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 Curious about what you can use Evernote for?

Picture Albums: Store pictures on Evernote and organize them into albums ex: Prom pictures, Spring Break 2008, Graduation Party

Art Portfolio: Take pictures of your art work and create an online portfolio where you can have access to your artwork from any computer or Iphone.

Recipes: Save all of your favorite recipes that you can access with one click of a button.

Quotes: Store all of your favorite quotes so you never have to forget.

To-Do Lists: So many things to do? Create a To-Do list and make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Menu's: Trouble finding the Chinese takeout menu? Store all of your favorite restaurant's menus using Evernote!

IM's: Copy an interesting conversation online so that you can look back on it later.

Receipts: Save receipts to help you budget your money and keep track of your spending.

Movies: Keep a collection of all your favorite movies! Movies you want to see, have seen, etc.

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