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  • Netvibes Lesson Plan for Post-Secondary Education
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 Use of Netvibes for Inter-linking Current Events


Each Student will gain a better knowledge and will learn to relate the   articles of current events into a fluid and coherent paper interlinking each article together. The students will write a paper each week based on three articles from the Netvibes news feed. Students will be asked to write a 4-6 page paper at the end of the semester describing what they learned and how one current event can have ripple effects on another.

Learning Environment:

Since this is a post-secondary classroom setting, the majority of class time will be lecture. This in point, students will spend their time outside of class either on their laptops or in the computer labs.

Description of Students:

Students in this lesson will be of college age, ranging from 18-22 years. History, Political Science, or Economics classes are all compatible for this lesson plan.




Internet access
Personalized Netvibes Page


1.) Prior to assigning, the instructor informs
students they will be working on a current events
project for the entire semester.
2.) Students will be told to log onto the internet and construct their own personalized Netvibes page, making sure to add the News Feed application that is listed in the beginning set-up options.
3.) Students will be asked to read and analyze three articles in the news and describe how each one inter-links with the other.
4.) A one page paper will be due at the end of each week based on the three articles that they have read.
5.) The instructor should talk about the current events of the previous week and how those events carry over on to the next week.
 6.) At the end of the semester the final 4-6 page paper is due.


The project was created so that students could develop their knowledge or current events, linking certain important happenings, and putting their thoughts into coherent and grammatical correct text.


: Students will be evaluated on the following:
- Weekly Paper
- Relevance of the information to the assignment
- Final 4-6 page paper due at the end of the semester

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