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Elementary Education
Netvibes is extremely creative and well suitable for elementary education. In this educational setting, teachers will be able to create pages for students to do all their work on. Teachers can have all the necessary websites for students to do research. Teachers will be able to put all sorts of news websites and informational websites needed. This will help narrow the search for students, and help teachers to know what is in store for student's projects. This will make for a clear understanding of what students have to do. Following directions is very crucial when it comes to elementary students. Netvibes causes less for these students to comprehend, making the learning environment better for everyone.

Teachers can put all sorts of websites on to their Netvibes webpage. Being able to put all sorts of things from Google to YouTube will help greatly. This will help to make these WebPages more interesting and fun for younger students. There isn't much you need for elementary students. You can really put the basics onto your Netvibes and cause fewer problems for everyone.

Netvibes allows people to share information with each other. With schools having very close communities with teachers, Netvibes will allow teachers to share many things. When teachers find different websites that really help students or really benefit themselves, they will be able to share it with the entire school they are at. Teachers will be able to get emails and things of that sort, making information easily shared. Sharing can really allow schools to come up with the best learning environment possible for students and staff.

Schools typically like to run on a certain system they want their teachers to follow. Netvibes allows schools to set up a learning system for the entire school to follow. With this being said, it will create an easy path to follow for teachers, as well as, young elementary students. Schools will be able to get all the needed websites and things for all classes and create Netvibes for them. Schools can also break down their system and create different Netvibes for different classes. So these young students can go to the certain Netvibes pages for each class, so not too much information is put onto one page, creating an enormous confusion for young students.  

Lastly, Netvibes is something can be designed and set up creatively. Schools can really make things fun for young students with these Netvibes. It will create more interest in the classroom because students can have fun while on the Netvibes with all that you can put on them. Teachers can make things fun and interesting simply through Netvibes and don't have to send students all over the internet to do it.

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