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Mulaboration Research Page

Mulaboration Group Member Introduction Page

This page was compiled by: Katara Luebbehusen, Kala Kerney, Andrea Frost, Daniel Collins, Audra Burlingame, KC Bennett, Johan Eriksson, and Alexabder Eliasson,

Molaboration is a great tool for small groups as well as small businisses.  For a relatively small fee, one can communicate with business partners, colleagues, and customers.  It is a great way to establish work groups and keep track of projects, and deadlines.  Mulaboration is also a great organizer tool and a good way to get your small business or medium business out there for the world to see. 



Table of Contents





How Mulaboration Relates to Other Applications
II. 1. How to Join
II. 2. Tour
II. 3. Features
II. 4. Relation to Other Applications
II. 5. Unique Uses 
ll. 6. Pricing & Plan


Real World Applications
III. 1 Educational Lesson Plans
III. 1. a - Elementary
III. 1. b - Secondary
III. 1. c - Post Secondary
III. 2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Mulaboration is Used Internationally


Mulaboration Criticism and Safety



I. Purpose

This application is mainly for the business/industry setting because its main focus is to provide a way for companies to interact with other companies, and/or interact with their own fellow employees. It can be used within a business with tools like task management and event management. This keeps the company members on task and up to date. With features like company profile, it allows some search engines to become more acquainted with your business, making it easier for people to find your business by keywords. Mulaboration can also be used along side of social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube: 'You can keep track of some relative keywords of your business, your brand name, or other information over social media sites.' Within this software you can display recent discussions, photos, and articles. You can also create a profile badge. You can even bookmark favorite websites that are linked within. This application was created so groups can collaborate with departments, or with other companies on a private channel. It's able to receive and send the message feeds and to search information from the websites for data and information.

 Founder: Benjamin Law


II. History

Muecs Company Limited, a Hong Kong-based web applications and online social platform developer, launched Mulaboration in December 2009. This new communication platform was developed to allow individuals and business professionals to communicate and share information in a safe and secure way. One of the co-founders, Benjamin Law, is also an author who published a book entitled "The Family Law" (2010).

II. How Mulaboration Relates to Other Applications?

II. 1. How to Join

All you need to access Mulaboration is a computer with a Firefox or Safari web browser and an Internet connection.

  1. First go to Mulaboration's homepage:
  2. Once connected to the homepage, at the top right of the page click on 'Sign Up'.

     3. Then you provide your name, and create a login name and password.

      4.  After presenting some information you will get a message that looks like this:    

II. Tour

II. Features


II. Business Collaboration

Mulaboration allows you to easily connect with members from your workplace to communicate quickly and efficiently. You are even able to creat what"s called an "External Workgroup" fro cross-company communications. You are also able to search for other companies and professionals to add to your "connections" or "contacts".

II. Customer Engagement

Mulaboration incorporates "Network Leads", which users can integrate to other networks and social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, ect.) to collect data related to your business' field. This can help boost brand awareness and cause your business to become more visible via the Internet.

II. Foundation Modules

There is an "Interactive Dashboard" that includes features such as micro-blogging, reply feeds, instant sharing, and file attachments. You have a "Company Profile" that other businesses and professionals can view, which causes you to have more of an online presence. You can assign a task and monitor each persons' progress as well as the overall task progress by using the "Tasks Management" feature. You can also plan events using the "Events Management" and can also attach documents to the event such as a program schedule. You can use "Workgroups" to create private communication channels to share files, assign tasks, upload documents, etc. with whomever you allow into the group. Every user is given a "Profile" to show his skill and expertise to other users. And finally, "Documents Versioning" provides all versions of a document that has undergone multiple changes since its creation. This allows for an easy way to view a "before and after" product.

II. 2. Relation to Other Applications

It relates to the Twitter application as you can create specific tasks that your Twitter accounts will do automatically in the time you set. Other than Twitter information analysis and communication on potential consumers, now Mulatoration is integrated with Youtube as a media broadcasting tool to use for your company to deliver your messages on the Internet cloud. Within the features of this company, unlike Facebook, it allows customers to work on a private and secure channel. On the other hand, like Facebook, this application starts off free but to add special features it costs money.  If it does then you can cancel your application at anytime. As you can see through this tutorial that Mulaboration is very similar to Facebook, except it's for businesses.

II. 3. Unique Uses

A unique feature of Mulaboration is the fact that you don't have to install anything in order to use it. It is a software as a service web application delivered on the Internet. Another unique feature of Mulaboration is that even though they are continuously adding new features and improving their existing software you do not have to install an upgraded version. You will automatically be able to use the newest version without any changes to your existing data. "Muecs's Crews Directory allows you to find communities of people who share a common experience, passion, and interest." This allows you to expand your research and further your information by seeing other people's ideas. This company requires no training before using Mulaboration, and all that is needed for download is an Internet browser; others have software installation [1]. There are many unique features to this application, however one of the largest benefactors is that it's a place where businesses can stay in contact with one another without the hassle of Facebook and all its unnecessary applications and games.

ll. 4.  Pricing

 Mulabortation has three pricing plans.  The first most simple, is free with one or two users.  The second, "Professional" is for up to 50 members.  The most expensive, unlimited users option is named "Enterprise".  Click on the link below to view Mulaboration's pricing plan in detail.

Click here:  Mulaboration Pricing Plan                                                                                            


III. Real World Application

III. 1. Educational Lesson Plans

III. 1. a - Elementary

(1) Subject: Students entering 5th grade in advanced Reading

Description: The students have been assigned to read 3 different books over the summer. The teacher can open Mulaboration and have her students join. The teacher will have set discussion topics or questions to ponder. This way the students can post responses or questions for the teacher, since it's summer and communication between teacher and students can be difficult.

Objective: Mulaboration is used as a communication based for all the student's responses and ideas. They can see what other students thought about the book and post their own ideas.

Reading Lesson Plan.pdf

Reading Lesson Plan.docx

(2) Subject: 5th grade Science 

Description: The students are assigned a group science project and they have to use Mulaboration as their way of communicating with each other. They will post their research and discuss the project through their Mulaboration page. 

Objective: The students will design a science fair project, as a group, using Mulaboration to communicate with each other and store research, journal entries, and discussions.

Science Lesson Plan.pdf

Science Lesson Plan.docx

(3) Subject: 4th or 5th grade English

Description: The students are assigned an english paper to write. They are given their teacher's Mulaboration page address as a reference to look at. 

Objective: The students will write a summary, a personal experience, and their reaction to a classroom reading story using their teacher's Mulaboration page as a reference tool.

Writing Lesson Plan.pdf

Writing Lesson Plan.docx

III. 1. b - Secondary

(1) Subject: Anatomy

Description:  The students will compose a series of experiments that allow them to discover the breathing patterns and rates of themselves and others.

Objective:  The students will complete a presentation based upon their results from the lab experiments and the videos they will access off of Mulaboration.

Anatomy Lesson Plan.pdf

Anatomy Lesson Plan.doxc

(2) Subject: Economics

Description:  The students will research currencies and create their own.

Objective:  The students will be paired up with students within another country on Mulaboration to compare currencies. By using the research gathered, they will create a presentation.

Economic Lesson Plan.pdf

Economic Lesson Plan.docx

(3) Subject:Sociology

Description: The students are given a statement of the fellow students in their class and they are to complete a Mulaboration project based on their opinions of those students.

Objective: Mulaboration will be used to allow the students to create stereotypes and manipulate the fellow students blogs and decide who is in their groups.

Sociology Lesson Plan.pdf

Sociology Lesson Plan.docx

(4) Subject: English

Description: The students are given famous literary works to read posted on the Mulaboration site. They will then post a response about their opinions and reactions to the readings and then comment on other classmates' posts.

Objective: Mulaboration will be used to write a summary about literary works, write a reaction to the readings, comment on classmates's reactions, and learn how to fully develop their own reactions and opinions based on a piece of literary work that is easily accessible on Mulaboration.

English Lesson Plan.docx

English Lesson Plan.pdf

(5) Subject: Literature

Description: Students will use Mulaboration to complete an online discussion as well as group research paper.

Objective: Students have read Homer's The Iliad and will now use Mulaboration to participate in an online discussion concerning characters and theme in The Iliad. Students will also compile (as a class) a research paper about Homer and The Iliad.

Literature Lesson Plan.docx

Literature Lesson Plan.pdf

III. 1. c - Post Secondary

(1) Subject: Science

Description:  Students are expected to study pictures, charts, and notes over leaves and trees that are given to them on Mulaboration.  Once they have studied this material they are to complete five practice quizzes and a final quiz with 85% accuracy.

Objective:  After doing the activity students will be able to distinguish different types of leaves, their characteristics, and the name of the tree they have come from.

Science Lesson Plan.pdf

Science Lesson Plan.docx

(2) Subject: Business/Economics

Description:  Students will create a business with their group members. Through the Mulaboration program, they will be able to communicate with others about their sales and promotions as well as advertisements. Students will be required to write a one page summary and reflection paper discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using a web tool for a business. 

Objective:  Following this project students will know the basic set-up of how to run a business using the advantages of Mulaboration.

Business/Economic Lesson Plan.pdf

Business/Economic Lesson Plan.docx

(3) Subject: Chemistry

Description: In this lesson (50 min), Freshman chemistry students create a lab report on their investigation of the effectiveness of different sunscreens. The lab report will be created as a Mulaboration wiki page, which can be cooperatively edited and written by each student from any computer that has internet access.

Objective: By using the Mulaboration wiki page, students will cooperatively create a lab report on the effectiveness of different sunscreens. Students should be able to give details of the absorbance and effectiveness of each of the sunscreens with 100% accuracy.

Chemistry Lesson Plan.pdf

Chemistry Lesson Plan.docx

(4) Subject: Entrepreunership 

Description: The students get to start their own businesses using Mulaboration and the assignment is for the students to contact other companies using Mulaboration. The teacher is invited to each company and gets full insight in to what is going on inside it, this way it's easy for the teacher to grade the company's progress.

Objective: Students will learn how to use Mulaboration and get good knowledge of how you can use web 2.0 application for running a company.

Mulaboration lesson plan.pdf

(5) Subject: Swedish

Description: The students will work in small groups and use Mulaboration to share information about different Swedish dialects.

Objective: The students will learn to use Mulaboration and learn about different Swedish dialects.

Lesson plan - Swedish dialects.pdf

(6) Subject:  Business

Description:  Students will create and operate a School Sponsored WaterSki School/Store.  Mulaboration will be their means of communication between themselves, other small businesses and partners, and customers.  Students in years to follow will take over and continue to run the business using Mulaboration.

Objective:  Students will be familiarized with Mulaboration, as well as getting a chance to operate a real life small business of their own so they will have a greater knowledge of everything that goes with the business setting.

Project 2 lesson plan.docx

Project 2 lesson plan.pdf

Project 2 lesson plan.pdf

III. 2. Business/Industry

How could this application be used within a business setting? Mulaboration was created for business partners and professionals to connect, collaborate, and promote their products over social networks [2]. It allows you to easily integrate with your company policy. Users of Mulaboration are able to share documents with colleagues, assign tasks, and even schedule events within their company network. Mulaboration can also be used to connect outside of a company's network with other professionals and business partners to expand the business network. This tool allows business professionals to communicate with possible clients, as well as fellow partners, about their business [1]. It provides a "platform for the company." [1]

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

As our lesson plans show, Mulaboration demonstrates educational value because it can be used as a reference tool, a project organizer, and a teacher and/or school networking site. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using Mulaboration as tool to connect teachers and students online without using distracting and non-educational alternatives such as Twitter/Facebook


  • Using the Wiki feature of Mulaboration to coordinate projects outside the classroom
  • Using the online data storage option in place of a school server. This not only saves the school money, but also means that students will not need USB's
  • Teachers could use the task feature to 'task' students reminders about projects that are due.
  • Teachers could create events online for students to attend; for example, a 'football breakup party' event could be created.

V. How Mulaboration is Used Internationally

Firstly, Mulaboration was developed outside the USA to begin with (in Hong Kong), [2] so that in and of itself shows that it can be used internationally. Also, since it is a social networking site it can be used to connect business partners from all across the world.  Beyond social networking, the wiki chapter element of Mulaboration can be used to work on projects and tasks online without having to actually meet. This is extremely useful and time saving, as it would be very time consuming and costly for international partners to meet.

Not only can Mulaboration help with business partners globally, it can help connect customers to companies across the world as well. More business opportunities can be seen available online. Different social network sites can be connected with this online program to help retrieve comments about the companies. A profile can be made about your company so that all of its details can be known and referenced in popular search engines. Instead of just being known locally, your company can now be known globally because of the limitless access available through Mulaboration.

VI. Mulaboration Criticism and Safety

Some criticism may be the pricing of this product. However, it does start with a free trial for up to 2 users only. For up to 50 users it is $4.50 per user per month. Then, for more than 50 users it is $9.98 per user per month. However, if your company is using this product daily the price range is pretty moderate. Mulaboration is a very safe product for anyone that uses it. It can only be viewed by the users themselves compared to products, like Facebook, that can be viewed by everyone that has Facebook. Even though many different companies may have this product, it is private within your own company. It's also safe within your company. It allows you to easily integrate your companies policies.


VII. References






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