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 Netvibes, as a homepage platform, offers something that is very important for all those who use it. That very important something is diversity. Netvibes pulls in all of its information from a wide variety of sources. News, Shopping, E-mail, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Tool's and Technology, Fun & Games, Travel, and Lifestyle are all applications that have a large amount information backed by the most popular sites in each of their genre's.

When one logs onto the news section of Netvibes, a large array of various credited news resources is brought up on the screen. Streaming media and text is brought to the use from institutions like CNN, CBS News, Google News, The Wall Street Journal, The Lost Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine. It is evident to see that if one wanted to find the most recent news, Netvibes has more than enough credited, informative sites that one can choose to read from.


In the Business section of Netvibes, articles and media streams from Financial Times, Newsweek, Forbes Business News, and are all at the user's hands any time they need it. Along with these outstanding business media organization sites, the business section also provides an up-to-date stock ticker that one can enter his or her stocks on to. The stock ticker is a reliable source, it is powered by NASDAQ.

The sport section offers headlines from various news sites all over the world. Also there are numerous live tickers that offer current sports scores and news. Also there is a section that is completely in Spanish. This section tells of what is current in the arena of Spanish sports and news. European and Australian sports news is also offered for anyone interested in the sporting events of these areas.

A wide variety of sites are used to pull in information about the current state of the entertainment and media sections. New York Magazine, LA Times Entertainment, and Youtube are all but a few of the applications that Netvibes provides on its homepage for its users to diversify their internet experience. Once again, users have instant access to the streaming media files that are provided by Youtube and CBS entertainment sections located in this section.

The Tools and Technology section is a very unique and exciting features. Once logged on, users can use the Yellow Pages section to find out any desired information that they need. If one cannot find what they need on Yellow pages, they can simply move over their mouse and search for information on the i-Metro application. Also this section provides current information on the state of today's science and technology. Sites such as, Tech Crunch, and Technology Review Feed, are all at the disposal of the user.

The fun and games section offers a wide variety of different applications that one can use to entertain themselves. There is an emphasis on mind games that help challenge the user in an intellectual way. The games pages, like all pages, can be customized to the likings of each user of Netvibes.

For those who are conscious of their style, Netvibes offers a great page for useful material. Everyone knows that style and lifestyle play a large role in the success factor of a person. The Lifestyle page offers useful information from sites including,, Cooking Light, New York Magazine, and Urbanspoon.

The travel section displays applications from a wide distribution from the genres top-rated institutions. Travelocity, Global Hotel Review,, Matador Travel Features, and many more applications are all at the disposal of the user in the pursuit of various travel destinations. Easy access to to travel information all over the world is offered to the user on this section of Netvibes.

Also, one can change the appearance of their Netvibes homepage to suit their specific liking. One can click on the settings options on the toolbar and pick what language, theme, local content and general setting that they would like to use on their site. One can also click on the contacts option and communicate with their friends that also have a Netvibes homepage.


Overall, it is easy to see that Netvibes offers it user and wide variety of applications in each of the specific genres it offers. Netvibes only provides its users with the very best and top-rated websites and organizations. With such a wide variety of applications to use, it is obvious to see that there is a large amount of information that can be easily accessed through the use of Netvibes that can help anyone throughout their daily lives.

- All information obtained through exploration of the Netvibes website.

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