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Caution: The website 'Pikikids' is kid friendly, but we recommend adult supervision.


                                                                    Page Created By: Whitney Ketterer, Ryan Bridges, Kalin Atkins, Sean Collins

What is the purpose of Pikikids?

This Application is a comic book making website developed specifically for kids. Pikikids is an easy to use application that has unique applications which allow kids to use their imaginations and create interesting comic strips! The child and the parent can create an account using the parents email and make their own comic. Once they have finished with their creation, they can choose to get it published and sent to their home or simply save it and share with their friends and family! This application is a simple enough process, but intriguing and has the ability to capture a child's interest. The site has the ability to be an educational tool in the classroom as well as a fun activity for the home.

Table of Contents


   I.1 Development
   I.2 How Does Pikikids Work?
   I.3 Additional Information About Pikikids


How Does Pikikids Relate to Other Applications?
   II.1 Comparison to Competitors
   II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
       III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
           i. Elementary
           ii. Secondary
           iii. Post Secondary
       III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How is Pikikids Used Internationally?



I. History

I.1 Development first appeared on April 21, 2008.  Pikikids is an affiliate site to, which was designed and developed by a group of Web 2.0 designers based out of Australia. contains links to various "Piki" sites.  These sites cater to a variety of users including adults, children, and businesses.  These sites allow the user to manipulate and use pictures to create and to customize pictures.  1

It is designed especially for children, and the site is monitored regularly

I.2 How Does Pikikids Work?

This YouTube video is a step by step video created to show potential users how to use the site. 2

The process involves four easy steps:

  • Pick a comic strip layout     
  • Customize the layout     
  • Add pictures from your files or Flickr to the comic stip     
  • Add effects to the pictures

 Here is another video on how to create a comic.


Once you have created your comic, you can choose to have your comic printed – via Pikiprint – on a t-shirt, mug, bag, or mouse pad. Pikiprint supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files. Also, other Piki users can rate your comic, and the top comics are featured on the front page.  3

Here are some examples of Pikikids' creations: 4

I.3 Additional Information about Pikikids and are based out of Australia.  The Australian company, Golden Orb Technologies Pty Ltd., created the PikiCentral website and developed it into the website it is today.  PikiSourcing has a strict internal code of conduct and follows local & international laws and the codes of WRAP and the FLA. 5

II. How Pikikids Relate to other Applications

II.1 Comparison to Competitors

Here are several Web 2.0 applications that are similar to

Bitsrips Example:


The above sites are a few examples of the many sites that are designed for comic building.  These above sites are very similar to the construction of Pikikids, but some have drawbacks and others offer more options.  Usage fees are a large drawback for most of the competitor websites.  For example, the Bitstrips website has two specialized categories for business and educational use.  These categories allow the user to create private workshops or classrooms and include a variety of useful and interesting tools, but these options come with a price!  The price can range from $9.95-$29.95 per month.  Pikikids on the other hand, allows the user to have free access to all tools and the ability to save their creation without the cost of usage fees! 6

II.2 Unique Uses

Pikikids uses another picture application, Flickr .  Flickr allows its users to upload and store their pictures on the Flickr website.  From Flickr the user is able to share their pictures with others or quickly access them in order to link or post the pictures onto other websites.  Piki Kids allows its users to upload pictures onto their comic strip from the user's Flickr account. 7

The pikikids website includes the unique application of "fun stuff".  Fun stuff allows the user to customize each comic box with pictures and add to the uploaded pictures.  In the picture below, the third and far right column is an example of possible images  that a user can add to the comic strip.  "Fun stuff" also includes, animals, wigs, word, and many other fun additions.  This aspect of the Pikikids website allows the user to create more unique and interesting projects!

III. Real World Application

III.1Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary

Primary Lesson Plan 1

Primary Lesson Plan 2

Primary Lesson Plan 3

Primary Lesson Plan 4

ii. Secondary

Secondary Lesson Plan 1:

Secondary Lesson Plan 2

Secondary Lesson Plan 3

iii. Post Secondary

Post Secondary Lesson Plan 1

Post Secondary Lesson Plan 2

Post Secondary Lesson Plan 3

III.2 Business/Industry

While Pikikids is designed for kids, it could be useful in the business world as well. Marketing directed towards kids is a booming, lucrative business. Advertising firms could use this application to promote products geared towards kids in a manner that speaks to this demographic by using this application. Also, advertising agents could use this application to research what kids are interested in, based on the comics posted on this website. 

In the business world, there countless ways in which business people create presentations and promote their business projects.  Pikikids could be a useful tool in the business world in order to create an interesting and unique presentation aid.  Instead of using a simple PowerPoint, poster, or handout the employee could use various comic strips to demonstrate different proposals for development, workplace changes, etc.

  • For example, an employee could create a comic demonstrating the new major project .  The comic would include pictures, diagrams and text detailing the step by step process!  Each comic box could represent each step in the process.  this would allow the audience to visually see the plan in an organized and innovative manner.

Additionally, a business could provide motivation for a new project by using the Pikikids store to create t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, or bags.  Throughout the building there would multiple sources of motivation for the project.

  • For example, a company could promote a new "go green" policy project.  Each comic box could represent a different aspect of the project.
    Here is an example from the Pikikids gallery that demonstrates the importance of recycling.10

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Pikikids is a great tool for education which is one of the main reasons that it was created for kids.  It requires spelling skills and can develop creativity in young minds.  Another value of this website is the development of computer skills.  A teacher can use this site in order to teach children  how to navigate through a website and how to add pictures and insert text. On the website's archives, for example, there are several comics that were made for English classes that pertained to the Odyssey.  This example is an example of ways that teachers have used this tool to integrate Web 2.0 tools into the classroom and shows that this website can be used in a variety of educational setting in addition to the proposed lesson plans provided above.  It is a very developmental website that can be used for all ages! 8

Here is an example of a comic designed and posted in the pikikids gallery. The comic is a visual teaching tool for the benefits of eating protein: 9

V. How Pikikids is used Internationally?

Pikikids is already an international phenomenon. Based in Australia, Pikikids has attracted the interests of kids across the globe, as evidence by the uses from many different countries around the world. Since Pikikids allows users to upload pictures using a variety of formats, it is accessible to many users. While the site itself is in English, Piki users can create their comics in any language, making it applicable for non-English speaking users. In turn, this exposes English speakers to different languages and cultures. The sharing of ideas among kids throughout the world can only help break cultural barriers and promote cooperation in the international community.

link to google translate

Here are examples from the Pikikids gallery.  The above comic is a great example of how the application can be used in other languages! Pikikids is used internationally. Spain, Japan, and China even use this software to make comics because it is language friendly. 11

 Testimonials: I have reviewed the Pikikids website and found it to be kid friendly, but I would recommend that an adult be present while the child is using the software. Some pictures were graphic and children under a certain age should not see these things. Pikikids is a great software, but they need to clean up their page because so many children use the program. -Briana Burton


VI. References*/

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  1. Unknown User (tredmon)

    The Pikikids application can be a very useful website in the classroom. It allows teachers to integrate and use technology in the class, it also allows teachers to use pictures to be appealing and intriguing to the students. Teachers can also use the Pikikids application in class when discussing certain lesson in class that are difficult for students to understand; just by adding a few photos that appeal to the children can help create a better understanding for the student. The pikikids is very easy for the students to use to create images that interest them. Students also can use the Pikikids Application to create projects such as t-shirts, mugs, or mouse pad by having their comment printed via Piki.