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Edited By:  Shin, Eui Kyung; Lee, Yoon Kyoung; and Jeong Minju

Language Barriers

Currently Plurk has 22 languages that it can be translated into, although it does not translate the actual Plurks on people's profiles. If someone Plurked in English then it will remain in English, but everything else will be in the language selected.

Such Languages accessible are:  

  •     English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Romanian, Spanish, and Chinese just to name a few. 1
Plurk in other Countries

Since Plurk can be translated into several languages it is easier for people all over the world to join the micro-blogging site. Though Plurk was first opened in May of 2008 already there has been a lot of talk about Plurk and it's perks. Top

One example of Plurk in another country is a man by user name of SetengahMateng! He is an 18 year old from Indonesia. His video was about Twitter and Plurk and how in Indonesia there has been a mass movement of people joining Plurk. He also explains how a friend of his informed him that Plurk is for the extrovert, because it allows for a discussion between people of the world.
His video can be found here:  2

  • Though Plurk is popular in Indonesia, some countries such of Korea are not familiar with this social-network. This could be due to the fact that it is fairly new. 
  • Plurk has been related to Mini Hovels, which is a Korean sponsored web company CyWorld Top Users

Plurk is not only in Indonesia, but many other countries use Plurk. Below is a screenshot taken displaying the top 15 countries that use Plurk. 3


Plurk in Korea

So although Plurk is not common in Korea, there is a similar application that can be used, which allows students can learn more diversity of cultures through this similar application.   Top

 -The meaning of Cyworld

Cyworld  is a social networking website launched on Sep 1, 1999. Cyworld is a South Korean web community site operated by SK Communications, a subsidiary of SK Telecom (Hangul: SK?). Literally translated, "Cy" can mean "cyber", but is also a play on the Korean word for relationship, so it could also mean "relationship." Cyworld, much like a virtual space in the internet, allows users to decorate their "home" and invite friends 4, just like how Plurk allows you to decorate your time line and invite friends.  Top

- Popularity of Cyworld

Members cultivate on- and off-line relationships by forming Ilchon, friends relate with each other through a service called "minihompy" (mini-homepage), which encompasses a photo gallery, video, message board, guestbook, friend list, and personal bulletin board. A user can link his/her minihompy to another user's minihompy to form a friendship. Reports show that as much as 90 percent of South Koreans in their 20s and 25 percent of the total population of South Korea are registered users of Cyworld. As of September 2005, monthly unique visitors are about 20 million.4

  • Korean Celebrities are also known to have their own Cyworld.

Today, cyworld has extended its operation to the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Top 


 -How to use Cyworld

Users use it by writing some simple feelings, thoughts about topics on their own site (minihompy). If you make your own ID, you can have your own cyber space. Then you can upload your photos and videos into your space. In your space, you can see different sections; profile, diary, photo, video, friend list, guest book and so on. Then you can upload to each section and anyone who knows the address to your space can see the information you have uploaded. You can manage your information by dividing some of the sources that are opened. Therefore, visitors to your space will get only the sources you selected.  Top

  • Nowadays, you can check new replies whenever and wherever by using a cellular phone. Plurk has a similar function where you can work the site from your cell phone. 4

-Special things of Cyworld

1. Dotori (called Acorn in Cyworld USA) - Cyworld uses its own virtual currency called "Dotori," or "Acorn" . One acorn costs 100 won. Prices vary from about 2 acorns for a wall painting to 6 acorns for a song, or 40 and above for a background for one's homepage for a year. If you have a lot of Dotoris, you can decorate your room with more interesting items. 4

2. Club- "Clubs" are community rooms that users can create to discuss a specific topic. Furnishing a club is similar to furnishing a miniroom and requires purchases through acorns. Users also can search other users through clubs as well. 4 Plurk allows you to make an individual Plurk for a specific topic without having to pay through acorns and invite all your friends to join in your discussion.  Top

3. Wave riding-  It works like this: When you're reading posts on bulletin boards or looking at photo files, you can click on the name of someone who has added a remark or photo you find interesting and you'll be transported to that person's digital room. If you like the art or music, you can introduce yourself and put in a request to become a "cybuddy." If accepted, you can use your buddy's goodies -- from art to photos -- on your own page. This chain of wave-riding creates communities on the Net, which often develop into clubs of common interest in the real world: clubs for fishing, bike riding, and jazz performances, among other interests. 4

4. Ilchon- "Ilchon" means the user name of a cybuddy in cyworld. You can get in touch with them on-line to chat. You don't have to meet face to face anymore. Moreover, Ilchon is a special category to each user. And you can open your room to only Ilchon. 5

- The cyworld show the login of 'Ilchon' by changing the 'off ' -> 'on'

5. Like Plurk's Karma  


"active" means how active the user is.

"famous" means how many users visit this particular user's site.

"friendly" means how many times the blogger communicates with the 'lIchon' (like fan in PlurkTop

6.Ilchon (pyoung)

 If you're one of a user's ilchons, you can comment about your friend (ilchon) in this block. But you can write only one sentence in the block. 

 - Using Cyworld for educational purposes 

Cyworld is also used for educational purposes. For example, by showing videos users have edited in class. Students can understand different types of information. And for teachers, they just upload some educational information into their space; from there, students can study the information frequently and naturally while they surf the site. This is similar to Plurk, and can be used in the same way when dealing with Education. Top

Plurk's Main Page


1. "Plurk". Retrieved on 2008-11-09.
2. SetengahMateng's Youtube Page.
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  1. Plurk is not used in korea in common. So at first when I heard "plurk", I have no ideas about what it is.

    But I think we have similar thing like plurk in Korea. That means many people around the world wants to express their thoughts, feelings at ease.

    So it's important to use their first language for explainig something to say.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to say is possible. Well.. If plurk have funtions to translate posted letters, plurk will be more useful than now.

    Plurk has many versions for various countries like for Korea, India, Turkey and so on.

    1. I think... the language problem is the most impotant.

      If we have a website like a plurk(umm, the site = plurk is right???),

      we can't use same language,it is useless.....

      that point is that me & Ansley have to think and conceive... right?

      I try.... !

  2. In Korea, similar things like plurk are used usually.
    That's used for communication with friends about many topics.
    Moreover, users use it for educational purposes in Korea.
    They make their own videos, notes and uplaod to their blog to explain and discuss about somethings.
    As they show the accomplishments for presentations, a quality of education can be better.
    So more various funtions plurk have- we can upload everythig like musics,videos,photos etc,
    more frequantly users(students and teachers) use for edacational purposes.

  3. Plurk is a micro-blogging website launched in May 2008 that lets users post short 140-character text updates on various topics related to the user's life. Plurk has has been compared with Twitter,1 currently the most popular micro-blogging website. One distinguishing feature of Plurk is its "interactive, easy-to-navigate timeline.

    1. I understand that the 'Plurk' means the simple blog, right?

      In korea, we don't have like a plurk because koreans are more familiar with writing the long setence that short sentence, I think.

      But, we have many various kinds of blogs. for example, the Cyworld.

      Cyworld is very simliar to the plurk.

      the first reason : the plurk is dividing people into friends or fans.

      and the cyworld is also dividing people into guests or family(we call family , "ilchon" it means that the very closer relationship)


        the picture is the concrete example of the first reason.
        the difference of the Plurk and Cyworld is that
         the cyworld show the logining 'ilchon' by changing the 'off ' -> 'on'

  4. the second reason : the plurk shows the figure of the activity with friends by Karma

    (the Karma express the result of activities with friends numerically.)

    and the cyworld also shows the figure of the activity with friends by a bar graph

    1.    'active' means how many the bloger active.
                                                  'famous' means how many people visit the blog.
                                                  'friendly' means how many the bloger communicate with the 'lichon' (like fan in plurk)                   

  5. Unknown User (apalioka)

    Great job you guys! This is great, if you could connect Cyworld to Plurk and how it can be used with education that will be great, as well as citing your sources... give the links to where you found your information and pictures


      We captured our homepage in Cyworld. (my domain is

      If you want to look in detail, maybe you have to become a member.

      but Cyworld is Korean blog, so you could have language problems.(sad)

  6. I'll add more informations about Korean blog, Cyworld.  
      When you click the vistor menu(red box), you can enter communication place.
                          Then you can see the Comments and Suggestions section like this.
    You can write your words in the white section.This is the example.

    This vistitor menu is interactive. So friends could repond your saying, and you can reply your friends' saying too.

  7.  In the main page, there is one more communication way. 'ilchon Pyung' is the way.

    I think you guys get a glimmering of the ilchon's mean. Timon explained the meaning already.

    Anyway, 'ilchon pyung' is similar to the Comments and Suggestions section.

    But this is a one-way communication.

    At the bottom of main page, you can see a blank. 

    You can write your message in this blank. Then, your message is uploaded like this.

    The pink box is "ilchon myung".(similar to nickname) 
    The brown box is name. 

  8. Unknown User (jdanahe)

    Wow!  This looks great, you have done an amazing job!

    1. Oooooooh!

      Thank U, Jennifer (smile)

  9. I get every information in my cyworld. -> this is Lee yoon kyoung's cyworld.

    if you visit the cyworld, you can understand all the captures that we gather.

    see U     

  10. Unknown User (apalioka)

    You guys did such a great job! thanks so much (big grin)