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 Post-Secondary Teachers

Netvibes provides post-secondary teachers or professors the opportunity to get students to interact in a fun and captivating way.  Netvibes easy access and tools can allow a teacher to incorporate the program into classroom work.  Professors can create their own page on Netvibes that will provide them with many different sources about current events or news, stock market development, and various other tools that they can use in class during a day.  These tools are especially helpful in classes that focus solely on current events and issues within the world or economy.  Professors have the ability to use Netvibes as an organizational tool.  Netvibes provides a calendar, a to-do list, and notes that can be attached directly on the homepage.  This will allow the professors to keep track of their daily schedule and what they have planned for class that day.   

Teachers can help their students become more organized as well by using Netvibes in class.  A professor can influence a student to develop a Netvibes webpage in order to keep up with what is being taught in class.  As far as organization goes, a professor could make their students create the webpage and place all of their issued homework on the calendar so the students are aware of when something is due.

Post-Secondary Students

Netvibes presents a useful resource for students at the post-secondary level in many different ways.  Post-secondary students are given the opportunity to discover information that can not only help them with school work, but that can give them something to do in between classes or homework.  Netvibes provides numerous ways to accommodate a college students interests.  As far as helping with school work, Netvibes has the option of viewing such things as stock market and the most recent events straight from reliable news sources such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and the Los Angeles Times along with many others. 

When college students need the relaxing break in between classes or homework, Netvibes has many options to entertain the students.  These features include the latest gossip on celebrities, top 10 YouTube videos, full episodes of television shows, the latest news from the world of sports, and tons of online video games. College students today are noticeably intrigued by various social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. 

Students are given the option of checking both social networks at the same time right through Netvibes.  This allows students to take less time on such websites and provides more time for school work to be completed, thus making Netvibes somewhat of a time saver.  Students can also present photography through a website that feeds into Netvibes known as Flickr. Netvibes also gives the latest weather updates for students to help them prepare for their walk to class or travel information for frequent trips home for the holidays.  Students, much like the professors,  can use Netvibes to stay organized with such widgets as the calendar, to-do lists, and web notes.  Access to email is also available through Netvibes. 

With post-secondary students, homework is given abundantly, so students are usually always busy with work.  The use of Netvibes gives a quicker alternative for students to check their favorite sports team, current news, or look at their Facebooks or Myspaces instead of wasting time pulling up all the webpages.  As stated previously, the preservation of time is very important for college students and Netvibes provides that option.

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