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Plancast Research Page

Plancast Group Member Introduction Page

Team 47 Information Page                    

                             Pages Edited and Ideas Adapted by: Peggy Nifong, Erica Metzinger, Hilde Thayer, Nick Derado, & Desirae McCusker

What are the uses of Plancast? What does it do?

What purpose does Plancast serve?
"Plancast is a service for sharing your upcoming plans with friends. It's a social calendar of sorts. Just submit the things you're thinking about doing in the future, and your friends will be able to hear about them - and maybe join you, too!" 1.

 What does Plancast do?

"What does Plancast do, you ask? It helps you share your upcoming plans with friends and learn about what others will be doing in the future. Imagine how awesome it would be if we all had a better idea of what everyone was up to in the next few hours, days, weeks, or months. Thinking about grabbing drinks with friends tonight? Going to a concert tomorrow? Heading to a conference next week? Taking a trip next month? Great, it takes just seconds to share each of these plans. Your plans will reach not only your subscribers on Plancast, but your friends on Twitter and Facebook as well, if you so desire." 2.

What can Plancast members do?

Members can post events, view and join others events without all of the formal reservations, and expand their social networking to other sites such as Twitter and Facebook, with the locational help of built-in Google Maps. Members can find friends and family and 'subscribe,' which is much like following, to each others plans.

Who uses Plancast?

Anyone who wants to share who their plans, events, fundraisers, etc. with their friends and families through an easy-to-use social network. Plancast is an easy to use, versatile site that helps allows you to include your friends at the click of a button.

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    I. History

    I.1 Development 

Mark Hendrickson and co-founder Jay Marcyes launched and created their own company called Worldly Development.  The two paired up and decided to start something of their own and started working on a project called Plancast.  This new project helps you publicize your plans to your friends who are on Plancast, Facebook, and Twitter.  Since the launch date on November 30, 2009, Plancast has more and more people quickly joining to become members of the network. 3., 4.

    I.2 How Plancast works?

Now you may be wondering how the one site can share plans there with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Plancast is different from other sites such as Gowalla and Loopt in many ways.  First, Plancast has a relationship with Facebook and Twitter and with a click of a button your plans are shared from your Plancast account to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Secondly, Plancast shares what you will be doing in the future not just what you are doing at that very moment.  By simply clicking a single button you can join a person’s event and it will also notify the host that you will be attending.  Finally, Plancast provides a map along with the directions to the event.  By purely typing in the address to the event GOOGLE Maps provide an easy map to the destination.4.

    I.3 Getting more out of the application

The creater of Plancast and founder of Worldly Development, Mark Hendrickson explains why and where you can get more out of Plancast,

"We shy away from using the term “events” because we don’t feel it’s very appropriate for the scope of activity we’re trying to capture. While our users may be interested in posting more formal, organized parties and whatnot to Plancast (and we certainly encourage them to), we want them to also feel completely comfortable sharing more informal plans (getting drinks, seeing a movie, going to the zoo, traveling to new york for a week, attending a conference, etc)”

Techcrunch provides this statement in an article.  This application can help you network and connect with other people. 4.

To Create Your Own Plancast 

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II. How Plancast relates to other applications?

    II.1 Comparison to Competitors

 Plancast's CEO, Hendrickson, does say at the end of his interview that he does not consider anyone a direct competitor. 

Plancast & Facebook

Plancast is currently encouraging the importing of facebook events. If you have your Plancast account connected to Facebook anytime you RSVP to an open event on Facebook it will automatically import the event to Plancast with all the details. Also, you can tag other Plancast users into your event who have already RSVPed to the event. This is accomplished by using the "+" or "@" key before typing in the other users name into the "with" area. For example, +Jon Smith or @Jon Smith.

Other websites, such as Facebook and Evite allow you to make plans in the future, but they are focused on the RSPV. Now with Plancast you can click on a Plancast users event and if you would like to join that event you click on the "count me in" button and that is it.

Plancast is being compared to the Facebook events application.  The CEO, Hendrickson, said that so far they are focusing more on the person and service for self expression.

Plancast & Google Maps

 When you you are posting your plans and you give specific location in the "where" area it will automatically start searching for that location using google maps. Although, it is not required to identify your location via  Google Maps.

Plancast & Twitter

Twitter has a better connection because it is less passive and more active than Facebook. You can share your events with twitter by clicking on the "share" button and selecting twitter.

For example, if you make a plan to go to the grocery store and connect it to twitter, it will connect and update your twitter to read that you are going to the grocery store. Also, within the tweet it gives a link back to Plancast.

II.2 Unique Uses

You don't have to simply use Plancast to just coordinate major events, you can use it to broadcast your simple day-to-day tasks and, if your lucky, a friend or two will join! For example, lets say Anna is going on her lunch break soon and she wants to try a local deli/coffee house, she can use Plancast to let her friends know where the deli is using Google Maps so they can join her.  Plancast can be used, also, as a HUGE event planner such as Earth Day, where many people ride their bikes to promote a healthier day, for people and the Earth. 

 II.3 How to use Plancast


Click on the video above to visit your free tutorial of the Plancast network.     

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III. Real World Application

    III.1 Educational Lesson Plans  

Plancast: The Teacher

Many educators find that coordinating events are over-rated and tend to shy away from creating any sort of out of the class experience for their students. By using Plancast, teachers can rid themselves of the headache and plan an event/trip for the entire class.

        i. Elementary

In this lesson plan, Students and their parents will have to confirm their intent on attending our field trip to Columbia Park. Students will choose a primary color to wear such as red, blue, or yellow.
Students and parents will have to learn how to use Plancast and follow directions on what students should where on the trip.



Want to plan a field trip without the hassle of re-handing out multiple permission slips? In this lesson plan, a first grade class learns the anatomy of a butterfly then uses Plancast to inform parents about the field trip to the local Butterfly Museum. Allowing the parents to confirm their child's attendance, Plancast informs  the teacher how many passes to order for the class.

Butterfly Match-Up2.docx

Butterfly Match-Up2.pdf

While this next lesson plan is very reliant upon the parents involvement, it can be of great benefit to the students to see how their classmates think differently than them.

A Day on the Underground Railroad (STEM).docx

A Day on the Underground Railroad (STEM).pdf

        ii. Secondary

Many classes require group work, and with every group there is the obstacle of meetings. Notifying each member becomes a hassle and can ultimately become confusing when you make adjustments. By using Plancast for group meetings and plays, such as Romeo & Juliet, each member will be able to join the activity themselves.



Class activities and field trips don't have to be frustrating. In this lesson plan, an eighth grade class learns the influences and cultures of European colonization and Native Americans. After this activity, parents and/or students use Plancast to inform the teacher if they will be attending the trip to the Indian Museum/Reservation. Allowing the parents and/or student to confirm their attendance, Plancast informs  the school board of participants enabling them to reserve an appropriately sized bus.

Early America.docx

Early America.pdf

With this lesson plan, geography is the key topic along with math tied in. A geography class uses Plancast to plan events around the world. With the whole class having an event planned, it creates a database of events that all students can see. With these locations the students can then explore using distances estimated from the scale which is the furthest and what makes it the furthest. It also ties in how distances are hard to estimate due to maps having to be flat, compared to the actual earth being round.

Geography (STEM).docx

Geography (STEM).pdf

        iii. Post Secondary

In a post secondary environment, students will have access to internet access at almost all times of the day.  Whether this is through a personal computer, a school computer (such as in a library or lab), or  even a students phone using an iPhone application or Android application. Using all of these media outlets is something Plancast can do extraordinarily well.  Incorporating it into a lesson plan can make organization for teachers, students, and even outside observers very simple and streamlined.

An example of how this can work in a post-secondary environment follows with this simple lesson plan.

Com 11400.docx

Com 11400.pdf

This next simple lesson plans involves a high level college class such as an electrical computer engineering programming class. The students are set to the task of creating a fully functional, remote access (meaning a stand alone program) that can do everything

ECE 30200 (STEM).docx

ECE 30200 (STEM).pdf

This lesson plans uses Plancast and the abilities of Plancast to group together large quantities of people.  In this example a large lecture hall becomes friends with three to four people around them. With everyone becoming friends with three to four people, the whole class becomes inter connected.  This connection is then used to find group study sessions with people who are available and studying at the same time as you.

SOC 100.docx

SOC 100.pdf

    III.2 Business/Industry

As we all know, schedules tend to get messy and unmanageable, but by using Plancast to plan conferences and meetings, busy business men can set aside their worries and have Plancast manage their outside of work schedule. On the other hand, creating a Plancast event for your meetings and conferences will aid the presenter in having appropriate amounts of materials and copies and will reduce embarrassing copy trips that elongate a presentation time. 

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Parents and students can be incorporated with more school events by using Plancast. Everyone knows that students don’t always tell or bring home everything they are required to. Also older students forget and loose certain details about these events such as time and location. Plancast is a way for parents and students to get the required information on these educational special events. Another thing students can use Plancast for is choosing what educational field trip they want to go on. An example would be that the teacher sets up an event for each location with the specific information about the day and the students vote by “attending” on Plancast.1.

As students move on to secondary school it will be more accessible. Students will have an email account and a Facebook or Twitter account of their own which will make using Plancast a lot easier. Students can “attend” by themselves and even create their own Plancast events and invite everyone from school. Also they will be able to ask questions about the certain school events by posting a comment on that events Plancast webpage.." 2.

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V. How Plancast is used Internationally

Plancast could help you plan a conference call or even a group 'Skype' of some sort. By using Plancast, you can set the time zone and time in which the event will start that way others attending can adjust by the appropriate time to be included in the conference call. Ultimately, it will help alleviate confusion between members of the conversation as to what time the conversation will begin, and will, hopefully, increase the success and productivity of conference calls.

Language Barriers

Plancast is only offered in the English language, although you can choose any time zone in the world. As you can see, this could easily pose a problem for international events. Be sure that if you do require a second language, that you attempt to incorporate that into your own event description so that you can include everyone that will/would be attending.

An example of an international event planned through Plancast is International Suit Up Day 2010.

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VI. References

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