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  • Peer review by Group 18-Ta-Da List
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Hey everyone, this is our group's evaluation of your wiki chapter! (smile)

EDCI 270 Project 2

Peer Review Form

Reviewing Team: Ta-Da List (Group 18)

Web 2.0 Application being reviewed: Google Presenter (Group 15)



Needs Work


Project Content




Content is relevant and cohesive throughout wiki chapter.




Relevant media (graphics, video, screenshots) are incorporated.




Lesson plans (elementary, secondary) are included.




Business / industry aspects are included.




International uses of tool included.




Purpose of application, how it works, and unique uses included.

Project Format




Wiki chapter is attractive / visually appealing




Free of typographical and other errors.




Ease of navigation through chapter. Headings and links are used.

What did you like about this chapter?

  • This wiki chapter was very easy to navigate through. It was well organized and visually appealing. We think it is a really interesting application, and this wiki chapter makes us want to check it out!

What weaknesses did you find in this chapter?

  • There were some sections that still need work such as how it can be used it in a foreign country, and the business application chart. Other than these small things we think it is very good.

What suggestions do you have for improvement of this chapter?

  • Just finish up the sections that are incomplete. Other than that it looks just about done!
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