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                                    Page created by: Shannon Morrison, Rachel Foreman, Samantha Nally, Nate Smock 

Created in 2001, Movable Type is one of the most well-known blogging networks on the worldwide web. This weblog publishing system manages files, user roles, templates, trackback links, and tags as well as hosts multiple weblogs and standalone content pages. Movable Type was created by the simple SixApart (read more below) and can be used to develop a professional and personalized blog.

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Who developed it?

  • Mena Trott began as a blogger with her own website,
  • She began by blogging about her past times and daily events, which eventually lead to a business with her husband, Ben.
  • Ben and Mena Trott introduced Movable Type in October of 2001 to make blogging a smoother process.
  • Movable Type was the start of their business, SixApart. 1,2


What is the purpose of the application? 

  • The purpose of Movable Type is to create blogs, websites, and an engaging web based community. 
  • Movable Type is a free weblog publishing system developed by the company SixApart
  • It is easy to create these networks and manage the website with Movable Type. 1
  • Movable type is used all over the web, some examples:
    • News
    • Media
    • Communications and Marketing
    • Design firms-Mule
    • Power bloggers
    • Consumer and Retail
    • Education
    • Non-Profit organizations

Sites that use Movable Type

Why use Movable Type?

Movable type is extremely easy and simple to use. The instructions are easy enough for an upper level elementary school student to figure it out. The site is based on blogs and can be a very useful tool in the classroom. Teachers can use it to connect with their students by using real world technology in the classroom today. Movable Type can be used for projects in the classroom, and it is easy to record students progress this way. Another benefit is that Movable Type can connect to social media sites, like Facebook. It is also great for parents to get to see their children’s progress.

What does one have to do to start using it?

In order to use the Movable Type program it is necessary to download the application. You can install Movable Type by going to the Movable Type website at and click the installation guide. If you have your own personal web browser you can follow the quick start instructions and successfully download Movable Type. There are also other instructions for people who have different web browsers.

Movable type must be installed on a web server. This could be your own server or one you have "rented" from a hosting service. It is important that you make sure that the server meets the minimum requirements, which can be found in the installation guide. It is also important that you download the correct version of movable type, depending on the operating system of your server, not your computer.18.


What's New on Movable Type?

Movable type has created a new and improved design that provides many benefits when compared to the previous version. Movable Type 5 includes the following advantages:

A single, unified solution for building websites and blogs

  • Start with a website that's easy to build, design and customize.
  • Just add blogs.
  • Build multiple websites and blogs with just one install of Movable Type.

Enhanced CMS

  • Revision history tracks changes for entries, pages and templates.
  • New user dashboard helps manage blogs and websites.
  • New custom fields help organize data.

New Theme Mechanism

  • Apply a new theme and proliferate changes throughout your site with a single click.
  • Install themes just like plugins.

How does it work?

After Movable Type is installed, use your personal web browser or a web browser that you have "rented" on your personal computer to connect to Movable Type. Once connected you can manage and design your own web page for personal or public use. Movable Type makes it very easy to publish information, start a blog, as well as produce an entire website! This program is also very user friendly, allowing users of the website to access information easily and efficiently.


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Movable Type 5

   -  Select [Blog] under navigation

   -  Select [Entries] then [New] from the side menu

Entry Fields

   -  Entry Title: This is used to title the entry that you insert.

   -  Body: This is used to write the bulk of the entry.

   -  Extended: This is used to add more information. This information will not be in the body. It will be an extension of the body.

Metadata Section

   -  Tags: This field is used for tags for your entry.

   -  Excerpt: This dield is used if you want to add an excerpt since entry excerpts are not in any of the default templates.

   -  Keywords: This field is used if you want to add keywords to your entry.


   -  This is used to show the status of the content.  You are able to restore previous items that were saved in the history if you activate the revision history.

Publishing Section

   -  *“Save Draft” Button*: This saves entry as an unpublished draft.

   -  *“Publishing” Button*: This publishes the blog or webpage to the site.

   -  *“Update” Button*: This makes the user able to change already published information.

   -  *“Unpublish” Button*: This unpublishes the blog or webpage and reverts it to an unpublished draft status.

   -  *“Delete” Button*: This deletes the blog or webpage.

   -  Publish Date: You can use this to set when you want the blog or webpage to be published. This can be in the future instead of at that exact moment

   -  Basename: This will create a basename for your entry, if your title is “New Entry” then the basename would be “new-entry”.

   -  Change Note: Use this to write a memo about saved revisions. This must have "revision history" activated.


How is it related to other applications?

Movable Type has a newly enhanced dynamic page generator, using the smarty web template system. Written in PHP programming language, it will allow a webpage to change depending what information is "tagged" to appear on it. This requires extensive programming knowledge, but is welcomed change in the Movable Type community. Using this new tool, it allows for even easier integration with other web applications. For a complete tutorial on using this new technology, please visit the Movable Type's developer guide.

Movable Type can be used with other applications such as YouTube.  Using the background tasks functionality in Movable Type, "this plugin will query your YouTube account for your latest videos. When it sees a new one, it will create an entry in your blog for that video. Various properties of the blog entry are used" 3.

Movable Type can be used with other applications, such as Facebook. Using Facebook Connect, Movable Type automatically displays a commenter's Facebook user name and photo next to their comments.  Then, Movable Type automatically lets all of a commenter's friends on Facebook know about the comment via the mini-feed on that commenter's Facebook profile. This helps drive traffic to your blog and your content, not just from your community, but from the social network of everyone who participates on your site. 4

Another application Movable Type can be used with is WordPress, to see more about using Movable Type with WordPress visit this site:


How is this application unique?

Movable Type is unique in that it is used mainly for blogging; Movable Types uses flexible blog software that can be configured in as many ways as there are ideas. 

Also, not only is Movable Types able to manage entire websites, but is able to build a social network and allow readers to interact with one another.

Finally, Movable Type is unique in that it is also a content management system which allows you to manage your networks, blogs, and sites. 4


Using Movable Type in Educational Situations 

There are several general ways that Movable Type can be used in all levels of education. Literacy is a very important part of our current education system and Movable Type can improve students' reading by allowing them to read web pages and blogs that were created by other users. It also improves their writing skills by allowing them to create their own web pages and blogs.

Movable Type can also create connections that were not previously possible in the regular classroom setting. With Movable Type students can communicate with other students or experts in a field of study, who previously could never have visited the classroom due to geography. 5


Movable Type can be used on the elementary level as an exercise in reading and writing. Student journals could be created online to let the students reach a larger audience and practice writing skills. The topic of the student blogs could be about a particular reading assignment, a science experiment that they are performing, or just about their daily lives.

Movable Type could also be used at the elementary level to let students talk with other students in different locations. Elementary aged students are very interested in speaking with others about where they live and what their lives are like. A simple activity such as this, dramatically improves the students typing skills as well as their ability to communicate in the written word.


In this lesson plan students will be learning about WWII along with Anne Frank and her family. After
the lesson they will create their own series of journal entries online, in blog form, similar
to that of Anne's.

anne frank journal pdf

anne frank journal dox


With this lesson plan students will not only obtain skills on how to organize and manage a website, but to then perform
the basic skills of 3rd grade mathematics.

math game/quiz pdf

math game/quiz dox


This elementary lesson plan will help students obtain skills for writing proper paragraphs through creating
and writing a short story.

Short Story Writing pdf

Short Story Writing docx


This is a 5th grade lesson plan where students use the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen to write short journal entries.

Hatchet Journal Entries docx


This lesson plan is intended for high school students where students read an article pertaining to the Holocaust and post blog entries.  Students also comment on each others entries.

Project #2 Lesson Plan.odt


In this lesson plan students will learn about all the different types and techniques of poetry. After the lesson(s) are taught they will create one of each different types of poetry and post it on their own shared classroom blog. College students several miles away will then give them feedback on the blog and their poetry. The college students will then continue to keep in contact via blog.

Poetry Lesson pdf

Poetry Lesson docx


In this lesson plan students will get to watch the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. While they do this they will be posting weekly updates on different changes that have occurred on their classroom blog. This can be shared with their classmates. 

Butterfly Lesson Plan (docx)

Butterfly Lesson Plan (pdf)




Movable Type has many educational applications for the secondary level. At this level students (hopefully) have developed literacy skills that will permit the creation of work that will be content rich as well as be visually appealing. Work created using Movable Type can be easily displayed to parents so that classroom activities and discussions can be continued in the home to increase retention and interest.

Movable Type could be used in the secondary level as a class project to create a class webpage. The Movable Type software allows for the creation of web pages that can be customized to reflect classroom activities. Students could each work on various parts of the design of the class website.

Movable Type could also be used as a classroom discussion tool in the secondary level. Teachers could assign students to a discussion board created with Movable Type to talk about topics that there might not be time for in regular class. This could also allow students that are nervous about speaking in front of the class to get their opinions heard.
As in the elementary level Movable Type can help to increase the literacy of high school age students. Students could read websites and blogs created with Movable Type and they could also create their own websites and blogs.

As with many Web 2.0 tools it is essential that the teacher monitor the posts and content of Movable Type applications added by the students. It is necessary to ensure that the application is being used for educational purposes and that all of the content is appropriate. 7


At the end of this lesson plan, after students have created short stories as a class, students will exercise their creativity and writing skill at a high school writing level.


English Secondary Lesson Plan.docx

Blogging About Bestselling Novels

This lesson plan will teach students how to post and respond to blogs while learning about bestselling novels. Finding out what makes a book stand out is important for student to learn how to write to catch a readers attention.

Bestselling Novels pdf

Bestselling Novels docx

U.S. Government

Students will be responsible for researching and presenting information on presidential candidates. At the end of this lesson plan, students will know the political positions of all the presidential candidates at an in depth level of analysis.

Government Lesson Plan.pdf

Government Lesson Plan.docx


Students will be responsible for writing a weekly diary in Spanish. At the end of the lesson, students will improve their Spanish writing and comprehension skills at a high level of accuracy.

Spanish Blog Lesson Plan.pdf

Math and Science

With this lesson plan, students will choose an area of scientific advancement that interests them. They will follow the
advancement of this research through the news and online research. They will then use the
blogging software, MovableType, to develop an online blog that summarizes advancements made.

Math and Science Blog Lesson Plan.pdf
Math and Science Blog Lesson Plan.doc

Force and Motion

In this lesson students will learn what forces are and how to calculate them.  They will also run an experiment to see how forces work with motion.

Force and Motion pdfLesson Plan Moveable Type.docx

Force and Motion docx


Post Secondary

At the college level Movable Type could be used for multiple educational/learning situations. For the college campus as a whole, Movable Type would be a great source to make a website. Movable Type would make adding tabs such as financial, housing, admission, etc. easy to navigate through for students, parents, and staff. Another great reason to use Movable Type for this purpose would be the use of blogging.

If Purdue used Moveable Type to create the Purdue web page there could be a link to a blog site. For each major the students could have a place to post about classes, deadlines, scholarships, etc. with other students in their major. The college of education, the Krannert School of Management, and so on would each have their own space to write about things that pertain to those students, and movable type would make this very easy. There are some colleges using this resource already such as Colombia University, Harvard University, University of Illinois and many more. 8

Another way that Movable Type could be used on the college level would be for online courses.  Movable Type would make creating web page for these courses very simple for the teachers, or universities, and the navigation on the site for the students would be easy to follow. Online courses are usually between multiple colleges which mean that there is one common place for all students to gain information from. Movable Type makes it possible to create a site which all students can access and communicate with one another anywhere in the world.

                                            Princeton Blog Website

History Lesson Plan

After completing a unit on a given war or era in history, using the webpage created
with Movable Type, the students will be able to create their own page to review and
show what they have learned about the given topic.

History Lesson Plan.docx

 History Lesson Plan.pdf


During this lesson plan students will be given instructions on how to create a blogsite using Movable Type.                                                                             The student should be able to make their own blog site and add to and edit the website on aw eekly basis. The
student must also go to other students in the class websites and respond to their given.
blog topic or conversation.

English Class Blog.docx

English Class Blog.pdf

Keeping Track of Your Health

The student will use a computer with a Movable Type account in a computer lab during class or at home                                                                                   to keep track of their exercise and eating habbits in order for them to become aware of their health.

Keeping Track of Your Health.docx

Keeping Track of Your Health.pdf


Uses In Businesses and Industry

At the business level, Movable Type could be used to make a website to represent the company. Movable Type makes is easy to create a site full of links and tabs to make it accessible to employees, employers, and customers. Companies could use this website to create their own webpage, or to make webpages for other purposes. Some companies could create instructional websites for new employees that again are easy to use, and would allow for quick and up-to-date instruction.

For industries, Movable Type is a great source to create a site that can easily be used by the customers. Shopping online has become a very popular thing and industries need to keep up with technology and Movable Type helps them do that. There are many major companies that have used Movable Type to represent themselves on the web such as Fed Ex, Siemens, Microsoft, Adidas and many others. 8

 Employee Training

Management in the workplace can use Movable Type blogging software to train employees helping them understand                                                                 the basic rules and regulations of the workplace.

Employee Training.docx

Employee Training.pdf

 Employee Communication

Employers using Movable Type to plan employees workday activities, making the transfer of information from                                                                         manager to employee effective communication

Employee Communication.docx

Employee Communication.pdf


What are some examples of its current educational value or potential value?

Movable Type can help to better improve student writing. We are in the era of technology and therefore students will be more interested in blogging or typing on a computer rather than writing in a journal. It is more useful and efficient these days with all of the current technology for students to write on a blog rather than to get a journal out and write.9 Students can not only access their blog from school but then can also access it from home, making it a good in class activity or a good homework assignment.

Movable Type also helps to make classrooms more like a community. 10 Students and teachers are able to work together to meet a common goal. It allows for collaborative class work between students. Some universities use Movable Type to complete group projects because it allows students to express their ideas and see classmate's ideas in an easy and clear way. 11  Some of these class websites also give parents an opportunity to see what is happening in their child's school, as well as daily announcements and important information. An example of this type of website is: Movable Type sites inform people of current events, election candidates, health topics, and new inventions. Examples of these sites are: Barack Obama, Boeing, and Simply Recipes.


Movable Type Internationally

Movable Type allows for information to be shared both locally and internationally. As of December 2004, Movable Type has official language packs available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. In addition to these languages, there are also unofficial language packs developed by volunteers. These languages include Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Taiwan Chinese. Also in December of 2004, Movable Type licenses became available for purchase in Euros in addition to US dollars. Movable Type has also recently partnered with Chinese blog company Bokee to localize and distribute Movable type, providing increased support for Chinese language blogging and giving Chinese businesses a first-rate choice for blogging software. 12,13,14,16

In the current version of Movable Type it is easy to change the languages while using the English version download. You can change the language in the profile section of your account and it will automatically change the entire Movable Type program into another language.




Below is a link to the CMS Design Resource page where there are reviews on Movable Types. Here you can read the pros and the cons of this site. Also, after using Movable Types, you can add your own comments to let others know the problems or the great things about Movable Types.

CMS Design Resource Reviews


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