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Page Created By: Emily Bunder, Elisabeth Cline, Cyndie Ennis, Katherine Long, Zachariah Martin, Mitchell Osterday, Joseph Shaughnessy, Jasmine Taylor, Kirrin Timbs, Melissa Turner, Dustin Zachary, Sofia Kim


Picnik is a user friendly photo editing site which is offered free of charge.5  Picnik explains, "By offering an ad-supported (free) version of Picnik, we can make richer, deeper, and ultimately better photo-editing functionally available to people around the world."   Picnik's purpose is to "Bring photo editing awesomeness to everyone."6  Many photo editing sites and programs are known to leave people frustrated by simply being too complicated.  Picnik has created their site to allow even the most computer illiterate person to become a "photo editing superstar."7 

For those who want the full experience of Picnik, there is the Picnik Premium which include "more features, more content, more awesomeness"29 for a small fee of $2.08 per month.

A survey conducted by Picnik found that 80% of users are female. Of those 80%, half of the users are under the age of 20. Picnik is continually thinking of ideas to broaden its user base and appeal to more individuals (Picnik, personal communication, April 10, 2009).


I.I Development of Picnik">I.I Development of Picnik


          Darrin Massena

                                                  Development of Picnik


     The title of this application is Picnik. In 2005, Darrin Massena and Mike Harrington
came up withan application idea for a photo editor that was fun and flash-based.
Picnik began as a BETA, and then developed into the version we have today.^2^
In February of 2007, a very simple BETA with only an edit tab was released to
the public. Approximately 8-10 months later, it came out of BETA and it has been
growing ever since (Picnik, personal communication, April 10, 2009). According to
comScore, Picnik now ranks 14th on the list of largest sites for photos.
Jonathon Sposato, CEO of Picnik, said, "45 million photos were uploaded in
January (2009) alone." 3 In addition to the co-founders and CEO, roughly 15 computer
engineers, computer graphic designers, business majors, and other computer and
community representatives make up Picnik. Most of the developers have a background
in either business or computer technology.1  Picnik is overseen by a larger company called Bitnik.4

         Mike Harrington

                                                     Google Acquires Picnik

On March 1, 2010, Picnik reported on their blog that they had been acquired by Google. This
allows for Picnik to process a much greater amount of data much faster. Picnik stated that while
nothing will be changing immediately, their users can expect great changes in the upcoming months.27

    On February 11, 2011, one of these changes that has already come into effect since Picnik was
acquired is the addition of their "Get Married in Style" tools.  This tool allows wedding photographs to be put into specially designed collage templates. This partnership with Google also allows the couple to be married to create wedding invitations using Picnik.28

Table of Contents

I.2 How Does Picnik Work?">I.2 How Does Picnik Work?


What does one have to do to start using it?">What does one have to do to start using it?

Want to Picnik? It is fun and easy to start using! All you will need to access this application is a computer, Internet service, Adobe Flash 9, and a creative mind.8 

Picnik even offers a quick tour of their various editing tools such as auto-fix, red-eye and etc. to get beginners started.29 Picnik makes it simple for anyone to use from graphic professionals to a student that has never edited a picture before!

Still having trouble understanding how to use Picnik? Google provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to become a “Picnik Master.” Just visit the following site (Picnik Master) and it will expand your skills “from a seed to big shady tree." It will teach you how to go from just fine-tuning your pictures to using the curving tool to fix the contrast and tone of your pictures.33

Also, for those who are concerned about your pictures or information being shared on the web, Picnik provides a Privacy Policy that states, “We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any sensitive personal information." So you can be assured that Picnik will not make anything public without your permission.32


  • Go to and click on the Get Started Now icon.   
  • Input the required information to register.
  • Once a picture is uploaded to the site, it is brought to a page that has five tabs called Home, Library, Edit, Create, and Save & Share.
  • Your photo will start in the tab called Edit.
  • From here, Picnik makes it easy for everyday people to enhance their pictures, and have them ready to be exported to Facebook, MySpace or just the family computer.(5)
  • If you are still having difficulties and have questions that need answering visit Picnik's forum site at to find an answer.
  • To search for a picture that you want to edit, click Upload a Photo.

As you start getting comfortable using Picnik, you'll begin to notice an interesting characteristic about Picnik is that it features seasonal trends. For example, during the month of October, they might include featured editing tools, fonts, borders and etc. to go along with the scary theme of Halloween or maybe during winter, they might provide snow-like edits to go along with the wintery feel. Furthermore, they don’t only make these edits available in the corresponding months but it is always available under the “seasonal” tab!37

Picnik is very convenient because it allows the user to save and share their finished products in countless ways. The most conventional way is saving it to computer but Picnik also allows the editor to upload to other picture sites and one the largest social networks, Facebook. In addition, for those trying to share photos with specific people, for example a family member trying to send a photo to relatives, there is the email option. Lastly, for the people who want to immediately frame the photo or hang it up, there is the print option. With these numerous options, Picnik makes it quick and easy for the user to find the most appropriate method for their situation.39

I.3 Getting More Out of the Application">I.3 Getting More Out of the Application

Although it is not required to upgrade to the Premium offer, for a small price, it expands the amount of editing, viewing, history  and etc. a person can do.9 If one decides that this is an appealing purchase, it only costs a monthly payment of $2.08 (US Dollars). This Premium version offers all of the great tools that the regular version has while unlocking more features such as creating advanced collages and allowing you to use more advanced editing tools like Levels and Curves.  Below is a list of all the advantages to upgrading to Picnik Premium.29 

  • More effects
  • Beauty tools
  • More fonts,collages, and stickers
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Unlimited history and connections
  • Priority feedback
  • Ad-free and fullscreen
  • Layering and more!

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In addition to advanced tools, you also gain access to Priority Help Support, previews to new content, and professional FontShop fonts.10 As shown below, Picnik Premium also removes the advertisement bar from the main screen, making a less distracting photo-editing environment.

Although only Premium users receive access to the Priority Help Support, basic users also receive benefits of their Picnik Help Center that answers questions ranging from fixing a small problem such as trouble uploading photos to more specific questions about individual accounts such as billing.34 Moreover, Picnik provides a forum for users to interact with other users by answering each other’s questions.35 

Another great characteristic of this particular picture-editing tool is that it allows for more than just picture editing. With Picnik, you are able to make a collage, fancy collage, slideshows, and keepsakes. The various ways you can utilize Picnik really makes it a advantageous tool. Particularly, the keepsake feature is unique, allowing you to make hard copies of memories through mugs, books, calendars, cards, postcards, wrapping paper and even more! This should be feature any user would want to take advantage of.40

Table of Contents

II. How is Picnik Related to Other Applications?">II. How is Picnik Related to Other Applications?

II.1 Comparison to Competitors                            ">II.1 Comparison to Competitors                            

Within the Web 2.0 Technology Flickr, you can use most of the same tools as Picnik. This is the result of a partnership between the two companies that was formed in December 2007. This partnership allows you to edit your photos on Flickr using Picnik. You can use either the basic version of Picnik or Picnik Premium. Depending on what version of Flickr you use (i.e. Flickr or Flickr Pro), you can use Picnik in limited or expanded situations. Such situations include the basic ability to save pictures, or the advanced ability to return to previous versions of the picture.11

Flickr decided to enter this partnership instead of attempting to create their own photo editing tool because "As soon as we saw it, we knew that there was huge potential for us to join together. Rather than Flickr diverting from our specialty to enter a realm we had no (particular) expertise in, the thought of a partnership seemed much more sensible".26

Like other Web 2.0 photo editing applications such as FotoFlexer, Fauxto and Adobe's Photoshop express, Picnik offers the ability to upload photos through Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, MySpace, Webs, Webshots, and Photobucket. This gives users easier access to pictures that may not be stored on the users computer.12

Most photo editing sites also give you the option to share photos on the very same site.  Picnik differs by only giving you the option to edit.  Other applications such as Facebook, Myspace, and even other photo editing sites are used to display the newly "Picnik" edited pictures.1

On Tuesday of October 9th 2007, PhotoWorks added the editing tools and capabilities of Picnik to their website for personal photo publishing.  Picnik editing tools can be used without even leaving the PhotoWorks site. Picnik uses your PhotoWorks account to store your photos, so there's no need to register with Picnik separately. Both sides are satisfied with this partnership and feel that it will make photo editing and publishing simpler and more accessible for PhotoWorks users and potential users.13

Unlike many other photo editing sites, Picnik provides a blog that is run right on their site so that it is easy for users to interact with one another and keep each other up-to-date about the newest editing tool, or benefits of Picnik. You don’t even need an account! All you need is a name and email and your comment will be posted!36

Picnik even has its own Facebook and Twitter page, two of the most commonly used social networks, to allow users to stay up-to-date with daily updates and promotions.30 31

Picnik has received massive attention from the media ranging across magazines to news channels. This application has received numerous awards and has been recognized for its outstanding quality. It is amazing to see how such a simple application has received so much recognition from various types of groups such as teens to adults and students to businessmen.
Click below to see view the list of awards, media recognization and etc.38

Picnik Press

Table of Contents

II.2 Unique Ways to Use Picnik">II.2 Unique Ways to Use Picnik

The 'Create' tools offered by Picnik are very unique.  "Stickers" of beards and mustaches can be placed on faces in pictures. Text can be put onto pictures with many different types of fonts.  These tools are quite fun to use.  One very unique and user friendly tool provided is the "effects" tool.  The effects range from a simple black and white tool to a pencil sketch effect which turns a picture into what looks like hand drawn art.  It is a way to change photos that many would never think of.5  

Picnik also offers the ability to create your very own cards. There are many different types of cards that can be created varying from holiday cards to seasonal cards. There is a collage section were one can decide to make a quick and simple collage, or make what Picnik refers to as a "fancy" collage. Other applications provided include birth announcements and scrapbooking sheets. There are many other types of handy uses that a person could use after exploring the website some more.14
Laura Jean Karr, a Picnik member, has found ways to use the editing tools provided to create business cards, make logos, and even use the program as a graphics editor. Articles of how to do any of these can be found on her site.15

It is also possible to make clip art with the edited photos.  This could be a good alternative to the clip art provided by Microsoft Office programs, which generally only offer a limited selection of images. The procedure for this method is described on this website.  It tells you step by step how to do it with pictures.16
Many YouTube users have found unique ways of editing pictures. This link will bring you to the page that shows you which ones Picnik likes:
Table of Content

                    Layer a Texture on Your Photo with Picnik


                                 Make a Collage with Picnik

Using the new touch-up feature from
Picnik, a blurry picture can be made crisp
and clear.

III. Real World Application">III. Real World Application

III.1 Education Lesson Plans">III.1 Education Lesson Plans

Incorporating the use of Picnik's website and editing capabilities into the classroom can be easily done. For elementary teachers, it is very useful in creating holiday decorations. Students could use the program to create their own picture book. This would be great to leave out for parents to look at during an open house.18 English students, when writing a short story or reflection papers, can add creative pictures to the story.17 Older children can use Picnik to edit pictures throughout the school year for the yearbook or school website.18 High school art classes could also widely benefit from Picnik, especially those on limited funding to buy computer photo editing tools for the classroom.19 All teachers can benefit from Picnik's editing features. The screenshots used in this page were prepared using Picnik's sticker and text capabilities. This provides a great tool for helping students visualize a process and see where things are located on a webpage.

An example of how to incorporate Picnik into a lesson can be found here: 20

i.Elementary">i. Elementary

ii.Secondary">ii. Secondary

iii.Post Secondary">iii. Post Secondary

IV. Business/Industry">IV. Business/Industry

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value">IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Eric Ulken, a journalism teacher,  posted on the website how he used Picnik to teach his online class.  The online aspect of journalism benefits from Picnik because you can make similar changes to those you would do manually prior to publishing online in the same place as your publication.21 A video tutorial can be found at this site showing how to use Picnik on a Smart Board, a virtual touch-screen white board used in many classrooms today.  This gives teachers the potential to more easily navigate the site for their classroom, and show an entire class the same demonstration at one time.22  An educator posting on a web page called Open Source described their use of Picnik with sixth grade students by having them upload images and drawings into the program and edit them to make such items as CD covers. This demonstrates a real life example of the integration of Picnik into a learning environment. 23

Moving outside the realm of education in schools and more into the educating people in the professional world, Harvey McKinnon Associates ("a consultancy specializing in fundraising, relationship building, and direct response for the nonprofit community" seeks to promote Picnik as an application that can be used as a cheaper alternative to expensive photo editing applications such as Photoshop. They bring up the point that non-profit organizations have a tight budget as is, so using the features of Picnik to design a webpage or brochures is something that is important for people to know about.24

Table of Content

V. How is Picnik Used Internationally?">V. How is Picnik Used Internationally?

How is the application used in other countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the United States?">How is the application used in other countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the United States?

As in the United States, Picnik is an emerging application in Australia. It's used in editing photos for facebook, home, and office. The availability of the program does not differ, and is used for the same purposes Americans use Picnik. That would be for editing photos for social networking sites such as facebook.3

When it comes to school use, Picnik is normally not the application of choice.  Adobe Photoshop is most likely to be found in schools in Australia, which is common in the U.S. as well (Jasmine Taylor, Kirrin Timbs, and Melssa Turner, personal communication, March 25, 2009).

If people who use Picnik in other countries want to use Picnik in their native language, there is a language bar at the top of the page where you can change these settings. This makes Picnik more accessible to more people (Picnik Team, personal communication, April 10, 2009).                                                                     
Below are some examples of what Picnik looks like in different languages.



Table of Content


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  1. Unknown User (mosterda)

    Hey guys,

    I'm Mitch and I'll be our project manager for this project. I am a freshman and currently undecided on what kind of education I would like to pursue. This first comment on here is to welcome you all to what will become our very own Wiki about the Web 2.0 technology Picnik. I personally do not have a lot of experience with this program, but I encourage you to go to the website and look around a little bit and come up with some ideas of how we can research this topic. Here is the website: Also, be thinking about what kinds of roles you would be comfortable playing in this project (i.e. researcher, writer, presenter, developer). I will do my best to honor your requests.

    Alrighty, I think that's about all I have for this post. Please post a comment on here before we meet next so you know what it's all about. Always feel free to leave comments or suggestions on here as well. By the way, there are helpful videos explaining how to do things on the main page of this site, so I highly recommend checking those out.


    1. Unknown User (dmzachar)

      Hey everyone,

      I am Dustin and this is my third year at Purdue, but I just recently switched majors to Physical Education and Health Education.  I personally would like to teach at the high school level.  I would really like not to take the final in this class so I will do as much work as I possibly can and I know you all will too.  I have never used Picnik or heard of it before so I will check it out over break.  Personally it does not matter what role I have.  I do not fancy myself as a good presenter but if no one else wants to do it then I will be fine with taking that role.  Other than that, you all can decide what you want and I will take what is leftover.  I wish you all a safe and good break and I will see everyone when we get back.

      -Dustin Zachary


  2. Unknown User (ecline)

    Hey everyone!

    I'm Lisy (pronounced lizzy). I'm a freshman here at Purdue and studying Fine Arts Education, and will hopefully teach high school students. I'm from Delphi, which is about a 20 min drive from Lafayette, so I know just about every thing about the area. I'm gona be honest and say I've never worked with Picnik before and I look forward to exploring it with you and working on this project with everyone. I'm not particularly picky about the role i will play in this project, I'm more of a person who does what they're told and whatever is put in front of me gets done. So, with that, I'll check out the site and set up an account and I'll see you friday in  lab!

    Lisy , 765 586 1697

  3. Unknown User (cennis)

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm Cyndie. I am a freshman here at Purdue and I am studying Elementary Education. I have personally used picknik for my photos and it is a pretty cool site. I love editing my pictures on there! I know a lot of people who use the site for their pictures and then upload them to Facebook. I am looking forward to working on this project with everyone! Whatever my job is for this project, I will make sure it gets done and is presentable. Hope everyone had a great break...only a few more weeks left! (smile)


  4. Unknown User (ebunder)


    I'm Emily, I'm a sophomore at purdue, and I'm in the process of changing my major from Photography to Elementary Education. (smile) I'm from West Lafayette, went to West Lafayette High School, and my parents live on North Chauncey Street, where I grew up. SO basically, I'm the epitome of a townie, and loving every minute of it! I've used picnik casually several times for facebook as well, so I was pumped to see we got this one! I'm not extremely sure about what exactly all the roles entail-but regardless I will be happy with doing any one of them. I look forward to working with you all as well as helping out in other areas when I can, in addition to my own section or role. See you all Friday!


  5. Hey!

    I'm Jasmine, I'm in my second year at USQ in Australia, and I study Secondary Education and major in Maths and Economics. I've had a quick look at the website so now I know what picnik actually is which helps a little. Basicly I have no what the assignment entails so any help would be good, but I'm happy to work towards any role that you give me. Anyway I'm sure we'll figure it out.


  6. Unknown User (mosterda)

    The schedule page is up and running as of 1:13 AM on March 26.

  7. Hi,

    I'm Melissa, I'm a second year Secondary Education student with a double major in Music and Drama at USQ in Australia.  I've had a look at picnik and I admit I'd never even heard of it before this project so this is all new to me.  I'm happy to do whatever role you assign me.  I'm excited to be working with you all though it is a bit daunting not being able to work in person.


  8. Hey,

    I was just wondering if someone could clear up if it is one thing we need to post for each of our three questions or if its three for each question.

    Thanks, Jasmine

    1. Unknown User (mosterda)

      You just need to post a total of three times. It would be ok if you post one thing for each of your questions. Feel free to post more, though.

  9. Unknown User (martinz)


    I'm Zach this is my first year back to Purdue. In '00 I left Purdue to get a job with the Electrical Union to support my growing family, I have three boys.  The economy got bad and I was laid off for 7 months, so I decided to come back and finish what I started.  I am currently in art education but I am codoing into Elementry Education.  I am from the Lafayette area went to McCutchen High School.  I have only recently used Piknik, so I am new at it.  I am ready to get this started and I will see you in lab Friday.

    Zach Martin


  10. Unknown User (jshaughn)

    Hello all,

    I'm a freshman studying P.E. and Health. I never have heard of picnik, but I generally catch onto sites rather quickly so learning about shouldn't be an issue. I don't mind any role except presentor. I am a bit of nervous one when speaking to peers. I do not want to take the final so I plan on working on this project the best I can.


  11. Hi Everyone,

    I just had an idea I thought I'd share with everyone while I remember it.  In the final presentation of this, where we list the groups names, it might be a nice touch for each of us to have a photo of ourselves we have touched up on Picnik.


    1. Unknown User (sfreemye)


      Great Idea! 

      By the way, I'm Sarah the TA for this group! Let me know if you need anything (

  12. Unknown User (kslong)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a freshman here at Purdue. Last semester, I was an Animal Science/Pre-vet major. This semester, I switched to Agricultural Education. I love taking and editing pictures. I will admit I have never used Picnik, I normally use Picasa to edit my pictures. However, I'm always game to learn something new. I will say that I'm slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by this project, but then again, I thought Project 1 was overwhelming as well. I look forward to working with you all!

    Katherine(big grin)

    P.S. I like Turner's idea. Maybe be could incorporate that into the final project somehow.

  13. Unknown User (jshaughn)

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I've begun compiling the research.  What I edited the information to is located underneath all the original research titled Edit Version.  If I miss read something or simply got the wrong idea from your research, and you do not like how I edited it just leave a comment explaining where I went wrong. 

  14. Unknown User (ecline)

    I like Turner's idea too!!

  15. Unknown User (kslong)

    I had a thought regarding Turner's idea. What if we took a picture of the Indiana group and edited it on Picnik. Then the International group, Jasmine, Kirrin, Melissa, could do the same? That way, at our presentation, people would be able to see before and after shots and some examples of what Picnik can do.

  16. Unknown User (dmzachar)

    I have realized that I don't really know what my primary role is for the group.  I saw people listed with what they are doing but didn't see what i was doing.  If we need someone to do the programming still I can do that.  I will just need to get a quick run down from Sarah or one of the UTAs on how to do it.

  17. Unknown User (kslong)

    Yeah, I don't know much about programming either, but I'd be willing to give it a try. O and I had an idea for you guys for tomorrow. What if someone went around and took pictures while you were working on the project? Then we could edit them and put them in the project and presentation. We could incorporate the topic, project, teamwork, and other little things that teachers are always looking for. Just a thought.

  18. Unknown User (cennis)

    Hey everyone!

    I hope Saturday's bbq was yummy and fun! I just want to compliment for those of you who did go! You all did an awesome job adding information to our page!  I am going to keep on looking through everything to make sure it does not need any editing. I am sure you all did a great job! Hope everyone's weekend was great! See ya in lecture!

  19. Unknown User (mosterda)

    Hey Everyone,

    Let me know what you think of the screen shots I added. I used Picnik to do it, but they are very rough and can of course be changed. Let me know what you think!!


  20. Unknown User (kslong)

    Wow, this page looks awesome guys!!! We're doing great! Can't wait too see the finished project and the presentation!!! (big grin)

  21. Unknown User (ecline)

    AAHHHH!! im gettin so excited!! our page looks so amazing!! great work guys!!

  22. Unknown User (jmweaver)

    ^EDCI 270- Picknik Review.doc

    Here is the peer review from the Scriblink group. Good job guys!

  23. Unknown User (cennis)

    Just to let everyone know, I looked about the wiki again and I found words like buisness and representatives spelled wrong! If someone wants to look for these words just in case I missed any that would be great! Thanks

  24. Unknown User (rherr)

     Picnik seems like a really fun tool to use. I have only used the basic a few times, but the Premium is probably much better. I think the description on how to use Picnik was also very detailed and helpful for people who haven't ever used it before. It can be pretty tricky on how to use each tool on the Picnik website, especially since some are only for Basic and some are only for Premium.

    Another thing, I thought it was very interesting to see that 80% of the people who use Picnik are females, and half of them are under the age of 20. It goes to show that most people using Picnik are using it to edit their photos to make them look better for websites such as MySpace or Facebook. It also shows that females really want to make their photos "shine" and males don't really care near as much.

    Great description of the website though.

    -Rebecca Herr

  25. Unknown User (dcorrie)

    Hello. Im Dorothy and an Elementary Education major.I love picnik and use it all the time! i love the editing options and am so glad that it is free. all of the options are great and can be used for so many things, such as fun, projects, and advertisements. I love how easy it is to use, and how anyone can access it. This site gives people the opportunity to be creative with thier photos. Picnik is a great site that is used world wide and will continue to be popular with all ages.


  26. Unknown User (matthej)

    Hi, I'm Jade! I'm a Elementary Education major. I have never used Picnik before, but many of my friends use Picnik for their Facebook pictures. After reading about Picnik on this wiki review, I might consider using Picnik myself! This page was very useful in explaining what uses Picnik can be used for. And I also did not know it's free.


  27. Unknown User (hartmanb)

    I constantly use picnik mainly because it is so simple to use.  It is very sophisticated even with its simplistic design.  I love this app! I have photoshop and other editing software but I still find myself using picnik!  This app would be great for any art class or any subject that needs publicity or any type of website.