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This is what I got from the meeting Tuesday night as well as several discussions between Dr. Newby, Shih-Ping, and myself over the past few days.  I translated it into something that is relevant to us.

  • We deffinately need to add some substance to our sections, and this amoung several other things, needs to be completed by Friday.  I would like to see some pictures as well and screen shots of Ning in action.
  • The ultimate product of these sections will be transfered into a new Wikipedia Chapter. Basically, a Wikipedia entry, 34 chapters discussing each groups project.  Our page will display all the information that we compiled and formatted on one display page. -- Dr. Newby is working to finalize this process and it will be done the following week, so we do not need to worry about this right now though.
  • Things that will need to be cited will have superscripts.  References will be at the bottom of the page, just like in Wikipedia.
  • The exact font and layout format of our chapter page will be determined later, so don't worry about specifics like that yet.
  • Contact people, continue to talk with Shih-Ping to see if we can get any support from Ning.
  • We also need to develop a lesson plan incorporating Ning.  This is not an immediate task, but will need to be done eventually...
  • Handouts and flyers will need to be done in class Friday, so graphic designers be prepared to work on that.  Once done, Shih-Ping can have ITAP print off copies for us.

So to some it all up, priority is finishing our draft!  It isn't hard to just read through the sources and move valuable, relevant information into the sections.  You don't even have to put it in your own words, just cite it.  We do have a Ning site up and running, Mark made it during lab last week.  However, that is not priority right now, that can wait.  Again, finish the sections!

The following week, transfer to the Wiki page, work on Ning website, and work on graphic presentation.  We will have a group evaluating our work, letting us know our strengths and weaknesses.

And the week after that, the week of Thanksgiving, is the test run at Stewart.  It's not actually a test run, but an opportunity for us to see and get a feel for the room we will be presenting in.

And a final note, we need to remember to document our work here on ITAP, so that Dr. Newby and his staff can go back and look at our progress, see how we approached and completed the tasks.  This means that any valuable information that may be passed by email, should instead be posted in the comments section.  This also means that everyone should continue to be looking on here frequently to check for updates on the project.  Our progress so far has went unchecked for the most part.  Starting soon though, Dr. Newby will be checking on us, and if he does not feel that we've made significant enough of advances and are falling behind schedule, he can automatically make us take the final.  I don't think anyone really wants to take the final.  So let's get to it.

Once everyone has registered on Ning, join TeacherConnect, our Ning site!

Start up a group within our site for your particular Education concentration (English, Elementary, Math...etc...)  so we can get some discussion going!  If you have particular high school/middle school... et. al. teachers that you either keep in touch with or COULD contact such that we have people not in this class on the site, that would be awesome!


Here is a link to the Ning help center it answers any questions you might have.  Thought this might help our project run smoothly.  ( )

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