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Picjuice Research Page

Picjuice Group Member Introduction Page  

Page created by: Brooke Angle, Shelby Bathauer, Sam Berger, Mustafa Çetin, Esra Diker, Hope McGowen, Ethan Merrick, Neysette Ramos, Ömer Faruk ?en, Casey Spelman, Hasan Türk, Krystalle Johnson

What is Picjuice? What can it do?

Picjuice is a simple, user friendly online photo editing site that is completely free of charge and "gives users a standard editing application with no fuss and no hassle."(1)  

Using the site is easy; all you need to do is click the "Choose File" button, browse to choose a picture that is saved on your computer, and then click the "Upload" button. Picjuice explains, "You can easily edit your photos: resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast and color levels. After you have finished, click on the "Save" icon to download your photo."(1)  

Many other online picture editing sites are complicated and take time to master even the most basic skills.  Fortunately, Picjuice is quick and simple! If a user is short on time but needs a high quality editing site, Picjuice is the way to go.

Ranking of Picjuice

I. History

I.1 Development

Picjuice was established on June 10, 2008.  The United States is the host country for the Picjuice website.  It is headquartered in Arizona, and the creators have chosen to remain anonymous to the general public.  It began in Beta, but is now developed into its current version.

I.2 Requirements for Picjuice 


The simplicity of Picjuice can be seen in the requirements for being able to run and use the online picture editing application. The only real requirement for running Picjuice efficiently is to have either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer installed on your computer.  Picjuice will not run on other Internet browsers.(12)


To be able to use other applications, similar to picjuice, many require a monthly or annual membership fee or require you to sign up by giving them your email address and other personal information.  You don't need either of these with Picjuice.  There is no fee and no sign up required- Picjuice is 100% Free! (5)


Because of its simple nature, Picjuice only allows users to upload photos that are saved onto their hard drives.  Other applications often allow users to upload pictures found on the web by using the photo URL.  This option isn't available with Picjuice, but luckily there is a trouble-free way around the problem.  Saving photos found on the web onto your hard drive is quick and easy.  By simply right-clicking the picture, you can choose the "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As..." option from the drop-down menu.  You can then save it onto your hard drive in whichever folder you choose.  Then, the photo can be uploaded on Picjuice and edited! 

What does Picjuice do?

When one is searching for, this original page will show up.


Cropping allows you to select an area of the photo you

would like to cut out.  After choosing the "Crop" button, users

are given a crosshair over the image.  Using this crosshair,

you are able to highlight the area of the image you would like

cropped.  Once you have made your final selection, click the

second "crop" button and Picjuice will crop the shadowed portion

out of the photo, leaving you with only the highlighted portion.

You may either use the cross-hair or input an exact width and 

height value, measured in pixels.

 Picture from: Microsoft Office Clip Art


The re-size tool allows you to enlarge or shrink your image to 

your desired size.  Clicking the "Re-size" button creates a

slider tool which can then be moved up or down to either

make the photo bigger or smaller, respectively.  The image

changes in real time as you slide the bar so there is no

guess work involved for how big it will end up being.  This

tool on Picjuice's site creates an extremely clear enlarged

image in comparison to many other sites which create a

blurred or grainy second image. 



 Picture from:


Using the flip option ultimately creates a mirror image of the

original photo.  You are given the option to flip the picture

either horizontally or vertically.  This tool works discreetly in

photos that are symmetrical, such as a photo of many flowers.

However, it results in a very drastic change in photos that are



 Picture from:


Clicking "Rotate" allows you to turn a photo counter-clockwise.  

This is useful for images that need to be rotated to be able to

view the image correctly.  You may use the rotate button as

many times as needed until it is in the desired position.


 Picture from:


Adjusting an image alters the photo's contrast and color

levels.  Picjuice will automatically adjust the image based

on the site's color adjustment algorithm.  It's basically the "I'm

Feeling Lucky" of color adjustment in photo editing. (3)  You

can adjust the image multiple times to make a more dramatic 

effect, or simply adjust the photo once to boost the colors of

the image. (17)


Picture from: Microsoft Office Clip Art  


After you have made all changes to your picture that you

desire, you can save the new photo to your computer by

clicking the "Save" button.  This will allow you to save in

either JPG or PNG format. (23)

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II. How Picjuice Relates to Other Applications

  • Web-based image editing tools have been popping up everywhere in the past decade.  Many are high quality and are for more experienced photo editors. Sometimes, however, you just want to do simple tasks like resizing and cropping without being inundated with an array of tools and swatches. (4)
  • The controls for the tools in Picjuice are very simple.  Depending on which tool you select, you will get: an A or B option, a slider, or a cross-hair to select which area you would like to work with. (4)
  • These overly simplified controls will aid users who can't keep up with or don't have the time to use one of the more feature-rich photo editing sites.  Through tests, Picjuice's resizing tool has actually been found to be better than the one available on Photoshop Express.  Enlarged images turn out a lot clearer in Picjuice than in Express where they look jagged and pixelated. (4)
  • Picjuice has joined an "already crowded arena" of online imaging editors, but it still has something to offer. (4)

Web page


selection tools
for editing

Registration needed









Adobe Photo Shop Express




































Dr. Pic
















Layers: Allows users to have "multiple layers on a single image, so that you can easily mix more objects together on the same canvas." (23)

Advanced Selection Tools: Helps user "select part of the image that you wouldn't be able to extract with traditional instruments." (23)  Photoshop's Magic Wand and Lasso tools are examples of advanced selection tools.

Registration Needed: Shows whether or not the user will need to sign up to the service and/or pay a membership fee in order to start editing their images. (23)  

Why choose Picjuice?

  • Simplicity  
       Only seven buttons to use  
       "Clean and attractive interface" (1)   
       No need to download/install any software
  • Easy to use

            Buttons clearly labeled with pictures and words
            Simply click each button to toggle between editing tools

  • Free services (5)
       No sign-up
       No membership fee
  •  No annoying advertisements


This photo shows the seven options one can choose from.

Why choose another image editor?

  • Picjuice is unreliable.  It doesn't always upload photos, rendering it useless.  It is currently up for sale, so perhaps the creators have stopped maintaining the site to keep it operational.  
  • It is only reliable on certain browsers, so you are limited to where and when you can access the website for it to work properly.
  • It doesn't offer advanced tools such as: layers, selection tools, black/white and sepia tones, red-eye filtering, retouching, and manual adjusting.
  • Once you have edited the image, you cannot "undo" the last edit.  The user must re-upload the photo and start from scratch.
  • If you are impatient, Picjuice is not for you, because it tends to download pictures slowly.

Experience using Picjuice

 When I was working with Picjuice, I found it very frustrating when I was trying to upload pictures because sometimes the pictures would open so I could edit them and other times they would not.  I tried to open a big picture that I had taken on my camera and uploaded on my hard drive, but it would not open at all; instead my computer froze.  When a friend of mine uploaded a picture form the Internet onto Picjuice, it came right up.  The picture was much smaller than the one that I had taken and tried to upload, but some of the edits were very slow when they were being made.  I quickly found out that Picjuice's performance depends on the picture used and the method for editing selected.

The following links lead to more testimonials about

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III. Real World Application

III.1 Elementary Lesson Plans:

  • Science: In a postcard home, students will write about their life while visiting their favorite planet demonstrating their knowledge of the planet's characteristics.  Photos of their favorite planet will be resized with Picjuice and printed out to be used as postcards.
  • Social Studies: Students will create a collage of pictures pertaining to a topic associated with The Great Depression, such as the new deals or unemployment. They will use Picjuice to make edits to the pictures that they chose to include in their collages. Students will ultimately demonstrate what they have learned about The Great Depression by writing a short summary about their assigned Great Depression topics.They will also give a brief oral presentation, describing what pictures they include in their collage and how they are related to their assigned topics.

         Elementary Level-The Great Depression Collage Project.docx

         Elementary Level-The Great Depression Collage Project.pdf


III.2 Middle School Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plan for Creative Writing based on ASL culture.docx 

Lesson for Creative Writing based on ASL culture.pdf


III.3 High School Lesson Plans:

III.4 Post-Secondary Lesson Plans:

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Since this specific site is especially uncomplicated, it can be implemented in almost any classroom and any other business-type setting.

In an educational setting, Picjuice can be very useful.  The application consists of seven simple buttons that help users edit photos quickly with no hassle. Its ease of access and basic tools allow a variety of grade levels to incorporate it into their work. Younger children can use it to crop and resize pictures for assignments or craft projects. This will assist them in developing their computer skills along with learning new programs and editing techniques. High school and college students can use it for more refined photo altering like rotating, flipping, and adjusting the color. Some other editing sites can be very complicated, but the Picjuice site is extremely simple and could be the best choice for regular editing activities. Picjuice can be used for projects from an assortment of classes, wherever pictures are involved.

In a business setting, Picjuice can be very convenient. If editing tasks need to be done, this site is perfect for a quick and simple revision.  Business employers as well as employees are usually busy and do not have a lot of time to spend on side projects.  Therefore, Picjuice is the answer.  With the fast uploading and editing, the altering can be done at once with no complications or delays.

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V. How Picjuice Is Used Internationally

  • Language barrier: Only available in English. However, only a few words (save, crop, resize, etc.) would need to be translated by the user to get full use of the technology.
  • Availability of is the same in all countries.
  • Because it is only available in one language, it is likely that international people would prefer to use different image editing sites.  For example, Picnik offers a language bar at the top of the page where users can change language settings.  However, it is clear that people do use Picjuice internationally... Here is a video of someone offering tips and tricks for Picjuice in his native language:

 Need this page in your own language? Copy and paste it into this website:

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VI. References
























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