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Netvibes can be used to manage your business/industry in 2 different ways; Personal business & stocks, and Community business advertisements, news, and reviews.  First let me inform you about the ways in which you can use Netvibes for your personal or maybe even private business. 

For personal and/or private business, you can do multiple things.  Sometimes you would just like to see how your stocks did for the day, week, month, or maybe even the year in order to analyze what could happen to it in the future.  This can be done by adding one of the widgets that allows you to be capable of putting all of your stocks onto one page to view all at once.  Also, on your business section page you would have multiple other widgets that are news (international and national) related about the stock markets along with major headlines that could potentially impact the economy in some form. 

Now let's look at the ways that you can use Netvibes for business advertisements, news, and blogs.  You would put these kinds of things onto what is called a community page.  These pages can be viewed by anyone.  Therefore, you would want this page to be very catchy and attractive.  Also, you would want to have a brief description of your business, who you are, what you do, and what your trying to accomplish.  You would then have news articles that might have been published about you in any of the local or national newspapers.  After completing all of that, you would create a blog on your community page.  By creating a blog, you allow customers and other business people to give you some feedback on your business or products.  This will allow for improvements to be made on your products.  These community Netvibes would be much more common for those new, small businesses in a small town or city.  The bigger and more popular businesses of today already have their own website that has the same and often more information about their business for their customers along with a feedback page about a product.

Netvibes can be made and used for both personal and community business.  This can definitely help you in your personal business and the starting of a new one in a different community.

This information was gotten through trials of using my own netvibe on

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