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  • MySpace in Secondary, Post-Secondary Education
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While MySpace is primarily used as a social networking tool, as part of Web 2.0, the prospective uses in Secondary and Post-Secondary Education are starting to be explored. As Stated by Franklin and Van Harmelen (2007), "Web 2.0 encompasses a variety of different meaning that include an increased emphasis on user generated content, data and content sharing and collaborative effort, together with the use of various kinds of social software, new ways of interacting with web-based application, and the use of the web as a platform for generation, repurposing and consuming content" (p.4). We will briefly speak on who is using it and some of the current uses in secondary and post secondary education. At the secondary and post secondary levels of education, there is a certain reluctance to embrace MySpace as a way to enhance the experience of students in school. For example, "In an education context, it will allow students and researchers to collaborate outside the wall of their own institution" (Andrews 2007 p.2). My space is slowly but surely being received as an alternative educational tool. As of now there are only a handful of institutions to use MySpace or software similar. Some of those are the University of Warwick, University of Leeds, University of Brighton, and the University of Edinburgh. 


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