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Picasa in Elementary Education:

Picasa can be used in many ways within an educational or learning situation. It can be used in all ages of education, from elementary to secondary. Elementary students still developing their reading skills are able to use their strong visual learning skills using Picasa. Teachers can take pictures of objects and challenge the students to identifying the object and spelling the name of it. Also, the elementary school teachers can use the Picasa to develop a slideshow with pictures they took throughout the year.

Picasa in Middle School:

Picasa can also be used at the next level of education-Middle school. Students have now developed their reading skills and need less dependence on the visual aspect of learning, but Picasa can still be used to help teach and help learn. For example, in a history class, students could make an album of pictures they have taken of themselves in different historical costumes and settings. Using the multiple effects and editing tools, the students can turn a normal picture into a picture that looks as if it was taken back in the day.

Picasa in Secondary Education:

The Picasa application can be used at the secondary level as well. Several, if not all, high schools have a school newspaper.  Picasa can store all of the photos taken by the newspaper photographer, and also edit the photos to include captions and effects to describe the picture.

Picasa on Campus:

How many pictures are taken on a weekend on a college campus? Post-Secondary Education (College) has multiple opportunities to use a photo editting tool such as Picasa.

Picasa can be used...

-  on a college campus is to create an assignment in a computer technology class requiring the students to use Picasa.

- in a photography class as well by aiding in the production of collages, albums, and several other photographic organizers.

- on fliers promoting clubs by helping add pictures with captions, effects, and other editing tools to enhance the appeal of the club.

- on sporting event advertisements by adding effects, cropping, captioning, and coloring posters.

College campuses are overflowed with pictures, be it in albums, assignments, fliers, collages, and many others, where Picasa can enhance the quality and creativity of the images.

Picasa in the World of Business:

Picasa can also be used in the Business world.

Presentations are very common and very important to a company or corporation trying to promote their work. Picasa would allow for an easy, efficient, and effective way to organize, edit, and upload your photos and videos into a professional presentation. By using Picasa, the company/business can display their product or idea in a way that will be appealing to the eye and allow for captioning to allow for information to be presented with the images. This tool can be used in PowerPoint Presentations, posters, forms, albums, and several other materials used in the business world.

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