDF

Elementary Science Lesson Plan.docx

Elementary Science Lesson Plan PDF.pdf

Click these links to go to the secondary level lessons plans that we designed to use Mindomo:

Secondary Agriculture PDF.pdf

Secondary Agriculture Word.docx

Secondary Science PDF.pdf

Secondary Science Word.docx

Secondary Spanish PDF.pdf

Secondary Spanish Word.docx

Secondary Literature Word

Secondary Literature PDF

Secondary U.S. Constitution Lesson Plan.pdf

Secondary U.S. Constitution Lesson Plan.docx

Secondary Social Media Lesson Plan.pdf 

Click these links to go to the post secondary level lesson plans that use Mindomo:

Post Secondary Chemistry PDF.pdf

Post Secondary Chemistry Word.docx

Post Secondary Geometry PDF.pdf

Post Secondary Geometry Word.docx

Post Secondary Writing PDF.pdf

Post Secondary Writing Word.docx

Post Secondary Spanish PDF.pdf

Post Secondary Spanish Word.docx

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Page Editors">Page Editors

Kari Renz

Brent Ertel

Kayla Rudd

Mandy Wagoner

Olivia Robinson

Christine Harfmann

Kenny Powell

Riley Wharton

Eun jeong (Polly) Park

Hyunjin Shin

Jiyoung Yu

Saehyun (Samantha) Hwang

Additional Editors">Additional Editors

Michael Blakley

Keri Dutton

Kathleen Carter

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