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Background Information

The title of this photo sharing application is called was developed in a house by a core team led by Marcus Mac Innes.  Marcus and his family are from Ireland, and they have a long history in the photography industry.  Marcus has used his degree in Software Engineering, as well as his personal knowledge of the industry, to produce  


Purpose of

"Snap it. Share it. Keep it. Love it!" [1] is a photo sharing community! will provide you with a safe place to upload, share, and permanently store your photos online.[2]

Join the community and allow others to see your photos within minutes.  Organize your photos using easy to manage albums and tags.  Set detailed permissions on each photo so that others in the community only see the photos you want them to see. [2] photo sharing lets you upload, share, and backup your digital photos.  You have full control over the privacy of your photos. provides options for how you want to display the pictures that you upload. They can be kept fully private to be seen only by you, they can have restrictions that allow only certain people to see them, or you can make them public to share with the world! [3]

How does work?

This website was made for you to upload pictures, share pictures, blog, and permanently store your photos online! allows you to organize your photos with albums and tags, set detailed permissions on each photo so you can control who gets to see your photos, and much more.

To sign up, go to the homepage ( and simply click on the link that says "sign up", then follow these simple steps:

  • Create a username
  • Insert a password
  • Provide an email (so they can send you a link to confirm your account)
  • Enter:
    • Your first and last name
    • Country
    • Birthday
    • Gender
  • Enter the security code provided (to prove you are sober and human)
  • Certify that you are over 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy
  • Click submit [1]

Similar Web 2.0 Applications

Our international partners in Sweden have composed a document that discusses the use of in their country and the different values that are established concerning the use of an application such as They have provided in depth information on how this application is both similar and different from an application used in their country, Bilddagboken (BDB). Our International Partners have also addressed the parent's role of providing security and protection against the use of pictures of children and others without asking permission.

Click on the link to view our International Partners document that provides an alternative international perspective on the use of and BDB: International Partners Insight

What is it?
Unique Features


PhotoBox is Europes number one destination for online photosharing, storing and printing - with over five million members! They offer customers high quality photographic prints and a fantastic range of personalised photo gifts. [6]

They boast a vast range of photo prints sizes, including Panoramicand Poster Prints. Plus an exciting selection of personalized photo gifts designed to fire creativity, from PhotoBooks and Photo Calendars to Canvas and Collage Prints.

You have to purchase something from their website once a year for free secure online storage and sharing for all your digital photos, forlife.


Flickr wants to help people make their content available to the people who matter to them and to enable new ways of organizing photos and video. [7]

Share where your photos were taken with the map feature, get updates from family and friends and create collections, which are organized around big themes.

Have to make edits through another application called Picnik (why not just use Picknik?)


Their mission is to help you preserve, enjoy, and make the most of your memories, while providing the best value at the same time. You can Create a free account today to see why Snapfish is the best value in photography[8]

You can secure your photos and have unlimited online photo sharing. Order professional-quality prints for as low as 9¢ each and have private group rooms for sharing with friends & family.

The website can be slow, most often when designing gifts. They try to get you to purchase your pictures by not allowing you to view all the ones you upload.

A free premier destination for uploading, downloading,
sharing, linking, and finding
photos, videos, and graphics.            

Now available to pro users. 
The ability to make photos        public or password
protected. Also more user   
generated media is 
displayed in a prominent 
position on the site. 

To become a pro user and be able to have all
the benefits, one must
pay a fee. Also, this
site's focus is to
connect these
photos with social
sites such as
Facebook, Twitter,
and Myspace,
instead of focusing
on just storing your photos.

The first unique feature of is that it can be used as a resource to find both photo events and competitions. This particular feature allows for users to have a means of networking with others who share their same interests and to competitively display their photography. There are different events with numerous different features, therefore, each user can choose which competition fulfills their personal interests.

Unique Features of

* Users of can also tag other users or contacts within their pictures. This allows for others to be able to develop a more personal connection with the pictures that have been posted and encourages interactions between users. By incorporating this feature within this Web 2.0 tool, pictures are able to be more personable.

  • users can comment on photos that have been posted by other users as well. This encourages users to interact with one another and provide feedback on others photography. Instead of the website being a display of just pictures, users are able to communicate with one another about the photos of others.
  • allows users to create albums of photos to allow for the separation of different events. Users are able to group different sets of pictures to set different occasions apart from each other. This is an important organizational tool when sharing pictures with family and friends. Other users are able to easily view and share the pictures with others.[1]
  • also contains a direct link to Twitter, another Web 2.0 tool, on its website. This allows for people to incorporate their photography into their direct communication with others. Users are able to post the pictures that they have uploaded onto within their "tweets." It is common for users to incorporate pictures into personal updates or to display their unique photos. also has a monthly photo competition and one can vote for their favorite picture on Twitter.

Business and Industry Applications of can be used for so much more than simply uploading pictures. This unique application can be used within business situations as well.

For instance, an artist wanting to hold a showing of their artwork and/or sell their handiwork, could promote their show and artwork on This could be done by making flyers, which he uploads pictures of on He could also add actual pictures of his paintings or sculptures, etc. Which can furthermore be seen anywhere around the world that has internet access.

Educational Applications of contains many different educational applications.  It can be used in any classroom.  It allows teachers to be able to teach not only with lecture, but with a visual also.  It allows students to participate in hands-on activities that they can save and upload to  Since has the option to make photos private, students can allow only the teacher to see their project.  Here are a few projects can be used for.

  • In any classroom, bulding a community is important.  Teachers can have the students take pictures of their families, pets, or anything that is important to them.  They can then upload those picures to   and present them to the class to show who they are.
  • In a science classroom, can be used by the teacher to show certain specimens they could not bring into class.  They simply can take a picture of them, upload it to, and the whole class can enjoy.
  • For a leaf collection project in science class, students can take pictures of leaves and upload them to This allows them to share the collection with the teacher without the hassle of bringing all the leaves into the classroom.
  • allows foreign language teachers to share photos of the different cultures and countries they are studying.  This will help the students who learn visually, as well as giving the learners an idea about where the language is spoken and what kinds of people speak it.

Educational Lesson Plans


Click on this link to view the Word Document:Lesson Plan with

Click on this link to view the PDF Document:Lesson Plan with

Click on this link to view the Word Document: Lesson Plan

Click on this link to view the PDF Document: Lesson Plan

Click on this link to view the Word Document: Neale Lesson Plan

Click on this link to view the PDF Document: Neale Lesson Plan


Our third secondary lesson plan was created by our International Partners from Sweden. They have incorporated the use of this web 2.0 tool to complete a complete picture analysis. They have also incorporated the use of another tool named BDB which is a similar application used in their country.

International Applications

There are many ways to involve between countries. One could use it to show the different cultures of the respective countries. There are things that we can learn by looking at pictures of other countries because as the old adage states, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If someone in the US uses this site to advertise their company, product, or service, a person from another country could benefit from hearing about this small US business.

This application can be used to share pictures of buildings or other structures that are being built between countries. This is especially helpful if the idea is created in one place but the actual project is carried out in a different one. Being able to upload pictures to a site that's available internationally can help make sure that the project is progressing as it needs to.


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