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What is the purpose of is known as the 'One stop Posting Shop.' For those who love status updates, allows them to do it all at once! There are over 50 social networking statuses linked to (you can also suggest adding other social networking sites if you believe one should be added).
If I update and say "I am working on an awesome Web 2.0 Application for my EDCI 270 class," then my update would also be sent to Facebook or Twitter if I chose to link those profiles to my account.
It is easy to use, accessible to all people and absolutely FREE!

What is unique about

Here are a few unique bonuses you could acquire using

  • If you are a fan of our URL shortener you can now track incoming statistics on the URLs you generate. can track all sorts of information such as link visits, unique visits, referrals and referral country origination. "This is all presented to you in a fancy interface that lets you see how well your posted links are tracking with your social network audiences. We think it's pretty rad!" (4)
  • has been acquired from Seesmic! Seesmic is called the "video twitter." "The tool has a web cam live upload along with the ability to upload a pre-made video plus link to a video on another video sharing service" (5). It is also unique in that as soon as you upload a video, it could also be uploaded to Twitter or Youtube as well.
  • It is easy to update via email, SMS, your mobile device or even chat applications such as GTalk, Skype or Windows Live Messenger (6).

These are just a few unique things about! Below is the Table of Contents filled with information this team has gathered about After viewing this, we encourage you to create a account to become even more familiar with all of its uses!

I. History

Development was launched on March 7, 2008.  Why was Ping. fm created?  Creators Sean McCullough CEO, Adam Duffy and Ryan Merket, co-founders, were members of multiple social networking sites and did not enjoy the hassle of updating each network, thus was created. is a micro-blogging site that allows the members to connect their social networks to one place so they can update every site through one.  Users may also blog and upload pictures through  Members can connect networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Windows Live Messenger, and many others. is powered by LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

II. How to Use

Want to create a account? Here's how: First you need to go to and click 'create account.'

After the account has been created, will take you to the "Manage Social Networks” page. On this page there is a list of different social networks that you can connect to your account. To do this, click on the "Add Network" button. You will then be taken to the "Connect with..." page. Ping will ask you to enter you login information for the other account. Once this is completed will take you back to the "Manage Social Networks" page where you can continue to add additional networking sites. You can also edit your profile, change settings, and much more. Below is a video which explains how to use the other applications on

Like other websites, is designed to help a person update all their statuses in one step. Here is how to add other social networking websites to your account:
1. Get an account at (view History section to learn how to do this).
2. One you've made an account, go to your homepage, aka your Dashboard.
3. At your homepage, click "add networks" on the left toolbar.
4. At this page, select the social networking website you want to link to

5. Once you click, you will be directed to a log-in page for the website you chose.
6. Sign-in and click continue after you've been linked to
7. Your social networking profile should now be connected to Add another social networking profile or continue to your Dashboard!
8. Now, update your status on and click Ping It! See if your other social networking statuses worked as well!

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III. How Relates to Other Sites is a microblogging website that allows a person to upload all of their social networking statuses in one step. is related to a few other microblogging websites. Here's how:

hellotxt is the simple, FREE way to read, update and organize your life on multiple social networks. Similar to, you can update all of your statuses in one step.

All your social network updates in one place! Similar to, Socialthing allows a person to update all of his/her statuses in one step.

In conclusion, is designed for the sole purpose to work with other websites! If you update your status, you can also update over 50 other social networking statuses as well!

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IV. Mobile Ping

Ping can be accessed through your mobile devices as well! With devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and others supporting texting you can access your Ping account on the go!


V. Educational Uses

Demonstration of Educational Uses serves as a quick and convenient way for a teacher to communicate a message to his students, regardless of which social networking website the student uses. For instance, the teacher can be a member of many different social networking websites, and his students can be friends with him on these sites. Instead of the teacher going through all of his social networking sites and posting "Test tomorrow over Chapters 3 and 4," the teacher can use to update these sites all at once. also allows a teacher blog a review for a quiz/test, post an instructional video, or post an audio clip. Then, these will be posted on all of his social networking websites for the students to read.

Lesson Plans

Elementary Education

Bodies of Water (STEM)
Bodies of Water PDF (STEM)
This lesson plan is designed to help fourth grade students learn about the four different bodies of water. Once they learn this, they will research an aquatic animal that either lives in an ocean, sea, river, or lake. They will post which aquatic animal they chose on their account and tag their teacher's username (Example: @dwoodar).

Cinquain Poems
Cinquain Poems PDF
Fifth grade students will create their own Cinquain poem. After learning what a Cinquain poem is, they will choose a topic to write about (Example: animals, movies, music, etc.). Once they have chosen their topic, they will post their idea on their account.

Bar Graphs using M&M's
Bar Graphs Using M&M's PDF
First grade students will use M&M's to create a bar graph. They will separate the M&M's by color and put them on a bar graph. They will have to count how many M&M are in each color.

Dr Seuss Lesson Plan.docx
Dr Seuss Lesson Plan.pdf
This lesson plan is designed to encourage reading in young pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.  To incorporate, parents will read to their child every night and post to their own account to let the teacher know what book(s) were read each night.

Project 2 Lesson Plan.docx
Project 2 Lesson Plan.pdf
This lesson plan is designed to review math skills by learning how to use

Secondary Education

World War II
World War II PDF
The World War II lesson plan is designed to teach students the effect WWII has on the ally troops and the citizens of Germany. Using their account, students will interact with their peers on how they feel about the war and they will also interact with a survivor of the Holocaust and a war veteran.

Balancing Chemical Equations (STEM)
Balancing Chemical Equations PDF (STEM)
The Balancing Chemical Equations lesson plan is designed to teach students different types of equations and also how to balance them. After learning each equation, students will answer a series of questions on their account.

Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
Atoms, Molecules, and Ions PDF
The Atoms, Molecules, and Ions lesson plan is designed to explain the difference between these three words. The students will be prepared to use the terms through the year. After this lesson, students will need to answer a series of questions on

This lesson teaches students the value of using recycled materials in art. They will create their own piece out of recycled aluminum cans and document their entire process by uploading information onto social networks through a account. Students will be able to look back at the progress they have made and reflect on the project. Teachers will also be able to keep track of students progress throughout the project.

Post-Secondary Education

Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions PDF
On January 4, 2010, was acquired by Seesmic (a company that makes a large assortment of applications for Twitter). This is a relevant example of an economic takeover of one company by another, and it is incorporated in this lesson plan for an economics class.

Horse Anatomy (STEM)
Horse Anatomy PDF (STEM)
The Horse Anatomy lesson plan is meant to teach students about the location of muscles and the skeletal system of a horse. The students will make a account, upload a picture of a horse, and then locate certain the muscle skeletal system of a horse (the list of things to locate is on the lesson plan).

What are Blogs?
What are Blogs? PDF
What are Blogs? is a lesson plan on the impact of blogs. What are blogs? How do blogs impact society? How do you make a blog? Students will then need to create their own blog (using and send the link to their teacher.

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VI. Business and Industry Aspects

It is compelling for businesses or industries to use to update information about their company. The reason is because is not designed for conversation. It is only designed to update a status for others to read. This could be a good way for businesses to inform consumers about upcoming products or events without their newsfeed going off every few minutes with new comments 3

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VII. International Use

Post From Anywhere » To Anywhere
The statement above is's logo! You can post from the internet or from your portable device! No matter where you are, is easy to access. Anyone in the world with an internet connection can create and update their ping.
Lets look at a scenario:
American college students in a Japanese class want to hear the opinions of students in Japan. Each student in the class could post a question they have on their account. The students in Japan could look at the questions and use their account to answer. When the students in the class ask, it would most likely be written in English but the students in Japan could respond in Japanese.
This scenario used to communicate with Japanese students in other countries. Not only would the students in both countries be using, but using helps the students in Japan practice reading English while the students in American could practice reading Japanese. is universal. Post from anywhere to...well, anywhere!

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VIII. References

1. section)

2. to other sites)

3. section)




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