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Flickr vs. Picasa, who would win?

             The two are both so similar to one another that it is very hard to decide as to which one is the better of the two.  According to, a credible website with many sources and posts agreeing with the information, Flickr is a more socially based form of picture sharing, yet they do not have a very good program used for organizing the pictures like Picasa does.  Additionally, Flickr does not work quite as well if the yearly fee is not paid, whereas Picasa is up to par with solely the free version available online.  Flickr only allows the photographer to upload 100 mB of photos a month if the fee is not paid which is quite irrational considering that most photographers that do not wish to pay the fee are taking this many pictures weekly.  Picasa's program is able to be used offline without hassle and the program keeps the photos already on the computer organized into neat albums.  Flickr simply limits the amount of options that free users are able to have.  When it comes to Flickr versus Picasa, in many cases, Picasa comes out on top for the free users in the end.

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How Can Picasa Be Used With Facebook?

            Picasa and facebook can be used hand-in-hand.  There is an option on Picasa that allows the person using it to place a button on the Picasa taskbar that lets the person upload their photos directly to facebook.  This option is very helpful because the person can upload the Picasa-edited photo either to a new album or even a previously existing one.  This button is so easy for the user to set up too, because Picasa can automatically download and place the button on the screen for the person.  Based on the reviews posted in the Picasa application on the facebook website, the whole program received a 4.4 out of 5 from it's viewers.  The picture below shows the button option on the Picasa application:     

           The Picasa application also gives the users the opportunity to:

  • Not use up a lot of space on their computers with it's 1MB plug in
  • Preview their photos before posting them for others to see
  • Make the images smaller sizes before transferring them so the process goes faster
  • Upload their own captions to the different pictures that they create

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  1. Unknown User (scallina)\\

    This is a way that Picasa can be used with face book.  It turns out you can upload photos straight from Picasa to facebook.\\

    This is just other things that can be done kind of similar to facebook but applying Picasa to Myspace and fun things that you can do with that and blogs.\\\

    This is a site on how to add albums from Google to Picasa, this one isn't that much but it shows how the two relate to each other. 

  2. Unknown User (krlichte)

    Picasa is one of the many photo software programs out there. It was reviewed and made the top 10 for photo software, but was down at the bottom (#9)

    This site rates the ease of the site, editing, sharing, and many other factors. Interesting to see how it relates to other products out there on the market.

  3. Unknown User (krlichte)

    One of the other main programs is Flickr. This site is called "Flickr vs. Picasa" and talks about the differences and purposes of each. IT goes into good detail, so take a look at it.