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  • Netvibes Lesson Plan for Business and Industry
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Workers will understand how to post information necessary and relevant to work topics. Personal Netvibes will be shared throughout the entire company, while creating a well rounded, electronically developed company.


Group meetings will be set up to start each worker on Netvibes and the basics will be explained. Environment will be primarily work-based, however, personal pages can be designed however each worker pleases, so long as these pages are appropriate for all.


The workers of the company will be the students. Everyone will be given their assignments, news announcements, etc, and all other work related topics through the company. Workers will also receive whatever other work members decide to send to each other.


• Laptops will provided by the company for everyone to create their Netvibes
• Workers will need personal accounts set up on Netvibes
• Laptops will be needed every day and at every work related event, unless told different


1. Workers will be given laptops and taught the basics of using these laptops
2. Workers will be brought to the Netvibes website
3. Next everyone will be taken through the Netvibes registration and initial set up
4. Workers will then be given the company basic set up for Netvibes
5. Each page will have all the necessary components for making this process successful
6. Workers will then be taught some other bonuses to having Netvibes
7. Workers will be allowed to browse the website and set up more components to their Netvibes
8. Initial sharing and posting will then be taught and practiced
9. The entire company will go through the first necessary process needed of Netvibes together, in order to make sure everyone is on the same page
10. Everyone will be dismissed and the company will be on its way to a Netvibes success.


Workers will post project outlines and related company projects throughout Netvibes. Company-wide ideas can and will be shared through the Netvibes emails and sharing.


Company leaders will assess ideas and projects shared throughout Netvibes. They will be determined which ones they like and don't, then send replies to the workers. Then when final ideas are assessed they will be shared with workers. Workers can then give personal opinions of different ideas. Evaluation will be based completely off of a company basis. Companies will become closer through evaluation with Netvibes.

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