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Examples of Education and Plurk

Some brief examples include:

  • Sharing different ideas and websites by posting it up for others to read and comment back to. 
  • Posting different websites on Plurk allows it to have a lot of value.
  • In terms of the Business realm, Plurk can be used like a conference schedule. The page can be "laid out just like plurk — a time line of sessions, with slots for each concurrent breakout.  The slots can be clicked on, unfolding a conversation about what's being said — hyper-back channeling." 1
  • Ginger Lewman ( Director of f2f Program grades 5-8) used Plurk to live Blog on a colleagues presentation in San Antonio, Texas. The Plurk can be seen here: 2
  • Plurk is a new social networking site, and so information is limited, but that leaves many things open for teachers to use and manipulate, create, and be unique to fit Plurk into their teaching curriculum.
  • A teacher talks about things she has learned through different online social networks including Plurk: "For example, this week a PLN 'colleague' sent me clear instructions on how to embed Youtube in PowerPoint via email after a discussion on plurk. Also during the week my PLN offered me advice on a blog makeover, discussed the educational uses of plurk and participated in a storytelling exercise". Not only can Plurk be used for direct educational purposes, but it can be used to contact other administrators, teachers, or even colleagues and students who might have a great idea that you had never thought of before, but think would work well in your classroom. 3
  • Here is a screenshot of a teacher Plurking on Plurk.
Plurk: The Teacher

If you'd like to know more about Plurk and how it deals with education, you can find other teachers and administrators that are actually members of Plurk.

Check this Out!

Plurk 4 Educators

  • Are you looking for someone on Plurk that is an educator (K-12 & HigherEd) in the same area as you? Check out the list below and add your Plurk anchor name/link,e.g., wgraziadei - along with a brief description to the list too!

Plurk's Main Page


1. Plurk? Interesting.

2. 21CT: The Power of Plurk: Live Blogging at NECC.

3. Earth 2.0: A webquest with a difference!

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