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Penzu   (Click link to return to the main WIKI page)

Brief Project Description:

This project was developed for the following reasons:

  • To get students to examine, explore, and investigate various types of Web 2.0 technologies, as well as discover ways to use those tools to enhance teaching and learning.
  • To have students work on a real-world, team-based problem where they need to develop skills of communication and cooperation in order to create and deliver the needed wiki repository outcome.
  • To have students gain a more global perspective, by including team members from universities around the world.
  • To develop a practical tool that helps anyone at any time and location review, compare, and select effective Web 2.0 tools

Group Member Introductions:

*Please provide a brief introduction about yourself. Feel free to include a picture!

Welcome to Penzu!

Hi, I am Brooke and I am from Fowler, Indiana, which is where all the Wind Turbines are being put in!  I love cheerleading, drama, singing, and of course my family and friends. :)  I am a Freshmen majoring in Elementary and Special Education. College has been stressful so far but I love it overall.  College life would be great without the classes :p haha.  I am excited about this project because it is totally different than anything I have ever done before.  I normally don't enjoy group projects, but I know this one will be different because we are going to make this as easy and smooth as possible.  I am excited to get to know everyone in our group :)  I am ready for Thanksgiving break already, but who isn't?  I really hope this project is enjoyable and I am looking forward to working on all of it!

Hey guys! My name is Meghan and I'm one of the project managers, along with Brooke. I am a sophomore majoring in English Education and I am so excited for this project! I think that most of us can agree that we have some classes that we will never use the material in the real world, but I think the projects we do in this class will actually benefit us in our future careers! I really enjoy being outdoors, football (I am obsessed with the Colts!), Purdue sports, and my beloved dachshund, Bentley! :) I am also a shopping addict, so I work part-time to feed my habit. :P I can't wait to work with all of you!

Hey everyone!  I'm Kari.  I'm from Munster, Indiana, which is about a half hour from Chicago (I love shopping in the city!).  I am a junior majoring in Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs.  I worked at an ice cream stand every summer for 5 years, but I am ready to get a new job dealing with kids.  I love children and I cannot wait to teach them!  I am hoping to get a teaching aide job over the summer.  I love cooking, exercising, my family, my friends, reading, shopping, my puppy (Daisy), and being here at Purdue!  I am really looking forward to this project, even though I usually hate doing group work.  I think it will be really fun to create an actual wiki site! Can't wait to work with everyone :)

Hi guys! My name is Kaley, and I am a 19 year old sophomore majoring in agricultural education and agribusiness management. I am from a small town in Northern Indiana called Nappanee. Yes, it is amish country up there. I live on a small show pig farm, and I have shown pigs since I was 3. I also showed cattle and sheep in 4-H. I am currently on a National Swine Junior Board called Team Purebred. I am an active member of Ann Tweedale Cooperative and I love all the girls I live with! I love reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family: pretty much the normal girl things. I am also a movie fanatic and have seen almost every movie in the RedBox (minus the scary ones). I am really excited to work on this project and letting more people know about this exciting Web  2.0 Tool! It's going to be alot of fun!

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