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  1. Unknown User (websterm)

    I wouldn't mind doing Writing, Editing, and Presenting.

    Here are some links that I just found that might be of use:

    This is the Wikipedia Page for Ning

    The sources from wikipedia might be of use.

    This is Ning's Blog 

    Interview with Ning CEO Gina Bianchini 

    Steve Hargadon's Blog: Interview with Marc Andreessen 

    Marc Andreessen was one of the co-founders of Ning and Steve Hargadon's Blog is a K-12 Educational technology blog.

    Steve Hargadon interviewing Gina Bianchini 

    Podcast: Gina Bianchini 

    Edited for epic fail. =D

  2. Unknown User (atull)

  3. Unknown User (jkrebsba)

    It seems that the info we have up here will pretty much covers everything - all the sites explain Ning and are straight forward.  I wouldn't mind of the developers would start looking through the research more thoroughly to get a clear understanding of Ning, disecting the more pertinent parts - nothing crazy.  On lab Friday, we will discuss in depth how we want to approach this and where we want to go with it.

  4. Unknown User (skwalker)

    Here is another website about Ning.  ( )