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Project Title

Analyzing Economic Change


Each student will be able to better understand the influence of the stock market on the economy and develop knowledge on the rising/falling of stocks of two different (chosen) companies.

Learning Environment

The students will use the computer lab, the economics classroom and, if necessary, their own personal computer. 

Types of Students

The students involved in the project will be 11th and 12th grade students between the ages of 16 and 18 who are enrolled in an Economics class.




Computer (Lab or Personal), Newspaper Articles (Online or Printed), Graphs (Online)


1. Students will use the computer lab to access the teacher's netvibe public page, which will have all of the appropriate widgets needed for the lesson.  (The teacher would already have their own netvibe created and would be able to give his/her students the web address they would need in order to access the sources and information needed for the lesson)

2. Students will use the Wikinvest search engine to find and analyze two companies' stock portfolios.  No students should have the same company.  (In order to organize this, the teacher may allow students to sign up for certain companies prior to the lesson)

3. Once the student has found their two companies, he/she must analyze the information presented within the company's stock portfolio from the past year. (Graphs, Volume, Market Cap,etc.) They will print off one graph from each of the companies.

4. Once the students have recorded the previous information, they are to do an individual search for news articles on the two chosen companies.  Students can search through Google straight from their Netvibes webpage. (A good source is

5. The students are to find two articles related to each of their companies.

6. They will then use the articles that they had found and the two graphs that they have recieved to write a 2-3 page paper about what they had analyzed and learned about economics.  (An example 5 paragraph outline would be 1) Introduction, 2) Background Information about each of the companies, 3) Using vocabulary about particular parts that they had analyzed, 4) How what they analyzed relates to recent news, 5) Conclusion)

The paper will go as follows:
 After analyzing the information on your two companies, you will write a 2-3 page paper as to how each companys' economic status has changed over the past year and why you think that may have occurred.  Use your selected graphs and articles to help develop your ideas for the paper, but do not hesitate to use extra information outside of these graphs and articles.  The paper will be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman. 


The project is designed so that each student is able to better understand and gain the ability to analyze the effect of our current economy.  Each student has two companies to work from and is to examine graphs, articles, and other any other information necessary to develop a 2-3 page paper on their companies current economic statuses.


The students will be evaluated based on the following:
                An outline of each company's information - 10 pts
                2 graphs for each company - 20 pts
                2 articles for each company - 20 pts
                2-3 page paper analyzing each company's economic changes over the past year - 50 pts

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