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*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. History

-Questions to consider: How was the application developed? How does the application work? Are there any ways to use this application alongside others? was launched on March 7, 2008.  Why was Ping. fm created?  Creators Sean McCullough, CEO and Ryan Merket, co-founder were members of multiple social networking sites and did not enjoy the hassle of updating each network thus was created. is a micro-blogging site that allows the members to connect their social networks to one place so they can update every site through one.  Users may also blog and upload pictures through  Members can connect networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Windows Live Messenger, and many others. is powered by LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. 

< is a microblogging website. If you update your status, you can also update your other social networking profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.>

<Laura-The orignal PING stood for "Packet Internet Grooper" and it was used by people from DARPA to test another site called ARPANET. Now everybody ca make a PING site and it will update all of your social networking sites.>

II. How "Application Title" Relates to other Applications

-Questions to consider: How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application?

<Danielle- really isn't a competetive website because if you update, you're basically updating all your social netowrking profiles. Ping is unique because you can create videos and send them to people when needed.>

<Laura- Like Danielle said Ping isn't really a competetive site, but it works kind of like a sonar system. This allows you to be able to update all of your social networking profiles all together and almost at once.>

<Rebekah Allen- Here is a similar feature to but it's for Macs, Nambu>

III. Real World Application

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 

-An additional section under this heading will provide information about how this application can be used in a Business/Industry Setting.

<Danielle- would be good to use in businesses because you can chat with other people who have profiles, you can send out videos to co-workers, and you can update other profiles. >

<Laura- Ping is very effective for smaller business that are really trying to get out there. Many of them have social networking sites for the business and ping could update them a lot faster and uncomplicate things for the owners.>

<Adam- One lesson plan could be for an economics class. In January of 2010, Seesmic, a company that makes a lot of twitter applications, acquired Ping. You could relate a lesson about corporations acquiring other corporations.

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

< would be good to use in school. For example, Purdue uses Hotseat. I could update Hotseat by using Ping! Teachers could also use to list homework assignments/due dates or inform students about a quiz or a test.>

<Laura- Ping would be a good source for schools, because students could work on group projects easier from home together. Teachers could interact with one another and their students by posting assingments and trading ideas.>

<Adam- Students are on many different combinations of social networking sites, and check one particular site more than another. If you as a teacher are on a whole bunch of networking sites, you can have your students friend you/ follow you/ whatever else they're called on each of these sites. By using Ping, you can update your status to say, "Quiz tomorrow chapters 7 & 8," and a majority of students will then be reminded that there is a quiz tomorrow no matter what social networking site they're on.

V. How "Application Name" is used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.

 <Laura-Other countries around the world could use ping just like we do here in the states.>

<Adam- Anyone with the internet can update their ping, but until April 2009, only people with American phone numbers could update their ping via cell phone. Now people with European phone numbers can also update their ping via cell phone.>

VI. References

<Danielle - >

<Danielle- >

<Danielle- >






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  1. Hi! I am Danielle and I am the project manager! I'm from Indianapolis although my parents are currently residing in New York! I am an El Ed major because I love children and I am excited to be a teacher! =] I am very excited to be working with all of you on this project! Go Purdue! Boiler Up! =]

  2. Unknown User (ahakes)

    Hey, I'm Adam Hakes. I'm a freshman from Mooresville Indiana. I'm majoring in math ed. I play trombone in the Purdue marching band, and I'm looking forward to working on this project too

  3. Unknown User (ahakes)

    I also like how when I add a comment, my full name including my middle name appears

  4. Unknown User (edinoto)

    I thought this website was good piece for a little up to date history on ping, it was aquired by seesmic in January 2010.

    1. Unknown User (edinoto)

      Here is a little more info: was developed by Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough.

      Seesmic is currently working to improve Ping in several areas so that it is more useful to its users.

      For section II this website says "Seesmic is now the only social software application available on that many screens and able to update all your favorite social networks."

  5. This website explains how is connected with various other social networking websites. If you update Ping, you could also be updating Facebook. calls it "spamming" your other social network profiles. Sadly enough, the author of this article, Mark Hendrickson, explains should not be used in a business aspect. He says "don't build your business around a feature." In an educational aspect, could link to Hotseat or Twitter and be used in class as well.

  6. is a web application that ties all of a persons social media together-things such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mikey Aimes is the author of this second article I explored and he claims is user friendly. is based more on updating statuses and sening out pictures, not so much as keeping a conversating flowing between people. Aimes claims is beneficial to send out a quick video if needed. This could help educationally when studens need help. allows them to help one another. The author says he would not make this his main "hub" but it is beneficial for videos.

  7. This last website explains how to get a account. First, it explains how is a social and microblogging network. If you update, update all your other social networking profiles. After explaining how to receive an account, it explains the importance of setting up a chat box. This can be used in education and in the business field. Educationally, students can chat with one another about homework or other assignments. In the business field, co-workers can discuss important things relating to their job.

  8. Unknown User (marti274)

    This web site that i found give a brief discription as to what ping does and gives a list of sites that it will up date to. It's shots swet and to the point. Also the add a link button isn't working at the moment so im going to see if i can get this to work anyways...i will try my best. 

  9. Unknown User (marti274)

    I found another website that is full of information! It Describes how ping workd, what it does, how it was invented and more! check it out!

  10. Unknown User (marti274)

    This last site that I found is a little diffrent. It talks about how many users use ping, and kind of like the demographice of the site. I thought it could be intresting...

  11. Unknown User (edinoto)

    Ok so the guy on this video is pretty goofy but the content isn't bad.  He explains all the different applications that works for and shows how easy it is to use on an iphone and just how fast it updates to your different social networking services.

  12. Unknown User (rmallen)

    So doesn't seem to have too much information out on it yet.  The idea of is to make status updates and sending videos and pictures to multiple social networks easier.  This website gave some basic information.

  13. Unknown User (rmallen)

    What is ping?  Well apparently ping is a common computer word that means "Ping is a program that sends a series of packets over a network or the Internet to a specific computer in order to generate a response from that computer."  So tells you exactly what the site was created for.  Here is a site (I know it's not from Purdue's favorite school) that gave some information on pinging.

  14. Unknown User (edinoto)

    I liked this website because it explained a little more about how to use Ping and what it can do.  I didn't know you could upload a video directly to Ping, which I learned after reading this article.  I'm not sure where you can then upload the video to but at least you can upload video to Ping.  I also liked how it talked about some of the down sides of ping.  One down side is that you can't look at others information, but simply project your own.  Others might not like that you are simply projecting your info and not caring about others.  One more down side is that typically friends you have one one social network you have on another so they might feel like they are just getting the same info over and over again.

  15. Unknown User (marti274)

    Ok so i deffently just found a web site that has an example of a lesson plan using PING! I was really excited!