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Plurk Related Applications

There are several applications that are similar to Plurk; i.e Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce. 1

Plurk cannot be directly used with other applications, but there are things that you can do in conjunction with other sites, such as:

  • Share web sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks, with other Plurk users
  • Share YouTube videos, images, or other types of media
  • Plurk automatically generates a thumbnail image for you. The same happens when you plurk with YouTube's embedded URL or when you Plurk a web address that ends with .gif, .jpg or .png


  • You can get parts of Plurk onto a blog
  • Plurk can be used from your mobile phone
  • If you need a poll, you can go to and embed it into your Plurk page 1
Plurk &

Twitter, like Plurk, is a social network. The updates posted on Twitter are called tweets. They are displayed on the user's profile page and are sent out to other users.2 Twitter is simpler than Plurk, and the user has the option to delete replies left by other users on Twitter. Plurk, on the other hand, does not give its users that option. However, Twitter users are not able to upload pictures and/or videos onto their page, whereas Plurk users are. Both Twitter and Plurk have 140 character limits per post.3 Top

Plurk &

Jaiku is also another social network that was recently purchased by Google. Like Plurk, Jaiku can be accessed not only from the computer, but also from mobile phones.4 Users wishing to create a Jaiku account must request a code from the Jaiku creators. They will not receive a code until an account is made available. One of the special characteristics of Jaiku is Lifestream. Lifestream shares different activities and posts that users have put up on their site. It also shares pictures through flickr and music through Top


Plurk &

Pownce is also a social network. The main functions of Pownce are to share messages, files, photos, events and links with friends. Pownce has been referred to as "Twitter on steroids".6 Users are able to create their own networks of friends to share these messages, files, photos, events, and links with. Only the people that the user chooses may see their information and postings. Pownce is free for all users to use.7 Top


Plurk's Main Page

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