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  • Netvibes at the Secondary Education Level
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What is Netvibes?

  •  Netvibes is a personalized desktop that can be used for many different reasons
  •  Consists of a customizable webpage that you create
  •  On the webpage you can include whatever sites you want and whatever categories ranging from sports to the news

How does this help secondary teachers?

                Netvibes is an incredible source for a teacher especially a secondary teacher. Netvibes allows a teacher to create his or her own page that is personalized at their own free will. For example, a history teacher could use this page to create notes for his class, brush up on some current news before current events in his class, or show video stream with just the click of a button. Netvibes offers credible news sources such as:

  •  CBS News
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Google News
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The Washington Post
  • and any other site that one may want to add


For those Physical Education teachers Netvibes allows them to have all the sports coverage on one page. They offer, Los Angeles Times Sports, CBS Sports, and any other sports broadcasters that you may want to add.

Within this program you can also create groups. Teachers are able to interact within their own community by writing on ones wall. It is almost like facebook in the way the wall is set up and teachers are allowed the opportunity to talk to other teachers around the world. The private page is also able to be viewed by visitors. Teachers could post homework assignments on this page, notes, test schedule's and any other sort of information they feel may be helpful to their students.

 Student Interaction.

                Netvibes could also be used for student interaction as well. A teacher could have their students set up an account so they could be active on their current events, look up answers to worksheets, use for reports, socialize with friends, and talk to other students around the world. Students could have any news site they wanted plus they can add Facebook to their page along with sports, instant messengers and any other websites. It's a great way to introduce kids to the internet and the many uses that it can be used for besides facebook and games.

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